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Dan Hardy calls former UFC champion Matt Hughes a 'real piece of s--t' for recent safari hunt


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion of the world, Matt Hughes, was known for taking care of business inside the Octagon.

And he can handle himself well with a rifle, too, as Matt is no stranger to boasting about the wildlife he has killed on his numerous safari hunts.

The former 170-pound kingpin recently took it a step further by taking part in a four-part television series that will follow him through the African Bush as he hunts the most elusive big game around.

Details here.

Dan Hardy, a vegan an avid animal lover, wasn't too impressed and took to Twitter to call out Hughes for his extracurricular activities:

In 2012, "The Outlaw" bashed Hughes for his hunting escapades, clowning the longtime veteran by saying that killing innocent animals was the only thing "that cures his impotence."

According to Hughes ,he's just doing his part to help keep Africa's economy afloat:

Hughes has yet to directly respond to Hardy's tweet.

Question: Since Matt is the Vice President of Athletic Development and Government Relations, which includes enforcing the UFC's Code of Conduct (read it), does that extend over to disciplining fighters who are currently working for UFC in other aspects, as is the case with Hardy?

If so, I'd love to be a fly on the wall if Hughes ever calls the British brawler in for a little lecture after his recent public verbal tirade against him.

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