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UFC commentator Mike Goldberg pulled from NFL on FOX after Twitter meltdown

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) play-by-play man Mike Goldberg made his NFL on FOX debut last Sunday (Oct. 12, 2014) when the Minnesota Vikings went head-to-head with the Detroit Lions.

One and done.

While Goldie was expected to return this weekend for the Vikings vs. Bills game, news came down the Twitter pipeline that he has, in fact, been yanked after just one appearance.

But was it because he struggled through last Sunday's game?

Perhaps not.

Following the Vikings loss, Goldberg was lit up by fans on the popular social media network. And much to their delight, he took the bait and began firing back, using language -- like "asshole" and "douche" -- that probably ruffled a few feathers in the FOX front office.

The offending tweets have since been deleted, but the damage was already done. Goldberg has been replaced by FOX Sports broadcaster Tim Brando.

The good news is, he didn't quit his day job, so we can expect to see Goldie back behind the ZUFFA desk with color commentator Joe Rogan at the next UFC pay-per-view (PPV) event.

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