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MMA Quick Quote: Joe Schilling recalls Nick Diaz 'gym war' that resulted in friendship

That's one way to get the respect of the Stockton slugger.

Esther Lin

"I went there to spar with Nick, and we pretty much had a gym war, and we've been pretty much good friends ever since. When he first walked into the gym, it was a lot like when he walks into the cage, mad dogging and a lot of ‘wassup.' That's how he is. I describe it like a schoolyard fight with two kids who hate each other and then they become best friends. It was kind of like that. I was a paid sparring partner, he was training for a big fight. I was paid to go in there and spar. When you pay somebody for sparring, you go in there and they expect you to go to work. We had a good scrap and we became friends afterwards. There was no knockouts or anything, we went at it pretty good and we found respect for each other and we became good friends."

The impression Joe Schilling got when he first met Nick Diaz was that the Stockton slugger probably didn't like him very much. At least that's what one would think if you were brought in to spar with someone and were welcomed with plenty of "mad dogging." The welcome mat wasn't rolled out once he stepped into the cage, either, as Schilling told The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting ) that the two strikers went toe-to-toe in an all-out gym war that resembled a schoolyard fight. Though the grueling sparring session didn't produce any knockouts, it did result in a friendship that is still going strong between the two men. Hespect! As for Schilling, he still helps the team out when needed and will also seek their assistance as he steps back into the mixed martial arts (MMA) world after spending the last few years focusing on kickboxing for GLORY. After the fight promotion inexplicably let his contract expire, Joe signed with Bellator MMA and will face fellow kickboxing specialist Melvin Manhoef at Bellator 131 on Nov. 15, 2014 in San Diego, California. My question is, who has the video of what was apparently one epic sparring session?

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