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Vikings vs Lions: Mike Goldberg creamed for odious NFL on FOX play-by-play, but remains unfazed by Twitter hate

Ethan Miller

Longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commentator Mike Goldberg returned to the gridiron on Sunday (Oct. 12, 2014) to call the action for the Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions football game for NFL on FOX.

And not since Dennis Miller became the third man on Monday Night Football have fans been so perturbed.


Goldie was reamed out by the Twittersphere, but remained unfazed by his online criticism, and will have a chance to set things right when the Vikings take on the Buffalo Bills in week seven.

goldberg 2

It probably didn't help that the Vikings laid an egg, losing 17-3.

Goldberg is no stranger to football broadcasting, having covered pre-season Arizona Cardinals games in the past, and also did some mic work for Minnesota's NHL hockey team. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans can expect him back in action alongside UFC color commentator Joe Rogan later this month.

Anyone catch the broadcast and if so, what did you think?

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