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Ryan Ford releases video, photo of X-ray proving he fought Jake Shields at WSOF 14 with broken arm

"Part of this game is putting your body through hard work and unfortunately, two days ago on Tuesday at the end of sparring, I broke my arm. I found that out yesterday after seeing my doctor for my X-ray results. I have a broken ulna bone, the same one that I actually broke with Michael Hill and it's just above the plate that was put in my arm. I don't have a choice but to fight. It's funny, I have the toughest challenge ahead of me on October 11 against Jake Shields and now I get thrown with another challenge, fighting him with a broken arm. We're not in a sport where insurance is available or where you get injured nine days, ten days out from a fight and you get paid. It don't work like that. You step into the cage, you get paid. That's how I feed my wife, my two kids, I put a roof over their head. The only option I have is to step into that cage, put on a helluva fight, and get paid. Broken arm or not."

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight Ryan Ford was choked out by Jake Shields at the WSOF 14 mixed martial arts (MMA) event last Saturday night (Oct. 11, 2014) on NBC Sports in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (see the GIF replay here), but reveals he stepped into the cage with a broken arm and had to compete at a severe disadvantage. How "The Real Deal" passed his pre-fight medicals is a mystery, as is his decision to release this video, since the repercussions of failing to disclose a serious injury could come back to haunt him in the form of a fine or suspension. Regardless, Ford will collect his paycheck and solider on, because if he doesn't, his kids won't eat. For more WSOF 14 results and discussion click here and here.

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