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Pic: Matt Hughes combs African Bush, kills animals for new television show

You thought Dan Hardy was pissed before? Wait until he hears this.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight kingpin Matt Hughes has a new, four-part television series coming to the Sportsman Channel on Sat., Oct. 18, 2014, as cameras follow him through the African Bush to hunt "some of the world's most elusive big game including waterbuck, gemsbok, red hartebeest and mountain zebra."

See for yourself:

Stupid animal! You die now!

"I spent a significant amount of time training for this trip, but nothing really prepares you for a big game hunt more than actually experiencing it and that was definitely true in this case," Hughes told The Sportsman Channel. "You just have to remain calm and remember what you know. This was a great experience and I can't wait to plan my next trip."

Hughes announced his retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA) in early 2012, following back-to-back knockout losses to B.J. Penn and Josh Koscheck, finishing with a 45-9 record with 35 finishes.

The former NCAA All-American was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame back in 2010 and has since been named the promotion's Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations.

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