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Is Nate Diaz happy with his ZUFFA contract heading into UFC on FOX 13? Manager says 'f--k no'

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The saga continues.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender, Nate Diaz, recently ended his year-long holdout from the promotion and agreed to take on Rafael dos Anjos in the co-main event of UFC on FOX 13, which goes down on Dec. 13, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since Nate is back with the company, that must mean that the Stockton native has straightened out his contract issues with Dana White and Co., right?


According to Nate's manager, Mike Kogan -- who has voiced his own displeasure at how everything has gone down -- Diaz is still very upset with what he's getting paid and the only reason he came back is because he needs to earn a living.

He broke it down to Fight Hub (via MMA Fighting):

"No. Fuck no. No, we're not happy. We weren't happy when we were signing it. Just kind of made it work because it was two weeks before the fight and there just wasn't time to be making a lot of waves. The next thing you know, they're trashing [Diaz] in pubic that he's afraid to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, which was bullshit. Nobody said afraid, we just said, 'Hey, you want me to fight up-an-coming guy and build them up and give them exposure? Then you have to pay."

Since then, Khabib has shed the "up-and-coming" label, as he is currently the No. 2 ranked fighter in the lightweight division and one of the leading candidates to get the next crack at the title.

As far as Team Diaz's relationship with UFC, Kogan says it's not necessarily where it could be, but also says the fault is not all on them.

He explains:

"I feel like it's important to have a relationship, but I also feel like it's important not to trash your fighters in public. [White] spent a whole year trashing [Diaz] and now he's fighting a No. 3 guy in the co-main event on FOX. Talk about 'needle movers.' If he's not moving the needle, what is he doing there? How do you get to a co-main event and 'you're not a needle mover' and 'you're insignificant' and 'I don't care if he never fights again, he can just go away forever?'"

Not only did White "trash" Diaz, he also took a few verbal jabs at Kogan himself, labeling him a "scumbag" for "ruining" his client's career.

According to the outspoken manager, the only reason his client decided to cave and go back was for the simple reason that he isn't getting paid enough to sit out. That, and he was given a top contender, just like he wanted.

"Nobody said everything's okay. [Diaz] is back because he needs to fight. He needs to earn a living. If he was [Floyd Mayweather Jr.] making $30 million a fight he'd probably never come back and you'd never hear from him again, but he doesn't get paid the kind of money that people think he does. You can't sit out forever. You have to at some point come back, but at least he came back on his own terms. He got the fight that he wanted against a top three contender."

In fairness, no one makes Floyd Mayweather-type money except for Floyd Mayweather.

But we get the point.

And for those of you keeping track, Nate's fight against Rafael will put him at the halfway mark of his current eight-fight deal. That means Diaz will have to fight -- and more importantly, win -- his next four fights in a hurry if he wants to get a release raise anytime soon.

Hey Mike, have you met Wanderlei Silva?