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As public rallies around Cung Le, UFC releases full Fight Pass video of his bloody loss to Michael Bisping

I'm (usually) not one of those conspiracy guys, but something wicked this way comes...

Not long after Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) suspended Cung Le for a failing a drug test at UFC Fight Night 48, experts in the drug testing field came forward to poke holes in the promotion's overseas procedures, supporting claims from the Strikeforce import that he was not using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to gain a competitive advantage.

It's not about whether or not Le is guilty, it's about the sloppy, haphazard way in which he was tested.

As more and more details emerge about the validity of Le's test -- causing a swell in public support -- UFC has gone to the vault and released his technical knockout loss to Michael Bisping in Macau, one that left him bloodied and battered after four rounds of punishment (pic).


Well, the promotion insists the video is to help promote Bisping's upcoming fight against Luke Rockhold next month in Australia (more on that here). Perhaps it is, but the dubious timing leaves this writer wondering if it's not an opportunity to pour salt on an open wound.

Your thoughts?