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Bellator 128 LIVE results stream

Bellator 128: "Dantas vs. Warren" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 10, 2014) at the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Two bantamweight champions collide in tonight's main event, with the current champion Eduardo Dantas facing the interim champion Joe Warren, with both men looking to unify the title! We'll have real-time results tonight starting with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET!

Bellator 128: "Dantas vs. Warren" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 10, 2014) at the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, with the sixth event of Bellator's eleventh season.

Two bantamweight champions collide in tonight's main event, with the current champion Eduardo Dantas facing the interim champion Joe Warren, with both men looking to unify the title! The two were originally scheduled to meet at the Revel in Atlantic City for Bellator 118, but an injury to Dantas forced Rafael Silva to step in, and Warren received an opportunity to win the interim title instead -- which he took full advantage of.

The title unification fight headlines a packed night of action airing live on Spike TV. In a co-main event welterweight tilt, the undefeated Michael "Venom" Page faces the challenge of former Strikeforce/UFC fighter Nah-Shon Burrell. At middleweight, TUF veteran Robert "Bubba" McDaniel will go to war with debuting Bellator fighter Emiliano Sordi. And in the opening bout for television Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy will fight at a catchweight of 160 pounds with late replacement Dakota Cochrane. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 128 results below, including quick results of the under card action on (7 p.m. ET), as well as play-by-play updates of the Spike TV broadcast that starts at 9 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 128) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Eduardo Dantas (c) vs. Joe Warren (ic): Warren wins via UD - 48-47 X5.

Michael Page vs. Nah-Shon Burrell: Page wins via UD - 30-27 X3.

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Dakota Cochrane: Sarnavskiy wins via RNC - 2:32 of R1.

Bubba McDaniel vs. Emiliano Sordi: Sordi wins via guillotine - 0:58 of R1.

Preliminary Card (

William Florentino vs. Cortez Coleman: Coleman wins UD - 30-27, 29-28 X2.

Andreas Michailidis vs. Jason Butcher: Butcher wins via TKO - 0:28 of R2.

Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Stephen Banaszak: Sanchez wins via RNC - 2:18 of R1.

John Teixeira vs. Scott Cleve: Teixeira wins 29-28 X2, 28-29 SD.

J.C. Cottrell vs. Jonathan Gary: Cottrell wins via guillotine - 3:38 of R2.

Demario Cade vs. Brenden Seyler: Seyler wins via RNC - 2:25 of R1.

Treston Thomison vs. Cody Walker: Unaired on

Danny Sykora vs. Jason Sampson: Unaired on


Eduardo Dantas (c) vs. Joe Warren (ic)

Round 1: Warren and Dantas are both in black trunks for tonight's fight. Dantas has the blue tape on his gloves, Warren the red. Dantas is 16-3, Warren is 11-3. Our referee in charge for the main event is "Big" John McCarthy. Warren goes for a takedown right after the opening bell. McCarthy warns both fighters not to "grab anything" and calls for work at 53 seconds as Dantas has effectively blocked the takedown. Warren tries changing levels at 1:29 but it doesn't help. Another call for work at 1:50. Third call for work at 2:20 as the crowd boos. They scramble across the cage and Warren lands a knee and throws a cartwheel kick (which he had promised to do). Warren lands the knee again as Dantas pushes him into the fence. They break and reset with under 100 seconds left. Warren gets a body lock takedown at 3:54 and ends up on Dantas back as both stand. Warren drags Dantas down again for a split second. Knees to the legs from behind. 10-9 round to Warren.

Round 2: Warren gets a takedown 36 seconds into R2. Dantas is back up 9 seconds later. Dantas gets a warning for grabbing the fence as Warren goes for another takedown. They break at 1:05. Dantas gets a foot sweep takedown at 1:38 and has a full mount with Warren's back on the fence. Dantas gets another warning for grabbing the fence at 2:36. Warren gets back up at 2:48. They reset at 3:04. Warren charges in and takes the back at 3:21. McCarthy warns Warren not to grab the glove. Dantas with a spinning backfist and Warren backs off. Big knee from Dantas at 4:10. Warren misses with an overhand right and gets a a takedown from behind - Dantas sits on his head in response. Warren gets a takedown at 4:50 but Dantas gets his back before the round ends and is striking. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 3: Dantas spins Warren around with a leg kick 18 seconds into R3. Dantas tries to pressure Warren and he responds with a flurry at the one minute mark. Body lock takedown by Warren at 1:17. Dantas goes for an armbar and Warren stacks him up to block it. Warren lands an elbow and cuts Dantas, but he gets back up at 2:25. Warren escapes a kimura attempt. Uppercut by Warren. Warren catches a high kick. Dantas is warned not to grab the fence and is taken down at 3:23. More elbows from Warren in half guard. McCarthy calls for work at 4:13. Another call for work at 4:30. 10-9 round for Warren.

Round 4: Dantas lands the first major blow of R4 with a leg kick at 30 seconds but Warren gets his back at 45 seconds against the fence. Dantas sweeps at 1:07 and Warren explodes to his feet. Overhand right by Warren. McCarthy stops the fight due to an accidental eyepoke by Warren to check on Dantas. Warren shoots immediately after the restart. Dantas lands a hard left and a combo when they break. Warren shoots and momentarily gets Dantas off his feet at 2:47, then resorts to throwing knees from behind. Dantas goes for a takedown and Warren actually ends up on his back before they both stand up. Warren gets the waist cinch again at 3:45 for more knees. McCarthy calls for work at 4:14. Spinning back kick by Dantas. Dantas hurts him with a knee at 4:49. Spinning backfist before the bell misses but Dantas still gets the round 10-9.

Round 5: Dantas is striking effectively for the first 30 seconds of the round until Warren gets the takedown. Dantas tries to get a triangle but Warren avoids it and lands more elbows. Warren pops out of a triangle attempt again at 1:15. Dantas lands a kick to Dantas while he's on his back that opens a cut on his right eye - it's odd because he's a "grounded opponent" but he was upside down on his shoulders against the fence. When you think of a "grounded opponent" you imagine it's a three point stance. McCarthy doesn't deduct a point but he gives Warren a STERN warning before the action resumes 2 minutes in. Warren gets Dantas off his feet at 2:10 and a takedown 10 seconds later. Warren rides the back as Dantas stands back up, but Warren slips off as he was up too high. Warren sweeps to the top at 2:55. They stand and return to the center with 90 seconds left. Warren lands a hard knee at 3:48 and looks for a takedown. Warren gets a takedown at 4:12 and takes the back. This time Warren avoids riding high and plants his feet on Dantas from behind. Warren keeps him on the fence until the bell. In my head Warren was the more effective fighter in R5 but how the judges scored that round should determine who wins the fight.

Final result: All three judges score this contest 48-47 for the winner by unanimous decision and TWO TIME TWO WEIGHT CLASS CHAMPION - JOE WARREN.


Michael Page vs. Nah-Shon Burrell

Round 1: Page is in the green trunks and is 6-0. Burrell is in the red trunks and is 10-4. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Page quickly takes the center and Burrell charges forward at 21 seconds. Page throws one knee and backs off but Burrell bulls him into the fence. Both fighters jockey for position until Page pushes away at 1:11 and throws a high kick. Burrell just misses with an overhand right but grazes him with the next. Page has his hands down low and he's rolling his shoulders. Burrell shoots again. They reset at the center at 2:30. Burrell is doing a good job (so far) of preventing Page from striking at range. They're in the fence again. Page gets free with 90 seconds left and Burrell pushes him to the cage again. The Winstar Casino crowd is restless. Page goes for a head kick at 4:28 that's checked. Burrell swings and misses with an overhand right and Page takes his back. Good R1 for Burrell simply by not getting knocked out with another of Page's first round finishes. Herzog had to get between the two after the round.

Round 2: The two get into a good exchange two minutes into the round, but most of the round is spent in grappling battles against the fence. Page gets him to the ground at 4:10 of R2 but it doesn't last. Page goes for a spinning headkick at 4:40 and Burrell responds with a side leg kick. Burrell has effectively made this the least exciting of Page's Bellator fights thus far but he's not landing significant strikes to the degree Page is.

Round 3: Page pushes Burrell into the cage 50 seconds into R3 and the two spin back and forth. Page gets back to center at 1:30, his hands are still down low around his waist, and he's shaking his head at Burrell trying to bait him into an exchange. Outside leg kick by Burrell. Body kick by Burrell. Page is forcing Burrell toward the outside. 2:30. At 3 minutes in Page is looking for Herzog to reset them for inactivity when Burrell holds him against the fence. The crowd is booing. They break at 3:18. Page clips him at 3:35 but gets taken down on a spinning kick when he tries to follow up. Burrell is on top in full guard until 4:30. Page tries to get a spinning strike with 10 seconds left but misses. More boos rain down in Thackerville.

Final result: All three judges score the contest 30-27 for the unanimous winner: Michael Page.


Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Dakota Cochrane

Round 1: Sarnavskiy is 28-2 and Cochrane is 17-6. Sarnavskiy is in black trunks and Cochrane is in the white. Our referee is "Big" John McCarthy. Cochrane throws knees from clinch early before eating a spinning backfist from Sarnavskiy. They jockey for position on the fence and then trade blows standing. Cochrane drops for a takedown but Sarnavskiy widens his stance and unloads with knees. McCarthy issues a warning not to grab the fence. 2 minutes gone as Big John calls for more work. Sarnavskiy lands a jump knee and hurts Cochrane. Blood is coming from his nose. "Tiger" goes for the rear naked choke and HE'S GOT IT. The blood from the knee actually landed on the lens of the camera - heck of a post-fight visual.

Final result: Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy wins via rear naked choke submission at 2:32 of R1.


Bubba McDaniel vs. Emiliano Sordi

Round 1: Sordi is 12-4 in the grey trunks and McDaniel is 23-8 in the blue. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Sordi lands a leg kick almost immediately then sprawls on a takedown attempt and goes for a guillotine as McDaniel jumps back into guard. MCDANIEL TAPS OUT LESS THAN A MINUTE INTO R1.

Final result: Jason Herzog stops this fight at 0:58 of R1 for the winner via guillotine submission - Emiliano Sordi.


William Florentino vs. Cortez Coleman

Round 1: Florentino has yellow trunks and a crazy mullet mohawk. Coleman comes to the cage in gray/white trunks wearing a black cowboy hat. Florentino is 5-3 and Coleman is 10-6. Our referee is 'Big' John McCarthy. Coleman rocks Florentino with a left hand at 39 seconds and the two stay brawling against the fence when he gets back up. Coleman is hammering away with uppercuts at close range. Florentino is trying to land body shots. 1:20. Coleman hits uppercuts so clean I'm surprised Florentino didn't fall. He does have a cut due to a punch though. 2 minutes gone. Florentino gets a little blood flowing from Coleman's nose. Coleman closes the distance and puts Florentino against the fence. Coleman tries to body lock throw Florentino down to no avail, and Florentino goes to one knee but gets right back up. Coleman hurts Florentino at 4:10 with an uppercut. Coleman is pouring sweat. He may win this round 10-9 but he may also be out of gas.

Round 2: Coleman slips throwing a kick 33 seconds into R2 but Florentino doesn't pounce. Florentino is using his longer reach to his advantage for the first half of R2. Coleman backs up and circles until Florentino gets kicked in the cup at 2:56. McCarthy quickly restarts the action. Florentino lands a strike and a head kick and Coleman sticks out his tongue and shakes his head in response. He knocks Florentino down with a left in the final minute. Coleman gets a double leg takedown right at the end of R2.

Round 3: Coleman goes for a body lock takedown 90 seconds into R3 but it's not there. Florentino is warned not to grab the fence and when he lets go Coleman gets the takedown at 1:55. Coleman looks to pass to half guard at 2:47. If Florentino can't get off his back in the next two minutes he's losing this fight 2 rounds to 1. McCarthy calls for more work with 100 seconds left. Coleman splits Florentino's head with a short left elbow. Florentino tries to sweep at 4:39 and fails. Coleman wins this round and should get a 29-28.

Final result: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Cortez "The Crazy Cowboy" Coleman by unanimous decision.


Andreas Michailidis vs. Jason Butcher

Round 1: Our referee is Jason Herzog. Butcher is in the white trunks, Michailidis is also in white. Butcher has blue tapes on his glove and his opponent red. Butcher lands a hard left hand and the fight briefly goes to the ground - Michailidis stands at 0:48. Herzog has to pull Michailidis hand out of the cage at 1:06 after a takedown. Butcher goes for a triangle off his back but doesn't get it. Michailidis passes to side. 2 minutes. Butcher gets him back to half guard, then closed guard at the 3 minute mark. Michailidis stands up and throws shots at 3:45 then jumps back on. Butcher tries to get a kimura. Michailidis gives up a full mount at 4:45 and gets opened with an elbow before R1 ends.

Round 2: Herzog waves off the fight 28 seconds into R2 when Butcher lays in jackhammer left hands on the ground and Michailidis doesn't fight back or move.

Final result: Jason Butcher wins via TKO at 0:28 of the second round.


Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Stephen Banaszak

Round 1: Kerry Hatley is our ref. Sanchez is in the red trunks and Banaszak the black. Sanchez has his back 28 seconds in after initially being dropped by a low kick, Hatley stands Banaszak at 0:51 after Sanchez backs off. Banaszak tries to throw a jump knee but Sanchez takes his back again throwing knees and pulling him to the ground at 1:45 looking for a rear naked choke. Sanchez is a flurry of body and head strikes to soften Banaszak up. Banaszak taps at 2:18.

Final result: Banaszak taps at 2:18 to a rear naked choke for the winner by submission - Emmanuel Sanchez.


John Teixeira vs. Scott Cleve

Round 1: Kerry Hatley is our referee again. Teixeira is in the gray trunks, Cleve is in the black. Cleve hits a takedown 25 seconds into the fight. Teixeira stands up 20 seconds later. Cleve is content to circle for a bit, but Teixeira pushes back at the halfway point. Cleve pops him in the jaw and briefly trips him to the ground. Teixera hits a right but Cleve immediately hits a takedown and is on top at the 3 minute mark. Cleve calmly looks for an attempt to pass as Teixeira tries to throw up a triangle. Cleve is briefly pinned against the fence. Teixeira chases with an overhand right. 4:30. One stings Cleve at 4:42. He doesn't get a finish but Teixeira wins the round 10-9.

Round 2: Teixeira hurts Cleve 19 seconds into R2 and gets on his back against the fence. Cleve gets back up and gets free at 0:48 but eats another overhand right immediately. Cleve can't take too many more of those shots. Blood is coming from Cleve's right eye. Cleve is starting to do better with counter punches, so Teixeira goes to the body with strikes. He comes forward with a flurry at 2:24. Teixeira hurts him at 2:42 but Cleve gets up again. Cleve misses badly on a takedown at 3:16. Teixeira tags him with an uppercut at 4:01. He's a half second quicker on every exchange and has more power. Teixeira gets another 10-9.

Round 3: Cleve shoots for a takedown 13 seconds into R3 he doesn't get. Kerry Hatley calls time for an inadvertant low blow and it's quickly over and the action starts again. Teixeira has him hurt at 1:11 and Cleve shoots defensively. He keeps shooting and Teixeira keeps sprawling. Teixeira has him backed up to the fence. Cleve stings him and briefly gets his back. Teixeira spins out of a three point stance at 2:04. Teixeira has some blood coming from his nose. Both men are breathing hard. Cleve lands a good 1-2 combo at 2:55. This round is up for grabs with 90 seconds left. Teixeira lands two good left hooks. Cleve lands a really good right hand, and another at 4:28. Teixeira now has a cut outside his left eye. We go to the judges. This could go either way - Cleve won R3 and R1 was really close.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Teixeira, 29-28 for Cleve and 29-28 for the winner by split decision John Teixeira.


J.C. Cottrell vs. Jonathan Gary

Round 1: Both fighters are popular tonight as they each hail from Oklahoma City. Kerry Hatley is the ref in charge. Cottrell is in solid black trunks, Gary's are black/white/red. Gary takes the center and throws leg kicks. Cottrell gets tired of it and starts pushing forward, but his lead leg is already turning red with bruises. His corner is getting tired of it and loudly yells "Throw your right hand J.C.!" 4 minutes in Gary has been the dominant striker. You can see Cottrell hobbling on his left leg by the end of R1. 10-9 Gary.

Round 2: Gary wastes no time going back to the leg kicks. Cottrell turns it into a slugfest 50 seconds in and then drops levels for a takedown, getting the back at 1:08. Jimmy Smith openly calls it a mistake, saying Cottrell was chewing him up on the feet. Cottrell lays in the hammers and flattens Gary out at 1:45. Cottrell reigns down left hands as Hatley looks in closely. Cottrell goes for the guillotine at 3:10 but Gary pops his head out. Cottrell adjusts and pins Gary against the fence - no way for him to escape - Gary taps at 3:38.

Final result: Jon Gary taps at 3:38 of R2 for the winner by guillotine submission - J.C. Cottrell.


Demario Cade vs. Brenden Seyler

Round 1: Cade is in the green trunks, Seyler the orange. Seyler gets two takedowns in the first 40 seconds against the debuting Cade. A third takedown at 1:05 is more effective. Cade gets back up at 1:40 but is leg tripped again. Seyler gets a full back mount as we pass the two minute mark and Cade taps out just before the halfway point to the second RNC attempt.

Final result: Demario Case taps out at 2:25 of R1 for the winner by submission - Brenden Seyler.


Treston Thomison vs. Cody Walker

Final result: Unknown - unaired on


Danny Sykora vs. Jason Sampson

Final result: Unknown - unaired on


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