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TUF 20 results and recap for Carla Esparza vs. Angela Hill (Ep. 4)

FOX Sports 1

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 was back on FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., Oct. 1, 2014) as the elimination fights continued on episode four with No. 1 ranked Carla Esparza (Team Pettis) taking on No. 16 ranked Angela Hill (Team Melendez).

Upset special? It can happen!

We get things started with a Team Pettis training session and hey look! It's substitute coach Urijah Faber filling in for "Showtime," who is off taking pics for his new Wheaties box or something non-TUF related. Felice Herrig is rolling her eyes because some of the girls are "crushing" on "The California Kid."

Faber was particularly impressed with Joanne Calderwood.

Back at the TUF house, Angela Hill is farting all over the place because she feels like girls who fart need to have a voice, too. Uh ... yeah. Coach Melendez sent the ladies to the gym and welp, Heather Jo Clarke hyper-extended her knee and that annoyed the piss outta Angela Magana.

Hill is working takedown defense and the game plan is "sprawl and brawl."

Carla and Felice are chumming it up back at the house talking about Faber's dreaminess. Ugh. Now it's time to get some work in and her game plan is to "set it up with a couple of punches, take her down, and finish her." Esparza starting to have self doubts after being out of action for well over a year.

We'll see.

There is some concern over Justine Kish, who is the heaviest girl in the house and is expected to have a brutal weight cut. She appears to be doing all the right things but is currently in the 128-130 range. It also doesn't help that she has a bum knee.

Speaking of bad knees, Heather is complaining about her knee issues and takes herself out of drills. She can be seen off in the distance riding the bike and not surprisingly, Angela's blood begins to boil. They have a confrontation in the tub room arguing over ice water.


We get some background on Esparza and she reveals her background in wrestling, which is pretty impressive. Hill is going to have her work cut out for her. "Cookie Monster" wants to help make the sport of MMA grow, just as she helped put women's wrestling on the mat.

Similarly, Hill has a strong background in Muay Thai and her lone MMA fight ended by way of knockout. I hate to say it's a classic striker vs. grappler (so cliche) but...

Anyway, both ladies made weight without incident. Let's do this.

Elimination fight No. 4 -- Carla Esparza (Team Pettis) vs. Angela Hill (Team Melendez):

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Carla gets a lazy takedown stuffed. They do some juking and jiving and Carla goes in hard the second time and drags Angela to the ground. Working in full guard, Esparza lures Hill into a scramble and takes her back. The threat of the choke is there so Hill rolls over and gets flattened out. Punches coming down hard from the top. Hill rolls back over and once again gives up her back. Esparza hunting for the neck and Hill escapes! Esparza all over her and drags her to the ground. Hill with nasty elbows from the bottom and once again jumps up but Carla chases her down and takes her back -- standing -- and sinks in a brutal rear-naked choke.

Final result: Esparza def. Hill via submission (rear-naked choke)

After the fight, Esparza has a cookie and gets high fives from her team. Hill is weeping in the locker room across the hall and understandably so, because losing sucks. Team Melendez is now down 0-4. Coach Pettis, with the win, selects Felice Herrig (No. 6) vs. Heather Jo Clark (No. 11) for episode five.

Here's where we stand after episode four:

Team Pettis:

Carla Esparza
Randa Markos
Joanne Calderwood
Alex Chambers
Jessica Penne
Felice Herrig
Justine Kish
Aisling Daly

Team Melendez:

Angela Hill
Tecia Torres
Emily Kagan
Rose Namajunas
Lisa Ellis
Heather Jo Clark
Bec Rawlings
Angela Magana

Elimination Match ups:

Carla Esparza (No. 1) vs. Angela Hill (No. 16)
Randa Markos (No. 14) vs. Tecia Torres (No. 3)
Joanne Calderwood (No. 2) vs. Emily Kagan (No. 15)
Alex Chambers (No. 10) vs. Rose Namajunas (No. 7)
Jessica Penne (No. 4) vs. Lisa Ellis (No. 13)
Felice Herrig (No. 6) vs. Heather Jo Clark (No. 11)
Justine Kish (No. 9) vs. Bec Rawlings (No. 8)
Aisling Daly (No. 5) vs. Angela Magana (No. 12)

Semifinal Match ups:

Randa Markos vs. TBA
Joanne Calderwood vs. TBA
Jessica Penne vs. TBA
Carla Esparza vs. TBA

See you next week!

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