Mania Free Pool (UFN 34 Saffiedine vs Lim)



What's up Mania. Here for another results post for the Free Pool. So we get through another event this one was a big ol' bitch of a card with too many damn newcomers with not so much footage. So naturally it was a frustrating card to pick. But it turned out to be a pretty exciting card with some great finishes, some absolute wars, and some dumb fuck elbowing some guy in the back of the head. All in all it was good but lets get to the results...


Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim -- Saffiedine def. Lim by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47x2)
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Sean Soriano -- Kawajiri def. Soriano by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 0:50 R2
Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Luiz Dutra -- Kunimoto def. Dutra by Disqualification (illegal elbows to the back of the head) at 2:57 R1
Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shunichi Shimizu -- Kang def. Shimizu by Submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:53 R3
Will Chope vs. Max Holloway -- Holloway def. Chope by TKO (punches) at 2:27 R2
Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern -- Kikuno def. Mulhern by Unanimous Decision (30-27)
Dave Galera vs. Royston Wee -- Wee def. Galera by Unanimous Decision (30-26x3)
Tae Hyun Bang vs. Mairbek Taisumov -- Taisumov def. Bang by Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)
Dustin Kimura vs. Jon Delos Reyes -- Kimura def. Reyes by Submission (Armbar) at 2:13 R1
Russell Doane vs. Leandro Issa -- Doane def. Issa by Technical Submission (Arm Triangle) at 4:59 R2

The Top

3rd Place




I take third place this event with a score of 55. Getting 6 out of 9 correct with 3 perfect picks (Kimura, Kikuno, and Kawajiri) with 10 hot bout points.

2nd place




sudnvictory takes second with a score of 57 points. Getting 8 out of 9 correct with 2 perfect picks (Kimura and Saffiedine) with 10 hot bout points.

1st Place




the_rocketeer takes first place for this event with a score of 72 points. Getting 7 out of 9 correct with 5 perfect picks (Kumura, Taisumov, Wee, Kawajiri, and Saffiedine) with 10 hot bout points. Not only did the_rocketeer place first in our pool but also taking a spot on the front page of pg. Great fucking job.

The Bottom

Shit Picker




quad_damage is this events Shit Picker. Scoring 28 points(which for this card isn't really to bad) only getting 4 out of 9 correct. Better luck next time bro.

Event Results

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 72 the_rocketeer View Picks
2 57 sudnvictory View Picks
3 55 megamike1989 View Picks
4 50 scott1 View Picks
4 50 fulch View Picks
6 49 Raymondo View Picks
6 49 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura View Picks
6 49 biggerLebowski View Picks
9 46 vhw View Picks
10 44 PotOfGold View Picks
11 43 jayw27 View Picks
11 43 Bons_210309 View Picks
11 43 WebbMMA View Picks
14 42 karpentero View Picks
14 42 McRad View Picks
16 39 chrism View Picks
17 37 bezeau24 View Picks
17 37 wolfman13 View Picks
19 36 UKBlitzkrieg View Picks
19 36 Cambs1 View Picks
21 33 IrishKev View Picks
22 31 BrizzleT View Picks
23 28 quad_damage View Picks

Current League Standings

Rank Points Player
1 245 sudnvictory
2 238 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
3 220 McRad
4 212 megamike1989
5 209 jayw27
6 205 PotOfGold
7 204 bezeau24
8 199 Cambs1
9 192 wolfman13
10 186 quad_damage
11 182 Raymondo
12 181 scott1
13 180 IrishKev
14 178 BrizzleT
15 176 the_rocketeer
16 175 WebbMMA
17 174 fulch
18 148 UKBlitzkrieg
19 140 Bons_210309
20 138 chrism
21 135 vhw
22 131 MohamedTheHitman
23 117 biggerLebowski
24 115 karpentero
25 102 anewbie
26 79 Duffman
27 72 TheNextDamnChamp

Alright Mania that is it for me today. Our next event is in a week in a half on the 15th a Wednesday so make sure you get your picks in. Hope every one got super trashed on New Years. I am barely recovered from that shit. Well time to go smoke a bowl and relax...

Floor is yours Mania

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