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UFC Quick Quote: If you see Josh Thomson again, hopefully it's behind a desk at FOX

"The Punk" was a guest on SiriusXM Fight Club on this week and appeared to be unfazed by the insults hurled at him from Nate Diaz (read the diatribe here) following his UFC on FOX 10 main event against Ben Henderson.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

"I loved his P.S. at the end. Honestly, I don't take anything away from it. I've always liked Nate and Nick, both of them. To me, they are great for the sport. I enjoy having them around. There is always something to talk about with those guys in the media and you can't say enough about how they come out and put it on the line when they fight. As far as at the end, it was great that he said ‘P.S., I thought Josh you-know-what won the wrestling match.' Even though I didn't beat him, it's good to know he's giving me props. I appreciate it. If you guys see me again, hopefully it's behind the desk at FOX."

I guess we can forget about Josh Thomson getting his Nate Diaz rematch since he didn't beat him (sarcasm), though "Punk" told SiriusXM Fight Club that he was a fan of the Stockton slugger and his post-fight rant (read it). But not fighting Diaz has nothing to do with a grudge against the 209, as the former Strikeforce lightweight champion is considering hanging up the gloves for good (see why here) after coming up short in his UFC on FOX 10 fight against "Smooth," despite doing enough to win in the minds of many spectators (including Diaz). But if Thomson does return to FOX, he's hoping it's behind the desk as an analyst. Sound good to you?

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