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Dark, grainy video footage surfaces of Dana White arguing with 'f---ing pompous' reporter at recent UFC media luncheon

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T.J. Simers claims he submitted Dana White after three rounds of fighting at Monday's media luncheon. Here's a chance to watch a clip of their verbal sparring and judge for yourself.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has spots on his brain. So many, in fact, that he doesn't even know what color they are.

That's the price he -- and many other former pugilists -- have to pay for a career (or stint, in White's case) in the world of professional boxing, which became the topic of a fiery debate between the world's most outspoken mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter and T.J. Simers of the Orange County Register.

"You know how fucking pompous it is for somebody to say, 'I don't think these people should do this,' White asked Simers at Monday's (Jan. 27, 2014) UFC media luncheon. "It's none of your fucking business what other people want to do! It's nobodies business what other people do with their lives!"

See a loose transcription of their heated verbal exchange here.

White was discussing the "sweet science" after the debut of his new reality show on Discovery Channel drew what he referred to as "fucking horrendous" ratings (more on that here). But Simers inability to resist heckling the Las Vegas fight boss -- instead of focusing on the real issues affecting the sport -- left him with a recap that fell flat.

"I know there are these guys out there now who say 'Oh, I wish I didn't do this," White continued. "Too fucking bad, you did. At some point in your life, you were a grown adult and made a decision to do this thing."

I'm not sure if he was still talking about boxing, or Simer's decision to attend the media luncheon.