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Donald Cerrone declares he's 'back' after headkick knockout, willing to fight anyone … soon

The "Cowboy" is back and feeling better than ever after putting his money woes behind him and rediscovering his love for the fight game.

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Although Donald Cerrone had tapped Evan Dunham -- and earned a "Submission of the Night" bonus in the process -- at UFC 167 just over two months before, he didn't believe he was fully "back" until his first round head kick knockout of Adriano Martins (see it here) last night (Sat., Jan. 25, 2014) on the main card of the UFC on Fox 10: "Henderson vs. Thomson" event that stormed the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Oh, and he won "Knockout of the Night" for that one too.

That brings his tally of bonuses up to 13 spanning his career within both the UFC and WEC. That's a new record, for those wondering. He thinks that's great and all but he's hoping to break a different record: most fights in a calendar year.

As he told reporters at the post-fight press conference last night:

"I want to set a record for the most fights in a year so can I get six this year? Fucking great. I think Baltimore or Dallas would be great. If there's fighters out there saying they can't get fights, hey man, I'm your guy."

Of course, he has plenty of incentive to stay busy: he's broke. This despite raking in $96,000 for his aforementioned victory over Dunham with an additional $50K for the submission bonus.

He claims, however, that he's exorcised those money hungry demons and he's back in it for the love of the fight game:

"I had to just figure out why I do this again, you know? Like I said, I got real comfortable, I made more money than I've ever made my whole life and I just bought everything. I just got real comfortable with where I was. I forgot the love that I did this for. I remember kickboxing around the world for $1,500. Like '$1,500 to go to Japan? Yeah!' You know what I mean? I lost the love, but I'm back, you know? I'm back and it feels good."

As long as we get to watch him do things like this, no one is going to complain, right?

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