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Anderson Silva next fight? 'Spider' wants Roy Jones Jr. boxing match before UFC comeback

You didn't think a broken leg would make Anderson Silva forgot about his long-desired boxing match against Roy Jones Jr, did you?


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is confident former Middleweight champion Anderson Silva will return to the Octagon once he fully heals from the horrible leg break (pictures here) he suffered during his title rematch against Chris Wiedman at UFC 168 in Dec. 2013.

However, possibly not before "The Spider" gets his much-sought after boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. Indeed, the Brazilian bomber shared his comeback plan in a recent interview with MMA Fighting:

"When I get better, that's my biggest goal, especially because I won't be able to fight MMA too soon. Fighting in boxing is in my plans, yes, as soon as I'm able to fight again. And Roy is a big idol."

Despite constant pleas from his family to hang up his fight gloves for good following back-to-back losses to "All American," Silva says that simply isn't an option at this point.

"I respect and understand their concern, but that's something that has to come from my heart. That's not in my plans. I'm focused in my recovery, but I want to get back as soon as possible. That's who I am, it's part of my history. I'm 100 percent positive that I will be back, but it's not only up to me. They are helping my recovery and it is super positive thus far. But I need their feedback to be back at 100 percent. I don't see myself doing other thing, at least for now. It's not just fighting, it's also training."

As far as a third fight against Weidman, that's not at the top of Silva's list because the Brazilian has other goals he wants to achieve such as becoming a famous actor.

"I want to be good again to get back to my normal activities, my personal projects. One of (my projects) is to become an actor, and other news that are coming in the future. It's in my plans (to work in Hollywood). I'm working for that."

MMA champion, boxer and potential Golden Globe-winning actor ... is there anything "The Spider" doesn't want to do?

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