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UFC Quick Quote: 'Nasty' Ronda Rousey is different than Richard Sherman

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What's the difference between so-called "ungracious winners" UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and NFC Championship game hero, Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman? Dana White explains.

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"Nope [I didn't say anything to Ronda Rousey about not shaking Miesha Tate's hand after UFC 168]. That was her own decision. It's not about being an ungracious winner … Ronda said it best. She said, 'I didn't like her before the fight, I definitely don't like her after the fight, and nobody is going to boo me into shaking her hand.' Period. End of story. And as far as the Richard Sherman thing goes, that was awesome! The guy has probably been playing football since he was eight years old, dreamed about going to the Super Bowl and goes head-to-head against the guy who was trash talking him. And he pulls off, in my opinion, the best play of the game to send his team to the Super Bowl -- that was a touchdown pass. He was fired up, got on TV (watch him lose his mind here) and let everyone know about it. I wish the Patriots were that fired up that day…. I disagree (that I would publicly support anything Ronda did). I'm sure there a lot of things she could do that I wouldn't publicly support, but [the no handshake] isn't one of them. She hates Miesha Tate … they don't like each other. Ronda is mean and nasty, that's who she is. And she couldn't care less what anyone thinks."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was on 790 "The Ticket" sports talk radio show earlier this afternoon with host Dan LeBatard to promote the "Henderson vs. Thomson" event on FOX this weekend (Sat., Jan. 25, 2014). But, like most interviews between LeBatard and White, the conversation focused on anything but the true purpose of the appearance. Indeed, the interview touched on the recent injury to former Middleweight champion Anderson Silva (and his timetable for a return), the PED drama between him and former Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and, of course, women's Bantamweight box office draw, Ronda Rousey. LeBatard branded "Rowdy" an "ungracious winner" for refusing to shake the hand of her arch enemy, Miesha Tate, after she scored a submission win in round three at UFC 168. It was unsportsmanlike conduct that immediately drew the ire of the Las Vegas, Nevada, crowd. Over the weekend, a similar situation played out on FOX when Richard Sherman, fresh off a game-winning defensive play to send his Seattle Seahawks to Super Bowl 48, lost his mind in an interview with sideline reporter Erin Andrews (watch it here). Sherman, emotionally overdosed, used the opportunity to trash 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, a rival who would certainly be his NFL version of Tate. He's since been vilified among certain media members for his outburst and even offered an apology for "taking attention away from his teammates." Rousey? Not a chance in hell.