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UFC on FOX 10 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Henderson vs Thomson' on Jan. 25 in Chicago

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will return to the FOX network this weekend (Sat., Jan. 25, 2014) with UFC on FOX 10 from United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Get complete, official "Henderson vs. Thomson" event results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will kickoff its New Year in earnest TONIGHT (Sat., Jan. 25, 2014) with another primetime mixed martial arts (MMA) special.

UFC on FOX 10, which takes place at United Center in Chicago, Ill., will feature a re-worked Lightweight main event between former 155-pound champion, Ben Henderson, against Strikeforce standout, Josh Thomson, with division kingpin Anthony Pettis tending to his latest injury.

Gabriel Gonzaga and Stipe Miocic will lock Heavyweight horns in the co-main event, while a Lightweight clash between Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins and a Featherweight fight that pits Darren Elkins vs. Jeremy Stephens, will round out the televised main card.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC on FOX 10 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" match online, which is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX Sports 1-televised under card bouts at 5 p.m. ET and then main card FOX action, which is slated to begin at 8 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 10) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Henderson vs. Thomson."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC on FOX 10 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Braiterman here for the entire afternoon and evening.


155 lbs.: Ben Henderson vs. Josh Thomson -- Henderson wins via decision (split) - 49-46, 48-47, 47-48
265 lbs.: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Stipe Miocic -- Miocic wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x2, 29-28
155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins -- Cerrone wins via KO (head kick) - 4:40 rd 1
145 lbs.: Darren Elkins vs. Jeremy Stephens -- Stephens wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x2, 29-28
135 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Sergio Pettis -- Caceres wins via submission (rear naked choke) - 4:39 rd 3
135 lbs.: Yves Jabouin vs. Eddie Wineland -- Wineland wins via TKO (ground & pound) - 4:16 rd 2
135 lbs.: Chico Camus vs. Yaotzin Meza -- Camus wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27, 29-28 x2
135 lbs.: Junior Hernandez vs. Hugo Viana -- Viana wins via decision (unanimous) - 29-28 x3
155 lbs.: Daron Cruickshank vs. Mike Rio -- Cruickshank wins via TKO (headkick and punches) 4:56 rd 2
185 lbs.: Mike Rhodes vs. George Sullivan -- Sullivan wins via decision (unanimous) - 29-28 x3
265 lbs.: Walter Harris vs. Nikita Krylov -- Krylov wins via TKO (headkick and punches) - 0:25 rd 1


155 lbs.: Ben Henderson vs. Josh Thomson

Round one: "Punk" in black, "Bendo" in white and we get BJM again. Head kick from Bendo gets blocked. They clinch in and Thomson goes for a trip but can't get it. He does get a big suplex and he immediately takes the back of Henderson with a body triangle in! They're up against the cage and Henderson is rolling properly so the triangle is on the bottom, taking away some of the pressure on the lock. Thomson still keeping the pressure up, fishing for the RNC. Strikes here to loosen up Bendo. Henderson stands and that gets Thomson to let go of the triangle and the back. Clinch here with Henderson pushing Josh into the metal. Over/under from each person. Ben gets the trip and is on top in full guard. Thomson stands directly into a standing arm triangle. Josh trips down Ben and breaks the choke. Thomson picks up Bendo and dumps him on his head to end the round.

10-9 Thomson

Round two: A brief exchange before Thomson goes for a single but can't get Ben down. Clinch knee from Thomson as they jockey for position. Big John breaks them up and that's two minutes gone in the 2nd. They clinch and Thomson drags Henderson down. He's got the back and has the triangle again. Henderson stands again and Thomson lets go immediately. Bendo breaks the takedown attempt and we're back to center cage. Bendo charges in with an uppercut to the body and they're clinched against the cage again. This is taking away the kicks of Thomson. Just as I type that, Ben gives a little space and Josh hits a couple calf kicks. They trade with Henderson backing off. Ben goes goes for a body kick that Punk catches, but he maintains his balance and stays upright. Close round, but no one was really clear cut in the lead.

10-9 Thomson

Round three: Thomson said something's broken in the corner. Ben comes charging forward and is trying to power over Thomson. He gets a takedown and is on top... on the back, but Thomson escapes immediately. Yup, Rogan confirms that Thomson broke his hand. They're still battling here in the clinch. Elbow from JT and kicks from Bendo. Thomson tries a takedown but Ben gets his hips back and stays out of it. They trade elbows. Thomson with a combo, even with the broken hand. Henderson pumping the jab into air, Matt Riddle style. Slow pace here. Bendo throws a knee as Thomson ducks, but Josh eats it. Thomson with a waistlock and trips Ben down. He's up immediately. Josh threw a kick to the body as Ben was moving forward and he just bullrushed him down. Henderson on top and he's hitting some GNP. Jab from Ben at the buzzer.

10-9 Henderson

Round four: Big body kick that Thomson eats. He tries one of his own. Head kick from Ben and a low kick. Thomson powers through a takedown into quarter guard. Half guard now. Full guard. Rubber guard. Ben getting in some free punches and elbows from bottom here in Mission Control, as the 10th Planeteers like to say. Thomson gets out and postures up. Ben gets to a knee and Thomson rolls him over. Ben stands and Josh is trying to get the back, but can't. Bendo has a leg now and he rides it to a takedown. Ben with some elbows. JT stands, but Ben has a waistlock. Calf kicks from Bendo and some knees. Thomson turns into him but eats an elbow on the break. Popping jab from Bendo. Thomson ducks under a hook and gets the takedown. He gets the body triangle and is looking to choke... but Ben stands and is fixing his hair. Josh stays on the back and eggs on the crowd, Diaz style. He yanks Ben to the ground at the buzzer.

Thomson 10-9

Round five: If you ask me, Ben needs a finish here. Uppercut from the man from The Lab. Thomson stepped on something and wipes it off his foot. Huge knee from Bendo that Thomson eats. Ben tries a cut kick, but he doesn't land. Low kick from Thomson. Step in elbow from Henderson. There's a right from Thomson, despite that broken hand. Maybe it's his left hand? Nice 1-2-leg kick from Josh that trips Ben to the ground. He stands and throws a couple of headkicks and a solid low one. Thomson fakes a takedown and fires a couple of punches into Ben's grill. Ben with a body kick that Josh catches. He tosses it high and gets Ben to the ground. He's got Ben's back standing and Thomson is trying his damndest to get him down... and he can't. Ben reverses and they're fighting for over/unders. Knee from Henderson. One from Thomson and another. 20 seconds to go. Body punch from Henderson.

10-9 Henderson for a 48-47 Thomson win on my scorecard. We'll see.

Final result: Ben Henderson wins via decision (split) 49-46, 48-47, 47-48


265 lbs.: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Stipe Miocic

Round one: "Fresh" Herb Dean will be in charge of the blue-trunked Miocic and the black&white shorts wearing Gonzaga. Leg kick from "Napao" to start us off, and Miocic gets one in there, too. They stand and trade with both landing. They also trade leg kicks again. Napao looking to counter so far. There's a jab from 'Zags. Buckling leg kick from Gonzaga. Gonzaga is keeping his hands high and tight, looking to counter with the right. Miocic with a jab and a low kick that Gonzaga catches, but Miocic scrambles away. Stipe hits a couple of jabs and a 1-2. Gonzaga counters a low kick with a big right that Miocic eats. Left high kick from Gabriel and he catches a low kick. Gonzaga fires some punches while he has Miocic off balance. Gonzaga with a nice takedown, but Miocic scrambles right back up. Big inside kick from 'Zags.

10-9 Gonzaga

Round two: Gabe looking a bit huffy here, but he's still kicking well. Another trade of kicks and Gonzaga tries for a takedown. Stipe stuffs it, and evades the scramble. He also blocks a vicious looking head kick as he got to his feet. Left hook from Gonzaga sneaks in. Miocic checks a kick finally. He then cuts an angle and hits a side-stepping jab solid. Gonzaga is looking a bit weary here, but he might be suckering Miocic in. Gonzaga ducks a headkick and tries for a takedown that is unsuccessful. 1-2 from Miocic. The output from Gonzaga is almost nothing now, as he's just backing up and covering. There's a body shot from Gabe. Striking practice here for Stipe at the moment. There's a counter right finally from the Brazilian. Takedown attempt fails. Another one stuffed from Miocic, but he eats a right. Uppercut and a straight from the Ohio native.

10-9 Miocic

Round three: Big leg kick to open up from Gabe. If he was saving some gas in his tank, he needs to expend it this round. Right from 'Zags. Miocic jabbing. He ducks under a looping right and lands some short punches. Leg kick hits the instep of the Brazilian. Takedown stuffed again by Miocic. Jab. Jab. Jab. Jab all landing for Stipe. Body punch from Gonzaga. Leg kick and a superman punch from Gonzaga. Miocic trips down Gabe and is looking to throw some hammer fists. Miocic steering clear of the guard of Gonzaga, hitting him with pitter-patter GNP here. Dink and dunk from the American trying to get in some damage while avoiding the grappling of Gonzaga. There's a nice straight. They're chilling for a bit. Miocic gets his posture back and is hammerfisting away. Ten seconds and let's see if Gonzaga has anything. There's a right and we're done.

10-9 Miocic

Final result: Stipe Miocic wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x2, 29-28


155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins

Round one: Martins in blue, "Cowboy" in black, John McCarthy the ref. Cerrone aggressive early, he ducks under a punch and throws Martins down. Martins stands and hits a liver kick. 1-2 from Martins. Cerrone working the kicking game. Straight right from Donald and a nice front leg kick. Donald with feints and throws a high kick. They each connect on rights. Lead left from Martins hits. So does a right. Switch leg kick from Cowboy. Martins hits a kick to the waist. Martins tries for a trip, but Cerrone maintains his balance. A left hits Cerrone in the jaw. Cerrone ducks under and takes down Martins. Cerrone jumps to mount, but Martins scrambles right out the backdoor. Again, the outside front leg kick hits Martins in the thigh. Fake punch and outside leg kick once more. DOINK! Cerrone hits a GORGEOUS head kick to Martins' grill and he's completely out. New knockout of the night, folks.

Final result: Donald Cerrone wins via KO (headkick) at 4:40 of round 1


145 lbs.: Darren Elkins vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round one: "Lil Heathen" in the black/red/green trunks and Elkins in the red & white. John McCarthy back in the cage for us. Stephens wings a huge right that misses by a foot. He does land a low kick, though. Elkins ducks to change levels, but doesn't follow through. Body kick from Stephens. There's the takedown that gets stuffed by Stephens. Heathen firing with both hands, but misses. Uppercut from Stephens. Leg kick, too. Elkins with a right and ducks away from the return fire. Elkins shoots from way outside and Stephens stuffs it. Elkins kicks and slips down. Stephens on top in full guard and lands an elbow. Pass to half and another elbow. Elkins works butterfly guard and Stephens elects to just stand. Elkins with a kick. Stephens with an uppercut. Ekins shoots a single that Stephens defends by hopping around. Up against the cage here and Stephens manages to escape standing. They trade rights, and predictably, Stephens wins that one. Elkins lands a clean right. Leg kick from Jeremy and he swings four full-power haymakers that all miss. Step-in knee from Stephens. Elkins fakes the takedown. Big body kick lands from Stephens.

10-9 Stephens

Round two: They both land hard rights, and again, predictably, Stephens comes out the better in that deal. Double jab from Elkins and a shot from far out that Stephens escapes from. He's getting real aggressive when he sees Stephens with his back near the cage. Left from Stephens. Yup, Stephens gets back a bit and Stephens is suddenly defending a takedown attempt. Elkins can't get it. They swing but neither lands clean. Stephens is clearly the stronger man, as every time they clinch, he shoves Elkins way back. Stephens is looking slower here. Elkins landing an overhand right. Low kick from Stephens. Another overhand lands for Elkins. And another, although they aren't damaging Stephens much. Takedown attempt from Elkins that again, he fails on, and this time he eats an uppercut for his troubles. Nice combo from Elkins that ends in a head kick. Uppercut from Stephens lands solid on the upper torso. Stephens walking forward now. Left exactly at the horn stumbles Elkins. Close round, but still Stephens to me.

10-9 Stephens

Round three: Elkins' corner wants him to brawl with Stephens, as he's probably lost both rounds and the takedown isn't there. Not sure this is a great plan B, but the first one wasn't working for him, so why not. Leg kick to the outside of Eklins' thigh. Stephens catches a kick and takes down Elkins directly into a guillotine attempt. Stephens gets to the proper side to defend and he's out of it briefly. Elkins reconnects the hands and Elkins spins, but Stephens spins through and stands up out of danger. Elkins connects with a right. Stephens gets a body kick caught and trips him down, but Stephens shucks him off and they're back. Right uppercut from Stephens. A right straight hits Stephens' jaw. No brawling from Elkins so far, but still a better round halfway through. Stephens slips on a high kick but stands away before Elkins can close. Elkins clubs an overhand right down on a ducking Stephens. Left hook on the return from Stephens. Elkins tries a superman punch that Stephens slips inside of. Elkins caught Stephens with a shot and it looks like Stephens hurt his knee a bit. Elkins is surging forward and grabs ahold of the neck. Elkins is trying for a guillotine here, but Stephens is defending it and time is running out... Elkins readjusts... nope, there's the bell

10-9 Elkins.

Final result: Jeremy Stephens wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x2, 29-28



135 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Sergio Pettis

Round one: Pettis wearing black, Caceres in white and we get Herb Dean again. Caceres comes out aggressive and lands a body kick to the spleen side. Pettis counters a leg kick with a right hand. Leg kick from Pettis. Right from Pettis and a spinning backfist from Bruce Leeroy. Pettis with the crisp, straight punching so far. Jump knee from Alex. Left and a low kick land for Caceres, and he leans away from a high kick. They trade right hands. Pettis hits an uppercut. Leg kick lands from Caceres but the follow-up high kick misses. High kick from Pettis lands, though. There's an old karate term where you attack when you feel the opponent stop his attack. That's what Pettis is doing here. Nice jab from Pettis bounces the afro around. Caceres with a short left as he stepped in. Pettis gets a left in there as he steps in. Head kick from the youngster. Exciting standup fight here.

10-9 Pettis

Round two: Liver kick from Caceres. BIG left from Caceres drops Pettis straight onto his butt! Caceres pounces, but Pettis is trying for a takedown. He postures over the Milwaukee product, and Pettis trips him to stand up. Pettis is bleeding from the nose or mouth, but he seems to be OK, as he throws a high kick. Pettis lands a couple lefts right now. Jumping front kick from Pettis. Body punch to Caceres' midsection. Knee to the liver from Leeroy and a jab a few seconds later. 360 degrees round kick from Caceres that doesn't land. Double punch from Caceres misses. Head kick from Pettis and one to the body, spleen side. Caceres ducks a nasty looking wheel kick. That was the last clean strike of the round as they both miss spinning shit to close the round.

10-9 Caceres.

Round three: They show a replay of the shot that dropped Pettis - Caceres kinda pushed Pettis' face into the left with a right hand setup. They're smiling and exchange a glove tap to start the round. Caceres misses a wheel kick and Pettis jumps on a takedown. Caceres stands and eats a headkick. Pettis with the waistlock and Caceres rolls for a kimura that breaks the hold. Inside leg kick from Alex that Sergio counters with a right. Uppercut and a straight right from Pettis. Caceres walks inside a high kick and takes Pettis down. They're scrambling back and forth now, and it looks like Caceres might end up on top, but Pettis gets away. Elbow from Caceres. 360 leg kick from Caceres as these guys are near locks for Fight of the Night here. They trade rights and Pettis gets the better end of that deal. Caceres slips a right. Alex stuffs a takedown attempt with a nice whizzer and ends up on top. Pettis looking for a heel hook that Caceres escapes from. He's on Pettis' back landing some punches. He's got his back and HE GETS THE REAR NAKED CHOKE WITH FOURTEEN AND A HALF MINUTES GONE IN THE FIGHT! What a last-gasp comeback from a round he was losing!

Final result: Alex Caceres wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:39 of round 3


135 lbs.: Yves Jabouin vs. Eddie Wineland

Round one: Mad love for Jabouin coming out to the Mortal Kombat theme song. Jabouin in blue & white, Wineland in black. Wineland with a leg kick as the first strike to land clean. Wineland gets in a left. And another a minute later. Counter right from Eddie. Low kick from Yves. Lead left from Jabouin that Eddie ducks a bit from. He returns fire immediately with a right. Ugh, c'mon Comcast. I just missed a good minute. Side kick from Yves and he stuffs a Wineland takedown. Clinch and some body knees from Wineland. He lets go to swing for an uppercut and misses.

10-9 Wineland from what I saw

Round two: They trade lefts ten seconds in. Jabouin has been kicking high a lot, but hasn't landed any clean. Right hand from Yves. Nice 1-2 from Jabouin and a left, too. Wineland isn't firing back much right now. There's a good counter left just as I hit the period on that sentence. Yves falls a foot short on a spinning backfist. Straight right from Eddie. A good right from him, too. Jabouin finally lands a headkick, but Eddie eats it. Oof, Jabouin walks directly into a right that splashes him to the canvas. Wineland's trying for an arm triangle, but can't quite get it. Mount here and Wineland is raining down GNP. Elbows, punches. Yves rolls, more, strikes... He's trying to survive, but is caught on his side and is eating huge lefts. There's the stoppage with 44 seconds left.

Final result: Eddie Wineland wins via TKO (ground & pound) at 4:16 of round 2


135 lbs.: Chico Camus vs. Yaotzin Meza

Round one: Meza in the gray and white spandex, while Camus has on black trunks. We're graced by Otto Torriero as our referee. Camus lands first with a low leg kick. Meza responds with one of his own. Camus swings a wide right that falls short. There's one that doesn't. Meza ducks down and is trying for the takedown. They're up against the cage with Meza leaning on Camus. Knee from Meza to the body and one to the knee. There's the takedown into half guard. Ooh, nice sweep from Camus who gets on top into full guard. Camus trying to get an arm free to GNP, but Meza is holding him down well. The crowd starts to get antsy, but the ref is unimpressed and lets them go. Half guard as Meza scoots his hips out to try and stand or sweep. Full guard again. There's a right hand from Camus. Finally, the ref calls out for some work. Camus postures up and... does nothing with it. Finally a standup with 10 seconds left. Double front kick and an uneventful round ends.

10-9 Camus

Round two: My service blips and I rejoin the action with Meza on top in half guard and 45 seconds have elapsed. Full guard. Meza postures, sits back down, postures... here we go, a couple punches, but the ref says to heck with it and stands 'em up. Camus immediately hits a right and shoots for a single. He finishes with a slam and ends up in full guard. Meza holding Camus down. Finally we've got a pass from Camus. He threatens an arm triangle but that doesn't get him the finish, so he transitions to mount. Meza rolls to the back. Camus is a bit high and Meza shakes him off. Meza tries for a takedown, gets into a clinch and lands some ineffective dirty boxing.

10-9 Camus

Round three: Left from Camus to open the final stanza. Meza picks his leg up for no apparent reason - maybe a knee? and Camus just plows forward to take him down. Meza sits up to the cage, trying to wall walk. Camus passes right to mount. Camus rotates Meza away from the cage and buckles back down on Camus. Camus not landing much, but owning the grappling exchanges. Meza rolls to the back and Camus takes it. Meza slips back down and Camus is looking for a rear naked. Meza is defending, but Camus uses the defense to get back into mount. Camus looking like he wants an arm triangle, but postures up for a couple elbows. Meza finally reverses, but Camus stands. Weird over-under position half crucifix here. Camus escapes into side control and now mount. Camus on the back and the fight ends.

10-9 Camus

Final result: Chico Camus wins via decision (unanimous) 30-27, 29-28 x2


135 lbs.: Junior Hernandez vs. Hugo Viana

Round one: Viana in black and Hernandez in blue & red. Madrigal our ref again. Viana's first big strike is a big right that floors Hernandez. Hernandez recomposes himself, however, and is back on his feet. Left from Viana. 1-1-2 from Viana that just glances on Jr. Body kick from Viana. Nothing's landed from Hernandez so far almost two minutes into this. Hernandez blocks the overhand right. Viana is throwing huge shots from the cheap seats. Hernandez stumbles on a kick, but is back on his feet before any damage is done. Left from Viana. And a switch kick. Hernandez keeps coming forward, but isn't really doing much other than getting tagged. 3-piece combo here from the Brazilian. Hernandez has no concept of distance it seems, because he's fallen short on everything, despite being the longer fighter. Inside leg kick from Viana.

10-9 Viana

Round two: Pat Miletich is cornering Hernandez and telling him to step in more, which would certainly help him land something. There we go, he gets a bit closer and lands a right. Body right and a liver kick from Viana both land. The forward movement is here from Hernandez, but he's still just eating shots, rather than landing. Viana hits a nice left as Hernandez again pulls up short. Hernandez lands a left finally. Much slower round. They trade lefts. Switch kick from Viana hits the body. Viana slips a right and hits a 1-2. Junior keeps walking into range, but then not throwing anything as Viana strikes at him - no counters, no leads. They trade jabs. Uppercut from Hernandez as Viana comes over the top with his right hand. Viana circling, but Hernandez not doing anything.

10-9 Viana

Round three: Miletich again encouraging Hernandez to get nasty and KO him. Good advice, but let's see if he can put this into practice. Here we go, they're trading now, as opposed to the one-way traffic we had earlier. Huge, wild combo from Viana that the tough Hernandez just chews through. Uppercut from Hernandez that Viana backs away from. Rogan calling for some leg kicks from Hernandez, but Junior doesn't hear or listen. Right from Viana. Left from Hernandez. Not sure why Viana is backing away, as he's winning every exchange, but here we are. Viana is slowing. There's finally a 1-2 from the Ohio fighter. Viana hits a left. Hernandez mocking Viana who's on his bicycle, but given that he's losing badly, I'm not sure that's pretty smart. Rogan agrees. There's a nice right from Hernandez. Hernandez has no idea how to cut off the cage. Hernandez lands a nice right.

10-9 Hernandez

Final result: Hugo Viana wins via decision (unanimous) 29-28 x3


155 lbs.: Daron Cruickshank vs. Mike Rio

Round one: Daron in white, Rio in gray, with Herb Dean as our third. I've got the TUF participant in this one, how about you? Calf kick from Daron. Slow and measuring here from both men. There's a right from Daron and a left from Rio. They clinch and Rio throws a couple knees. Kick and a right from Daron. Daron lands a heavy outside leg kick while Rio glances one back. Rio just clips a right to Daron's chin. There's a nice counter left from Rio, but he follows it up with a whiffed lead left. Rio powers forward with a left kick and a hook. Spinning back kick to the liver from Daron. Rio comes forward with a power shot and backs Daron into the fence. He creates distance with a side kick and gets away. Good right from Daron. Oh, that was sweet, Daron missed with a superman punch and immediately finished the combo with a headkick that floors Rio. Daron trying to finish, but Rio has recovered and tries for a takedown. Guillotine attempt from Daron. Big elbow from Daron and Rio drops again, but has the presence of mind to go for another takedown and the round ends before Rio can take any more damage.

10-9 Cruickshank

Round two: Rio lands a counter right and shoots a huge power double, but Daron powers down on his hips. Rio switches to a single, but Daron limp legs out of it. Low kick from Daron. Front knee misses from Daron, but he uses his momentum to land a nice straight right. Good leg kick from the Taekwondo practitioner. Nice left from Rio that snaps the head back. Jumping spinning back kick lands from Daron! This is a fun scrap here. Right from Daron wobbles Rio, but "Wolverine" has a great chin and stays up. There's a nice 1-2 from Rio who powers forward. Daron shoots down and takes down Rio. Guard from Rio who switches to a heel hook! Rio is defending well, but this is big danger for "The Detroit Superstar". Joe Rogan details exactly how he needs to get out of the hold and on cue, he does exactly that. They stand and WOW! He lands a perfect spinning wheel kick right to Rio's face! Rio is stunned and turtling against the cage as Daron is pounding away with punches. About twelve punches later, Rio slumps down and Herb steps in just as the round was about to end. There's your frontrunner for KO of the Night.

Final result: Daron Cruickshank wins via TKO (headkick and punches) at 4:56 of round 2


185 lbs.: Mike Rhodes vs. George Sullivan

Round one: Rhodes is the black man in black and George is the white guy in blue... sound familiar, no? John McCarthy is our ref. Lotta empty seats for the early card as we start this match. Looks like those stories about this show not selling too well were correct. Leg kick from Sullivan. A head kick gets blocked, though. Feeling out process for a couple minutes here as they throw in ones and twos. Rhodes slips on a low kick but is up before George can do anything about it. Spinning back kick from Sullivan. They clinch into the fence with Rhodes grasping the waist. Knee from Rhodes. Sullivan breaks the hand lock and trips Rhodes down, but he immediately stands. Rhodes misses an overhand right and they back off. 2-3-2 from Sullivan and the last right look like it connected. Sullivan swings forward and switches levels for a takedown. He gets it , but can't hold him down. Another takedown, but Rhodes looks for a kimura. Sullivan in no danger and steps over into mount to land some ground and pound while Rhodes tries to stave him off by holding onto that arm.

10-9 Sullivan

Round two: Powerful outside low kick from Sullivan to open it. Rhodes with one to the back leg and another that glances off the cup. Low kick into a hook from Sullivan that doesn't land. There's a right that does. Right from Rhodes and he backs Sullivan into the cage. Flying knee attempt from Rhodes, but Sullivan catches it and tries for a takedown that goes nowhere. Rhodes with a couple of quick rights. Overhand from Rhodes and a couple knees from the Duke Roufus product. Rhodes maintaining distance well here and countered Sullivan when he ducked down for a body shot. Crane kick from Rhodes. Sullivan is tiring here. Rhodes gets glanced in the pills, but Big John doesn't stop the fight. They clinch and Rhodes slings Sullivan down. George stands up immediately and is punching Rhodes in the face with his free hand. Sullivan trying for the takedown now, but he doesn't get it before the bell rings.

10-9 Rhodes

Round three: Outside low kick from Rhodes and he checks the return fire. Another from Rhodes. Sullivan lands one and a jab. Kicks to the midsection from Rhodes and an overhand right. Mostly a kicking contest here at the moment, and they're both scoring. There's a right hand from Sullivan. Overhand into a failed takedown from Sullivan. Rhodes again with the body lock and he is trying to take George's back. Sullivan gets out of there and is back to throwing a big haymaker right. Minute and a half left and this is a real close round. Left from Rhodes. There's a liver kick, too. Another body lock from Rhodes, but he can't take Sullivan down. Sullivan reverses and grabs a single... he gets it for a split second, but Rhodes stands. Knee from George. Rhodes gets him down for a second.

No clue how to score that round, so I'll go with 10-10 for a draw.

Final result: George Sullivan wins via decisions (unanimous) 29-28 x3



265 lbs.: Walter Harris vs. Nikita Krylov

Round one: Krylov came in at a tiny 218 pounds and looks to be dropping to LHW after this if you ask me. We've got Rob Madrigal as our ref. Walt is the big black dude in the gray while Krylov is the Russian white guy in blue trunks. Head kick from Krylov and HOLY SMOKES WALT HARRIS IS DOWN TWENTY FIVE SECONDS INTO THE FIGHT! Caught him right behind the ear with that.

Final result: Nikita Krylov wins via TKO (headkick and punches) at 0:25 of round 1


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