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Dana White: 'TUF Brazil is so crazy, coaches on Team Sonnen are scared to be there'

Collateral damage! Hopefully the coaches for Team Sonnen are up to date on their life insurance policies.

Jonathan Ferrey

This is probably the last thing Mrs. S. wants to hear.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight troublemaker Chael Sonnen is currently deep behind enemy lines, filming the third edition of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil (details). And considering how many times "The American Gangster" has slandered his Brazilian counterparts, it's no surprise to learn that he's a marked man (again).

And you know what they say about guilt by association.

"From what I have heard, the first day of filming was absolute insanity," White said on Wednesday (via MMA Weekly). "Basically, it's so crazy down there that the guys that are coaching on Chael's team are scared to be there. That's how insane it is inside that gym."

Might be time to resurrect that disguise.

Opposing Sonnen is longtime rival Wanderlei Silva, who has been rallying the Brazilian troops in the weeks leading up to their stint in front of the cameras. Being the hometown favorite has its advantages, clearly, even if "The Axe Murderer" insists their won't be violence (yet).

Then again, they've only just begun.

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