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WSOF 8 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Gaethje vs. Patishnock' TONIGHT (Jan. 18) in Florida

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) returns to NBC Sports Network with two title fights at WSOF 8: "Gaethje vs. Patishnock" from Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Get complete, official results, live updates and real-time coverage RIGHT HERE.


World Series of Fighting (WSOF) returns with their eighth installment of mixed martial arts (MMA) mayhem, invading the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, for WSOF 8: "Gaethje vs. Patishnock." will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the WSOF 8 main card fights TONIGHT (Sat., Jan. 18, 2014), beginning with the NBC Sports telecast at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the preliminary card action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET).

Headlining WSOF 8 is the inaugural lightweight title bout between the undefeated Justin Gaethje and perhaps the new "Gracie Killer," Richard Patishnock. Also on the card, Jessica Aguilar squares off against Alida Gray to determine the promotion's first-ever women's strawweight champion.

Rounding out the main card is a battle of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans as Anthony Johnson dukes it out with Mike Kyle. In addition, former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 cast member Cody Bollinger makes his promotional debut against the hard-hitting Tyson Nam.

The night of action kicks off TONIGHT (Jan. 18, 2014) at 6:30 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts that will be streaming live right here on Once those fights conclude, switch your televisions over to NBC Sports at 9 p.m. ET for the televised main card and follow along in this post for a great night of discussion in the comments section below.

Alex Giardini large and in charge providing all the WSOF coverage this evening.

Let's get to it.


Justin Gaethje vs. Richard Patishnock -- Gaethje wins by TKO (punches), at 1:09 of round one.
Anthony Johnson vs. Mike Kyle -- Johnson wins by KO (punch) at 2:03 of round one.
Jessica Aguilar vs. Alida Gray -- Aguilar wins by submission (head and arm choke) at 2:45 of round one.
Cody Bollinger vs. Tyson Nam -- Bollinger wins by unanimous decision (29-28x3)
Luis Palomino vs. Jorge Patino -- Palomino wins by KO (punches) at 4:22 of round two.
Valdir Araujo vs. Tyler Stinson -- Stinson wins by KO (punch) at 2:23 of round three.
Scott Barrett vs. Derrick Mehmen -- Mehmen wins by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)
Sidemar Honorio vs. Alexis Vila -- Vila wins by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)
Freddy Assuncao vs. Brenson Hansen -- Assuncao wins by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
Jose Caceres vs. Anderson Melo -- Melo wins by submission (heel hook) at 1:10 of round one.


Justin Gaethje vs. Richard Patishnock

Round 1: Gaethje flies in early with a knee, but Patishnock drops him with a brutal shot. Patishnock gets dropped by Gaethje early and Patishnock hangs on by throwing shots of his own. Gaethje does not let go though, and batters Patishnock against the cage with some solid shots. The referee steps in after seeing Patishnock's mouth busted open. The fight is over, and Justin Gaethje has landed.

Final Result: Gaethje wins by TKO (punches), at 1:09 of round one.


Anthony Johnson vs. Mike Kyle

Round 1: Kyle works the jab early, and Johnson throws a few leg kicks. Kyle just grazes Johnson with a punch as they both exchange. Stiff jab from Johnson, who follows up with a kick to the body. Takedown from Kyle, and Johnson is back up with Kyle clinging onto his back. Breaking free, Johnson backs up Kyle with a few jabs. Kyle comes in ferociously, and Johnson drops Kyle with a right bomb bomb. Kyle is facedown, out cold. "Rumble" hits him one more time, and it was more or less highly unnecessary.

Final Result: Johnson wins by KO (punch) at 2:03 of round one.


Jessica Aguilar vs. Alida Gray

Round 1: Both strawweights come out ferociously, with Aguilar working for the takedown. She secures it, and with Gray trying to stand up, Aguilar is holding on to her for dear life. Aguilar working the takedown against the fence, now. Aguilar scores the takedown and tries to work from half guard. Aguilar throws a few elbows, and now Aguilar is working a head and arm choke. Gray taps quickly. Great performance from Aguilar.

Final Result: Aguilar wins by submission (head and arm choke) at 2:45 of round one.


Cody Bollinger vs. Tyson Nam

Round 1: Bollinger throws a head kick early that misses. Bollinger hits Nam with a snapping left jab. Nam attacking the legs early, and hits Bollinger with a left hand. Bollinger ties up Nam in the clinch, and throws a few knees before Nam breaks free. Bollinger throws a hook to the body, followed by a head kick that misses. Bollinger connects with a flying knee to the body, and then connects with a right hand. Nam backing up often, and keeping his distance. Nam connects with a nice right hand, but Cody retaliates with a few left hands of his own. Nam hits Bollinger with a counter that seems to have hit the back of the head, and drops the former TUF contestant -- following up with punches on the ground. Bollinger recovers and starts to throw down again on his feet. The horn sounds.

Round 2: Bollinger throws another head kick, although Nam blocks it. Bollinger just misses with a spinning back kick. Nam backs up Bollinger with a right hand. Bollinger attempts a flying knee, but to no avail. Kick to the body from Nam, and Bollinger pushes him against the fence in which Nam needs to regain his footing. Bollinger attempts a cartwheel kick. Nam is moving well, and definitely has the better footwork out of the two. Nam drops Bollinger with a kick, and Bollinger gets back up immediately. Bollinger throws another spinning back kick and misses. Nam throws a hard leg kick. Nam hits him with a good right hand. Both fighters are trading very cautiously. Good kick to the body from Bollinger, followed by a right hand. Bollinger shoots for a takedown and it gets stuffed. Bollinger tries for another high kick, and loses his balance. Nam follows, however Bollinger is back up in no time.

Round 3: Both combatants are more hesitant to throw in the third round. Bollinger throwing a bunch of right hands, and Nam is staying away from all of them. First clean shot of the round is a left hook from Bollinger. Shifting over to southpaw, Bollinger throws another head kick and it misses, again. Another wild kick thrown by Bollinger. For a fight that is almost dead even, there is no sense of urgency from both bantamweights. Bollinger throwing heavy leather with his left hand, and his punches are blocked by Nam. Kick to the body from Bollinger, and Nam is returning the favor. Nam has Bollinger against the fence, and keeps on hitting him with jabs. The crowd grows restless. Nam is backing up Bollinger with pressure, although he is not landing anything powerful. The final bell sounds.

Final Result: Bollinger wins by unanimous decision (29-28x3)


Luis Palomino vs. Jorge Patino

Round 1: Patino misses early with a hook. Palomino has not thrown anything yet, waiting for his openings. The action is a little slow to commence things. Palomino decks Patino with a left hook. Flying knee from Palomino, but Patino throws himself on top of him as his Palomino hits the mat. Patino is now in Palomino's guard, against the cage. Troy Waugh moves in and warns the fighters to improve position. Patino trying to stand up and break loose, while Palomino clings on. Patino now throwing strikes from top position. Waugh stands them up. Head kick misses for Patino. Palomino misses a spinning back kick. Palomino rocks Patino with a counter-left hook, and now he is pouring it on. Patino is swinging back though, and gets hit with a hard body shot. Patino takes him down, and works a guillotine. The horn sounds.

Round 2: Palomino has his hands low, and Patino throws a lazily throws a head kick that misses. Patino hits Palomino with a left kick to the liver. Patino throws a spinning back kick that misses. Palomino connects with two big right hands. Low kick from Palomino, and he swings violently with a combination that misses. Patino clocks Palomino with a left hand in an exchange where that was the only punch that landed for both. Another left hook from Palomino, and now they are exchanging wild blows. Patino comes in with a leg kick, and eats another left hand. Palomino backs up Patino with a combination, and drops Patino with a knee. Palomino joins him on the ground, violently trying to finish. Palomino decks Patino a few times and the latter is out cold.

Final Result: Palomino wins by KO (punches) at 4:22 of round two.


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