MFC 39 'No Remorse' results: Hamilton outlasts Schoonover to retain heavyweight title


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Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) 39: "No Remorse," which took place at Northlands Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Friday night (Jan. 17, 2014) on AXS TV, is in the books and it was a pretty solid event.

This event had some last-minute changes, so my original picks were moot (ended up 4-4) when several fighters dropped out out the last minute.

Now, on to the results:


Fight 1:

185 lbs.: Cody Krahn defeats Clay Davidson via Slam TKO: 1:04, Round 1

Fight 2:

200 lbs.: Jared McComb defeats Paul Grebinski via Punches TKO: 2:37, Round 1

Main Card:

Fight 3:

155 lbs.: Andrew McInnes defeats Dan Ring via Submission: Rear Naked Choke: 2:01, Round 2

Wolfman's Analysis:

Fun fight to watch. McInnes has a long way to go when it comes to striking but he is a monster on the ground. The first round saw Ring use lots of movement to avoid being taken down and landing more strikes than the favorite McInnes. In round two, Ring was using the same game plan but after a low blow, McInnes swarmed him and took his back standing. Before they hit the ground McInnes had locked in the rear naked choke and Ring was tapping a less than two seconds after they hit the mat. Good fight.

McInnes has a long way to go in his striking but I could see him moving up in competition instead of a guy on a two-fight losing streak.

Fight 4:

205 lbs.: Sean O'Connell defeats Markhaile Wedderburn via Submission: Rear Naked Choke: 1:49, Round 1

Wolfman's Analysis:

Wedderburn took this fight on about a week's notice and hadn't fought in 19 months. In addition he has fought as low at 170 pounds and looked like a welterweight fighting a light heavyweight. It was a squash match and O'Connell did what should have been expected of him. He took down the superior striker (Wedderburn was preparing for a kickboxing bout when his opponent was injured and took this fight to stay active), passed to mount, took the back and landed a few strikes before locking up the rear naked choke.

O'Connell is 30 years old and is now 15-4. If he's going to make it to a bigger show the time is now. Even though his opponent was sub-par, he still looked good.

Fight 5:

164 lbs.: Marcus Edwards defeats Sean Powers via Submission: Rear Naked Choke: 4:50, Round 1

Wolfman's Analysis:

Edwards took this fight on three days notice. He was 178 pounds when he got the call to fight and this bout was contested at a 164-pound catchweight bout. Edwards steamrolled Powers the entire fight. He came out aggressive, winning the striking exchanges and grappling exchanges from the get go. He landed heavy ground and pound from the top position and during a scramble secured a choke as the first round was coming to close.

I had never heard of Edwards going into this and I picked against him after his late entry into the even and his... apparent size disadvantage. He has an aggressive fan friendly style and with his record improving to 7-2 with all his wins coming by way of finish. I think this 24 year old prospect might be moving up to bigger fish sooner rather than later.

Fight 6:

170 lbs.: Gilbert Smith defeats Jason South by Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Wolfman's Analysis:

Smith was the better wrestler, the better athlete and worked his tail off to get this win. The one-sided scores do not tell the entire story of this bout as it was full of fun grappling exchanges between two guys who can grapple. Smith spent most of round one in the top position but South was doing damage from the bottom using elbows and throwing up constant submission attempts. At times all Smith could do was defend. Round two was better for Smith and was his strongest round but South kept busy attempting to get submissions and attacking mostly from the bottom. In Round three, Smith dropped South with a big left hand and moved in to finish. He was unable to and South kept working for a scramble. During an exchange South locked onto Smiths neck with a Ninja Choke. It looked for a while that Smith would be forced to tap but he held tight and when South moved to secure the position with his legs Smith was able to slip out and ride the rest of the round out and win by decision.

Smith improved to 8-2 and South fell to 10-2. Smith is 32 years old and doesn't have the striking currently to hang in the bigger promotions. If he develops it we could see him in the UFC, WSOF or Bellator by the end of the year.

Co-Main Event:

Fight 7:

155 lbs.: Tom Gallicchio defeats Kurt Southern via Submission: Rear Naked Choke: 4:41, Round 2.

Wolfman's Analysis:

This bout was supposed to be for the vacant MFC 155-pound title; however, Gallicchio missed weight by .2 pounds. If Southern had won, he would have become the MFC Champion.

Southern DOMINATED the first round with aggressive and effective stand up despite having a seven-inch reach disadvantage. The grappling exchanges in the first were brief but good and quite even. I had predicted this fight would mostly take place on the feet as both men were more ground oriented fighters.

In round two, Southern continued to control the stand up but failed to respect the power and technique of Gallicchio. I'm not saying Gallicchio is a good striker by any means but he was able to stun Southern with a punch and swarmed him. He took down the -390 favorite and passed the guard into mount and Southern rolled to his stomach exposing his neck. Gallicchio secured his twelfth submission win and improved to 18-8 while Southern snapped a two-fight win streak and fell to 13-5.

At the end of the fight, Gallicchio said to the camera that he is the best in the world. I don't believe that's an accurate statement .He was losing badly on the feet most of the bout until catching Southern and I somewhat doubt if that result would be repeated. At 27 years old he still has time to make a run at a bigger promotion but he needs to learn how to strike quick, fast and in a hurry.

Main Event:

Fight 8 For MFC Heavyweight Title:

Anthony Hamilton defeats Darrill Schoonover via Unanimous Decision: 49-46,49-46, 50-45

Right off the bat it was clear that Hamilton's wrestling made the difference. The first 30 seconds saw Hamilton grab a single leg and dump Schoonover through the ring ropes. The first three rounds saw Hamilton using a mixture of single and double leg takedowns to get to top position. From there he used control and ground and pound to dominate the fight. At the end of the third round a late strike from Schoonover prompted the referee to warn him and it seemed that he was going to take a point but when the scores were read it appears that it wasn't. (Kind of confusing because it sounded that the referee planned to take one.)

Round four was Schoonover's best round and the only round of the fight I can conceive judges giving to him. Hamilton's cardio was failing him and he wasn't able to use his wrestling as effectively as before. But in round five, Hamilton was able to reestablish control and takedown his challenger to ride out a decision.

Not the most exciting fight and a disappointment after five straight finishes for Hamilton he seemed to have regressed. Still, he defended his title and improved to 12-2 and increased his win streak to six.

Good card overall with some good finishes. I didn't get to see the first two undercard bouts because they were not aired anywhere that I am aware of.

Here are the MFC 39 video highlights:

Have a safe weekend!

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