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Coach: If Alistair Overeem defeats Frank Mir at UFC 169, Junior dos Santos will be waiting

Third time is the charm?


Forgive and forget? Pffffft.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is ready to put the past behind him. Well, at least when it comes to his pair of losses against reigning division kingpin Cain Velasquez. But that war of words with Alistair Overeem?

Not so much.

The Brazilian's coach, Luiz Dorea, told MMA Fighting that "Cigano" hopes to return to action at the start of the summer, after shoring up his defense in the states. And if "The Reem" is able to defeat Frank Mir at UFC 169 next month in New Jersey, then it's game on.

His words:

"He took some time off and is now back to training. We're thinking about a fight around May or June, but there's nothing set yet. The UFC has great athletes, the best, but a fight that we wanted to see is against Overeem. It was expected to happen before and didn't. But they have great fighters in the UFC, so anything can happen. He will fight anyone they want. We have plans to spend some time in the U.S., seek new training. We need to continue to evolve. When an athlete thinks he knows everything, it's the beginning of the end. We need to learn new techniques, so we plan to go to the U.S. to train wrestling and also train in other gyms in Brazil."

Sound familiar?

UFC tried to make this fight happen on two separate occasions. First, Overeem was bounced from his UFC 146 main event due to abnormal testosterone levels. Then, "Demolition Man" withdrew from the second attempt to throw hands at UFC 160 due to injury.

That was the last straw for Dos Santos, who at the time, washed his hands of the former Strikeforce champion.

But a lot has changed in the time since they were originally paired off. "Cigano" is still ranked above every fighter not named Velasquez while Overeem could be fighting for his job in "Dirty Jersey." If and when these two eventually come to blows remains to be seen, but that shouldn't stop us from speculating as to who would emerge victorious.

Who ya' got?

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