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Video: Rich Franklin says UFC isn't in the 'giving away money' business

Listen up all of you whiners and moaners, longtime UFC veteran Rich Franklin drops some knowledge on fighter pay, as the former middleweight champion says it's your job to try to negotiate better deals.

Fighter pay has always been a hot topic in mixed martial arts (MMA), specifically when it comes to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Some fighters always feel they should be making more than they currently are, while others have very little to complain about when they head to the bank on Monday morning.

One fighter who never whined about his fight purse is longtime Octagon veteran Rich Franklin. The former middleweight champion says he's made a "comfortable" living, thanks to the coin he's banked fighting for UFC during his 10-year stint.

And though he says he can't retire, yet, you'll never catch him complaining about the money he's made and the opportunities that have been given to him as a Zuffa employee

Furthermore, "Ace" advises all fighters to negotiate their contracts as much as possible before signing on the dotted line because at the end of the day, UFC officials aren't just going to give their money way.

Franklin breaks it down to Fight Hub TV:

"Everybody is put on their own schedule. How UFC negotiates with me is different than how they negotiate with somebody else. From a business standpoint, I get it. The UFC is not in the business of just giving away money. It's your job to negotiate that money. It is difficult because they are the only player on the block. This is the analogy I use with people. In the NFL, I can negotiate my contract with the team. If I don't like that contract, I have 31 other teams to negotiate with. I know it's not that easy; but the point is that there are other sources that you can go to. The UFC is the only player so it gives them an edge. And kudos to them for having a great business plan. I've never been one to talk about fighter pay with somebody else. I know there are fighters out there that make way more money than I do and I would never complain if somebody wanted to add a decimal place to my paycheck. But, you have to remember that I was a high school teacher. I transitioned into MMA and I made way more money fighting than I would have teaching high school. Honestly, I feel blessed that I've been given the opportunities that I've been given and blessed to have made the money that I've made. I see fighters like Jon Jones, they are getting bigger contracts; the sport's more mainstream and they have better endorsement opportunities. The Gatorades, the Nikes and the Under Armours were not there five, six, seven years ago when I was at the top of the game. I missed out on that. I was on the wave before the big wave. Yeah, it would have been nice If I has made more money in my career but I'm definitely not complaining about the amount of money I made. UFC always treated me well and they did the things they said they were going to do."

Got that, Dan Henderson?

Franklin -- the original "company man" -- hasn't stepped foot inside the Octagon since getting knocked out by Cung Le at UFC on Fuel TV 6 back on Nov. 10, 2012. And though he isn't officially retired from the fight game, Rich has been keeping busy with his business ventures outside of the Octagon, specifically getting his organic juice bar, Ze/Lin, off the ground.

What's your take on Franklin's comments, Maniacs, spot on?

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