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Weird! Dana White says Georges St. Pierre wanted to disappear, but is now doing more interviews than when he was fighting

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UFC President Dana White laments on the strangeness of Georges St-Pierre being the main topic of conversation at the UFC Fight Night 35 post-fight press conference, which took place on Wednesday night (Jan. 15, 2014) in Duluth, Georgia.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Georges St-Pierre may have vacated his welterweight title and stepped away from UFC, but his name was a hot topic this week based on the comments he made in a media scrum with Resau des Sports, in Quebec, Canada, about the promotion's stance on drug testing (story here).

In fact, it's kinda "weird."

A "shocked" UFC Chairman and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, responded to the ex-champ's drug testing accusations earlier this week (see his rebuttal here) and the topic was, of course, brought up to UFC President Dana White at the UFC Fight Night 35 post-fight press conference.

Said White:

"Georges St-Pierre never said he wanted to go away, he said he needed some time off because he had all these personal issues going on in his life and he needed some time off. So not only did we... We said do your thing... Vacates the title... We're not even... We left the guy alone. We are not asking him to do anything. We haven't... We're letting him do his thing. Guy's out doing more interviews now then he did when he was fighting. Said he wanted to disappear for a while and go away. Well here we are. Now we are talking about Georges St-Pierre. Trying to get him on the phone. Trying to you know... It's so weird."

Sounds like it's time to man-up.

So much for White's inter-office gag order on "Rush," who wasn't in line for a phone call until Thursday morning, it seems. While the UFC Fight Night 35 post-fight presser lasted a little over 30 minutes, a semi-retired fighter -- who wasn't on the card -- dominated the majority of the media session.

Watch it all go down in the "weird" video post right here.