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UFC Quick Quote: 'Shocked' Lorenzo Fertitta responds to Georges St-Pierre drug testing disappointment

VADA? WADA? Or maybe just nada ...

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

"We've made it clear, through presentations at various athletic commissions, that we advocate for the most rigorous drug testing possible. We've actually advocated for harsher penalties for PEDs. Maybe Georges didn't understand the level of drug testing Nevada was doing. They are the ultimate authority that handles drug testing, medicals and everything else -- and they are very capable.... Obviously, we know there are some athletes that do cheat, but we are catching them. Hopefully, because the penalties for being caught have gone to the extent they have -- monetary, suspensions, revocations of licenses -- it's convincing these guys it's not worth it."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) co-owner and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, wasted little time responding to former Welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, who earlier claimed that he was "bothered enormously" because the promotion didn't support his efforts to clean up mixed martial arts (MMA) with stricter pre- and post-fight drug tests. Fertitta told that he was shocked to hear that the VADA-fueled fiasco ahead of UFC 167 (more details here) was among the reasons St. Pierre decided to walk away from the sport indefinitely. St-Pierre apparently never truly revealed his disappointment about the Dana White-described "stupid" situation when he declared that he was on the Crazy Train. Fertitta, like White, continued to parrot the promotion's tough stance about ridding MMA of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). He highlighted the extra testing that it financed to help Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) put Josh Barnett (and Travis Browne) through extra testing for their appearances at UFC 168. In addition, Fertitta mentioned the screenings it does oversees, which have nabbed several fighters over the years, most recently Antonio Silva fresh off his "Fight of the Year" candidate against Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33. UFC clearly makes an effort, but according to St-Pierre, more must be done in addition to "government-testing" to preserve the integrity of the sport moving forward. Anyone care to (dis)agree?