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Josh Barnett outlines 12-step program to return to MMA dominance after Travis Browne knockout loss at UFC 168

New Year, New "War Master."

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

This past December, Josh Barnett's sophomore effort since returning to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) didn't go as smooth as his re-debut.

At UFC 168, Barnett ran into the vicious elbows of Travis Browne, which put him down for the count early in round one (watch violent video here).

And according to the well-traveled mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran, one of the major reasons for the loss is because "War Master" simply failed to show up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He explained his performance on a recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"Honestly, it wasn't about what went wrong. Sometimes you just don't appear, man. After 17 years, I can't say that I've had tougher nights, or you've had nights were you didn't perform as well as you'd like to. But this was the only time I'd ever had where it was just... I just didn't show up at all. I really feel like I didn't even have a fight. Me, ‘the Warmaster,' Josh Barnett, he didn't show up. Some other guy walked into the ring and sort of piddled around a little bit., but that's not me, and it was very strange. But I figure after being in so many fights and being through this whole process for so long, it's really not too surprising that it could happen."

Not one to sit and sulk, Barnett is ready to start a new win streak, outlining a 12-step program on his way back to MMA dominance.

His list:

  1. Remove outside distractions
  2. Move training camp away from home
  3. Pre-camp harder!
  4. Increase flexibility
  5. Work more on weaknesses
  6. Spend more time on recovery
  7. Work on learning a new language
  8. Kill
  9. Kill
  10. Kill
  11. Kill
  12. Kill

Can't knock the man's plan.

The loss for Barnett was his first since dropping a unanimous decision to Daniel Cormier in May 2012 under the Strikeforce banner.

As for Browne, he's already booked to fight Fabricio Wedum in a No. 1 Heavyweight contender eliminator match at UFC on FOX 11 (full details here) fight for the right to face division champion Cain Velasquez.

Barnett, meanwhile, now awaits word for his next UFC foe.

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