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Mike Kogan: UFC turned down Khabib Nurmagomedov fight, not Nate Diaz caught up with Mike Kogan on Sunday afternoon to get his insight on the Nate Diaz situation and the rumors suggesting he turned down a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

There has been quite a bit of discussion recently in regards to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White's comments that Nate Diaz turned down a potential match-up against undefeated Russian sensation Khabib Nurmagomedov (see why here).

Diaz quickly responded to let his Twitter followers know White and UFC were "full of shit" (read it).

Mike Kogan, who recently took over as manager for the outspoken Stockton slugger, today informed that he was indeed presented with a fight against "The Eagle," but it was UFC -- not Team Diaz -- who had problems with the contract.

"Nate has never turned down a fight against anyone," Kogan said. "There are conditions that we asked for that were turned down by the UFC, so the fight didn't happen."

As Diaz so eloquently put it on his Twitter account, "F U PAY ME."

FOX Sports has more:

"We asked for Nate's contract to be redone. The UFC turned it down. We asked for a change to his contract, and changes to when the fight takes place. They said no and we said no thanks. This is supposed to be a professional sport, but then this resorts to these Twitter wars. This isn't a street fight, it's a professional sport. If it's a street fight and they want to see who the better man is they know where the fuck Nate is, and then we can see who is the better man."

Diaz is fresh off a first-round thrashing of Gray Maynard at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 Finale back in November, while Nurmagomedov's last fight was a three-round decision victory over Pat Healy at UFC 165. Khabib has yet to receive his next opponent, but is still pining for a future fight against Gilbert Melendez.

Assuming it fits the proper time frame.