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TUF 18 fighter challenges Bryan Caraway to a fight: Winner gets Miesha Tate!

Will Bryan Caraway defend his woman's honor (4:00 mark)?

Timmy Gorman was not very pleased about getting picked last for the men's side of The Ultimate Fighter season 18, landing on Miesha Tate's team in the process. His frustration was understandable considering how dominant his victory was over Lee Sandmeier in the first round of their bout to get into the house (read episode one results here).

When asked about how he felt, he lashed out, asking who was Miesha Tate to pick him last?

"I got picked by Miesha that her name? Is Miesha Tate her name? I don't even know what her name is so really, I don't even care that she picked me last because I don't even know who she is."

Apparently, his time spent on the show training under Tate's tutelage (and perhaps seeing her recent ESPN Body Issue) must have warmed over his heart because Gorman had plenty of positive things to say about "Cupcake" in his post-TUF 18 video blog.

"In all honesty, I think Miesha Tate's a great girl. She's super nice, great person, really smiley and just real positive energy in general."

But that's not all Gorman likes. He wants to take that student-teacher relationship to a whole 'nother level, but there's someone standing in the way, Tate's current boyfriend Bryan Caraway. If the Iowa native has his way, he'd love to settle the rights to Tate's heart over fisticuffs.

"Obviously, she's a great looking girl. I'd love to take her out on a date sometime and I guess really the only thing holding me back from taking Miesha Tate out on a date is her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. He fights in the UFC at 135 which just happens to be my weight class. I don't want any money, I'll fight for free. Bryan Caraway, I want you. Your girlfriend's on the line on this fight, buddy!"

Caraway is coming off a victory over Johnny Bedford at UFC 159 on short notice. Is there any way this bout actually goes down?

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