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XFC 25: Boiling Point live results and play by play

Xtreme Fighting Championship returns to AXS Television with XFC: 25, live tonight (September 6, 2013) from the Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a six-fight card.

Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) returns to AXS Television this evening (September 6, 2013) with XFC 25: Boiling Point, live from Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The six fight card features a featherweight tournament semifinals as well as a title fight for XFC's strawweight division with Stephanie Eggink facing Angela Magana.

The fights go live at 10:00 p.m. ET on AXS Television. Join MMA Mania for live coverage of the fights.

Quick Results

Stephanie Eggink vs. Angela Magana - Stephanie Eggink wins by Submission (Triangle)

Dhiego Lima vs. Ricky Rainey - Dhiego Lima wins by Split Decision

Ryan Thomas vs. Rocky France - Ryan Thomas wins by Submission (Flying Triangle)

Lando Vannata vs JP Reese - Lando Reese wins by Split Decision

Eric Moell vs. Joby Sanchez - Joby Sanchez wins by TKO (referee stoppage)

Stephen Bass vs. Farkhad Sharipov - Farkhad Sharipov wins by TKO (referee stoppage)

Full Results

Stephen Bass vs Farkhad Sharipov

Round 1: Sharipov lands a nice left hook. Bass clinches and he's looking for a takedown against the fence. Knee as they break from Bass. High kick from Sharipov. Sharipov lands a nice left hook. Miletich has already recognized that Sharipov goes Southpaw when he kicks. Sharipov shoots for a takedown but comes up empty. Nice left hook from Sharipov. Head kick from Sharipov. He changes levels and hits a takedown. Bass tries to defend with a guillotine but Sharipov passes to side control. Bass stands and Sharipov has his back. Sharipov looks for a belly to back suplex but loses his grip. Bass' face is showing the damage of Sharipov's punches. Bass drags Sharipov to the mat to close the round. 10-9 Sharipov.

Round 2: Bass grabs a guillotine when Sharipov hits a takedown. Looks tight but he gives it up. Bass is able to get back to his feet but he looks pretty exhausted. Jumping knee from Bass and Sharipov catches him in the air and gets the fight to the ground again. More ground and pound from Sharipov. Bass spins out and looks to stand but Sharipov does well to sprawl out. Oh Bass is exhausted as he's back to his feet. This is when Sharipov finishes the bout. 90 seconds left in the second and that's gotta feel like an eternity. Sharipov landing decent punches but Bass is defending well. He was just looking for the the referee to step in.

Official Result: Farkhad Sharipov defeats Stephen Bass by TKO (referee stoppage). It came at 4:19 in the second.

Eric Moell vs Joby Sanchez

Round 1: Sanchez comes forward with punches but Moell quickly changes levels and looks for a single leg. Sanchez defends well and Moell pushes Sanchez up against the cage. Some short punches and Sanchez is able to escape. Sanchez lands a few punches and Moell is cut. High kick and some knees and it looks like Moell is in trouble. Moell is dropping his right hand and again changes levels for a takedown. Jumping knee from Sanchez and Moell again looks for a takedown. Moell finally gets the takedown but Sanchez quickly back to his feet. Moell gets dropped by a punch and Sanchez lands some nice punches before the referee stops the fight. Moell went fetal.

Official Result: Joby Sanchez defeats Eric Moell by TKO (referee stoppage). It came at 3:25 in the first round.

Lando Vannata vs JP Reese

Round 1: Reese with a flying knee to open the round. Vannata lands strikes in response. Reese looks for a takedown but Vannata defends and escapes. Reese with knees to the tummy. Another takedown attempt from Reese but he still can't complete it. Vannata lands a right hand. Reese with knees to the body. Jabs from Vannata. Uppercut from Vannata and then another takedown attempt from Reese. Vannata sprawls out and then lands some punches on the ground. Reese lands some nice jabs after getting back to his feet. Reese gets the fight to the ground but Vannata scrambles to the top. Back on their feet and they exchange punches. Reese takes Vannata's back and the fight is on the mat. He works for a rear naked choke but can't get it before the bell. 10-9 Lando Vannata.

Round 2: Reese lands several over hand rights. There's nothing on them. Reese looks for another takedown and Vannata does a cartwheel to try and escape. Reese stays on the back and drags the fight to the ground. Vannata scrambles and regains his feet. Reese just isn't putting anything on his punches. Reese drops for a double and then takes Vannata's back before getting the fight back to the mat. Vannata gets back to his feet and lands a stiff jab. He looks tired. Reese is landing punches to the chin but those aren't doing any damage. Another takedown from Reese and he has Vannata's back again. He's doing well to ride but Vannata rolls out and gets back to his feet. Vannata has to know he's down this round and needs to start working to finish. 10-9 JP Reese

Round 3: Nice exchange to open the third. Vannata lands an uppercut and follows with a hook. Wild hook and Reese ducks under and circles away. Reese with another takedown attempt. Vannata uses the fence to defend and escapes. Reese has good timing on his punches but he's landing the jab at will. Vannata swings wildly again and can't find his target. Nice combination from Vannata. Reese loses his mouthguard and Vannata pushes forward. Nice uppercut from Vannata. Vannata needs to finish this fight. Kicks from Vannata. Vannata just doesn't have the urgency. He's got 30 seconds and just isn''t going for the kill. Got it 10-9 Reese.

Official Result: Lando Vannata defeats JP Reese by split decision. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

Ryan Thomas vs Rocky France

Round 1: France with two outside thigh kicks. High kick from Thomas. Thomas shoots a takedown and France sprawls out. Thomas gets the takedown and is working punches from the guard. Thomas opens up a cut on France's forehead with an elbow. France works to get back to his feet and Thomas drags it back down for a rear naked choke. Woah, France is bleeding out right now. That's a lot of blood. France is caught in a bicep slicer and he's honestly just leaking. Holy crap that's a ton of blood. That looks bad. Like Mortal Kombat blood code type bad. That's a bad cut. Somehow they're letting it continue after a quick doctor stoppage. There's the horn. That's 10-9 Thomas.

Round 2: France is looking for hard punches early. Flying knee from Thomas. Thomas landing knees in the clinch and then he hits a flying triangle. Rocky France is sleeping. That was crazy. Nice ending.

Official Result: Ryan Thomas defeats Rocky France by submission (flying triangle). The stoppage came at 1:27 in the second.

Dhiego Lima vs Ricky Rainey

Round 1: Lima is the first to land with an outside leg kick. Lima follows up by going to the body with a kick. Rainey lands an outside leg kick and that sounded like it stung. Lima lands an overhand right. Rainey catches an outside leg kick. They clinch against the fence and trade knees. Lima looks for a single leg but can't get it. Elbow in the clinch from Rainey. Both guys are very strong in the clinch. Rainey lands a knee low to the junk. Short break. Rainey lands punches off a kick and Lima hits a takedown but Rainey is back to his feet. Final seconds and the round ends with them clinched against the fence. 10-9 Rainey.

Round 2: They clinch immediately. They break and Lima pushes forward with punches. Knee to the body from Rainey. Lima seems pretty flat footed. He lands two leg kicks. Rainey lands two jabs and then a knee to the body. Body kick from Lima. Just a slow fight. Half hearted takedown attempt from Lima. Apparently a win would have sent him to the UFC. I don't see it. He finally hits a takedown but Rainey right back to the feet. Lima gets another takedown and looks for a rear naked choke but Rainey spins out and takes top position. Lima threatened with submissions but Rainey is fine and there's the bell. 10-9 Lima.

Round 3: Lima immediately clinches. This really isn't an entertaining fight. Rainey is defending the takedown and pushes off. Jab from Rainey. He's got little on his punches. Both fighters are tired. Rainey lands more jabs. Lima is exhausted. Rainey with another jab. Three minutes left and Rainey is landing jabs from range. Rainey clinches and then pushes off. Lima with a high kick. Lima gets taken down. Lima lands punches from the bottom. Sloppy work from Rainey. He's just begging to get submitted. Lima stands and pushes off. Arm punches from Lima. Rainey with a lazy takedown attempt. Lima with arm punches. This is awful. Rainey gets takedown to close the round. 10-9 Rainey.

Official Result: Dhiego Lima defeats Ricky Rainey by Split Decision. The scores were 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

Stephanie Eggink vs Angela Magana

Round 1: Magana looks like a little person. She lands a leg kick. Eggink lands with her hands. Eggink comes forward and can't find her range. Not a lot of real action. Both fighters are missing most of their strikes. Magana connects with a leg kick. Magana's face is a bit bruised from punches. Magana keeps jumping forward and it's adorable because she's so tiny. Magana lands an overhand. Eggink finally starting to connect. This really isn't good. Like totally not good. At all. 10-9 Magana. Whatever.

Round 2: They trade leg kicks to open the round. Eggink should have a striking advantage but she really looks awful on her feet. Magana closes the distance and is fighting for a takedown. She keeps working and finally puts Eggink on her back. Magana tries to pass to half guard but she's stuck. Magana isn't doing much. Eggink is doing well to lock her down. High guard from Eggink and she's looking for a triangle. It's locked in and she's punching Magana in the head. Magana taps. Eggink is the XFC Strawweight champion.

Official Result: Stephanie Eggink defeats Angela Magana by Submission (Triangle Choke).

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