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TUF 18: Tim Gorman says there could 'easily' be some 'TUF babies' coming out of this season

Check back with us in about nine months to see who did some serious guard-pulling this season.

Jonathan Daniel

With the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 18 on FOX Sports 1 last night (Sept. 4, 2013), one of the cast members dished some dirt on the goings-on of the upcoming series.

As you know, TUF 18 will be the first season to feature both male and female fighters, each competing at 135 pounds and coached by UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and rival Miesha Tate.

See our full results and recap from episode one here.

With the inclusion of both sexes, many have wondered how both sides would interact with each other, especially considering there isn't much to do during the filming of the show as popular distractions like phones, internet and television are all prohibited.

Rousey has already gone on record warning her fighters not to screw around on the show as the potential for a six-figure contract isn't worth the damage to their reputation, also claiming it won't be an "overly sexual season."

But, last Tuesday night on MMAmania's Verbal Submission podcast, TUF 18 contestant Timmy Gorman alluded to the fact that there could be plenty of potential for hook-ups between cast members.

After all, it's human nature.

Brian Hemminger ( Something that's been brought up quite a bit actually, since this is the first season with both male fighters and female fighters, is there any potential there could be some "TUF babies" coming around in nine months?

Timmy Gorman: Oh yeah, and some! Easily. I mean, it's biology, man. It's human nature. You put men and women in a house together, it's chemistry. It's the laws of nature, it's what happens man. I don't think the cameras are gonna stop anybody.

Interesting indeed.

The good news is, we'll get a chance to see it all play out every Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1.

But, will you be tuning in?

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