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Dana White: Brazil 'turned' on Anderson Silva following UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman

Will Brazil rediscover its love for Anderson Silva following UFC 168? That could depend on whether or not "The Spider" is able to recapture his crown in "Sin City."


16 straight wins with 14 finishes but hey, you're only as good as your last fight.

That's according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White during a recent media scrum (watch it), who was aghast at the reception former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva (33-5) got after coughing up his 185-pound strap to new division kingpin Chris Weidman at UFC 162 over Fourth of July Weekend.

Must be a Brazilian thing.

"I was kind of feeling for him coming into Brazil, he was getting a lot of criticism coming here. This is his country. He's been fucking fighting for this country forever. He goes out and he loses one fight, the way that it went down, and like everybody turns on you. In one fight? After all the things he's done and all the things he's accomplished? I'm sure it's tough to deal with, but he's handled it like a champ. You don't ever see Anderson Silva snap or flip out on people. I do, daily, but you don't see him do it. He always composes himself like a champion and a good dude."

He doesn't snap ... unless it's on a "criminal" like Chael Sonnen.

His fellow countrymen may not be so incensed over the fact that "The Spider" lost, but perhaps because he lost while clowning around inside the cage. Even Silva's longtime friend and manager, Ed Soares, thinks the former champion may have "taken it too far."

That, however, was the old Anderson Silva and when you see him later this year for another go-round with the "All American" at UFC 168 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 28, 2013, he will be "new."

But will it make a difference?

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