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Wandy gonna Wandy! Dana White issues statement on Wanderlei Silva's ambush of Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas

Nobody got hurt, no punches were thrown and UFC got everyone talking about mixed martial arts at a non-MMA event. So, what's the problem?


What the hell did you expect?

That's what Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White wants to know following Wanderlei Silva's ambush of fellow light heavyweight hellion Chael Sonnen during the Mr. Olympia festivities last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See the video of their confrontation here.

Following their spectacle in "Sin City," both mixed martial arts (MMA) combatants -- particularly Silva -- came under fire for their behavior in a public setting, perhaps setting a bad example for an image-conscious sport still struggling to gain mainstream acceptance on FOX.

White told reporters at the UFC 168 media scrum (video) that until it gets physical, it's just Wandy being Wandy:

"The guy's name is the fucking 'Axe Murderer,' okay? What do you expect? This is the way he is. Brazilians as a people are very proud people as it is. Wanderlei is like up here when it comes to that. And he's always had beef with Chael Sonnen with what he said about Brazil and the way he talked about him and his people, so that's Wanderlei. As long as they don't exchange punches or get into a fight outside of the Octagon, they can say whatever they want about each other. There were people around to intervene and make sure that nothing happened. But I'd like to think that they're both professional enough that that wouldn't happen. But you never know when guys get emotional. Let's put it this way, let's just be happy it didn't happen."

Why so serious?

Silva has been the butt of Sonnen's jokes for years, calling the Brazilian a "walking punchline" and offering to fight him for a spot in the 205-pound pecking order. Unfortunately, Silva has been riding the pine with a smorgasbord of injuries and won't be back in action until early 2014.

In the meantime, Sonnen has been paired off against FOX Sports 1 chum Rashad Evans (details).

No matter the outcome of that fight, it's likely that these two mortal enemies will hook 'em up at some point during their respective fight campaigns in 2014, even if Wandy has to ease up on his demands for pay-per-view (PPV) points to make it happen.

Wolf ticketsdirtbag move or legitimate grudge match?

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