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Wanderlei Silva posts video after Chael Sonnen confrontation at Olympia Expo 2013: 'Your time is going to come mother f***er'

Wanderlei Silva accosted Chael Sonnen at Olympia Expo 2013 and then used the footage to post this threatening mixed martial arts (MMA) public service message video.

Who needs grainy, poor-quality video footage of the confrontation yesterday between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen (watch it here) when "Axe Murderer" had a high-definition camera crew in tow at 2013 Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Once the dust settled, Silva and his production team apparently headed back to their "Sin City" compound to cut up the promo video up above. It's not nearly as bizarre as the one the Brazilian released after Sonnen called him out in his post-fight speech after defeating Mauricio Rua at UFC Fight Night 26 (watch it here), but it does share a similar flavor.

Check out his latest threatening message:

"You are fearful. You are afraid of me. And I will beat you up. I wanted to beat you up today. But, I am a professional, and I don't fight on the street. Real mean talk face to face. With me the talk is straight up. I will punch your face, it will happen soon. I didn't smash you today because I'm a professional and professionals keep it out of the streets. Everything you said about me will have a payback. I will give this as a gift for my people. The beating I will give you will be my gift to the people. I will beat you in front of everyone who you've said bad things about. You will see what will happen to you, you coward. I saw the fear in your eyes today. I heard the fear in your voice when you started talking with that thin voice like a girl. You were shaking in fear. You loser. I didn't punch your face today only because I didn't want to. But, when we step into the Octagon, I will not pity you. I will beat you up. I will hurt you, you fearful loser. You are full of fear. And today I saw fear in your eyes. Your days are numbered. Your time is going to come mother fucker."

Sonnen, who was in attendance at the NutriShop booth, has yet to comment on the incident; however, he did give Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis props for "having his back" and promised to respond on "UFC Tonight" later this week on FOX Sports 1.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out more on this trash-talking matter here, here and here.

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