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Bellator 101 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Warren vs. Kirk' on Spike TV from Portland

Bellator is back on Spike TV TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 27, 2013), with Bellator 101: "Warren vs. Kirk" from the Moda Center at Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!


Bellator offers up their latest helping of mixed martial arts (MMA) action TONIGHT (Sept. 27, 2013) LIVE from the Moda Center at Rose Arena in Portland, Oregon. Tonight's show features the return of former Bellator Featherweight Champion Joe Warren, as well as the opening round of the current 155-pound season nine tournament.

In the main event, Warren faces Nick Kirk in the first round of the four-man bantamweight tournament. Warren is attempting to make a title run at 135 pounds after losing his featherweight belt to current champ Pat Curran last year.

Kirk fights on a televised Bellator main card for the first time tonight. The Minnesotan is out to make it a night of firsts by beating Warren and finally getting his hand raised inside the Bellator cage, after amassing a 0-2 record in the promotion thus far.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) alum Marcus Davis is another fighter looking for his first Bellator win, after a promotional debut that ended by way of a controversial no contest earlier this year. Standing in his way will be the 23-1 Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy, who is determined to advance to the semi-final round of the lightweight tournament and extend his current win streak to four in a row.

Season eight lightweight tourney finalist Saad Awad also returns to action tonight as he attempts to prove his pair of first round knockouts earlier this year were no fluke. He'll be facing Ultimate Fighter (TUF) alum Martin Stapleton who is gunning for his first major victory on American soil after amassing a 12-1 professional record in his native England. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire Bellator 101 card this evening, starting with the "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET online, and then main card action, which is slated to begin at 9 p.m. ET on Spike.

Stick around for the latest Bellator results posted round-by-round.  Please note the card is listed below in reverse chronological order, thus results will start at the bottom of the page. Got it? Okay, let's do this.


Main Card (Spike TV)

Bellator Bantamweight Tournament Semifinal: Joe Warren vs. Nick Kirk -- Warren defeats Kirk via armbar submission at 3:03 of the second round
Bellator Lightweight Tournament Opening Round: Marcus Davis vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy -- Sarnavskiy defeats Davis via rear naked choke submission at 1:40 of the first round
Bellator Lightweight Tournament Opening Round: John Alessio vs. Will Brooks -- Will Brooks defeats John Alessio via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27) (30-25)
Bellator Lightweight Tournament Opening Round: Ricardo Tirloni vs. Rich Clementi -- Tirloni defeats Clementi via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27) (30-27)
Bellator Lightweight Tournament Opening Round: Saad Awad vs. Martin Stapleton -- Awad defeats Stapleton via rear naked choke submission at 3:46 of the first round.

"Prelims" Under Card (

Lightweight Feature Fight: Scott Thometz vs. Brent Primus -- Primus defeats Thometz via rear naked choke submission at 3:48 of the first round
Welterweight Feature Fight: Andy Uhrich vs. Nathan Coy -- Coy defeats Uhrich via unanimous decision (29-28)
Lightweight Feature Fight: Marcin Held vs. Ryan Healy -- Held defeats Healy via knockout at 1:12 of the first round
Middleweight Feature Fight: Jeremiah Riggs vs. Peter Aspinwall -- Aspinwall defeats Riggs via split decision (29-28) (29-28) (29-28)
Bantamweight Feature Fight: Austin Springer vs. Zach Skinner -- Springer defeats Skinner via unanimous decision (30-26) (29-28) (29-28)
Middleweight Feature Fight: Dave Vitkay vs. Tyson Jeffries -- Vitkay defeats Jeffries via rear naked choke submission at 3:07 of the third round


Steve Borchardt here holding it down with live results all night.

Joe Warren vs. Nick Kirk

Round one: Warren stalking Kirk early. Warren throws a right hand. Kirk responding with jabs. Warren charges in again. Warrren goes for a takedown, which Kirk stuffs. Jump knee from Warren. Warren presses Kirk up against the cage into the clinch. Kirk ends up on top of Warren in a scramble. Back to their feet. Warren with a flying knee. Lands another knee, and yet another jumping knee. Kirk landing counter shots as Warren charges in. Warren gets his first takedown of the fight around the 2:30 mark. Kirk trying to wall walk, but Waren blasting hm with punches. Kirk gets back to his feet. Warren tries a spinning back kick that misses. Kirk with a left jab. Warren charges in for another takedown and gets it. Warren landing big Donkey Kong shots as the referee reminds him numerous times to make sure his shots are hitting ear and not the back of the head. Warren ends the round deliberately hammering Kirk's ears.

(Warren 10-9)

Round two: Warren in again with another jumping knee that misses, but he continues his forward momentum into a wild takedown. He's in Kirk's half guard now. Warren landing knees from the top. He's throwing hammerfists to Kirk's face now. Warren passes and looks for the mounted crucifix, which he doesn't get but ends up looking for an armbar/triangle combo on Kirk. Warren landing hammerfists again. He adjusts his position and gets Kirk to tap.

Final result: Joe Warren defeats Nick Kirk via armbar (Second round 3:03)


Marcus Davis vs. Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy

Prefight promo: I can't believe I'm typing this but the Bellator production crew have upped their cheesiness game to crazy high levels by quoting a poem from William Blake to introduce Sanavskiy's prefight video. What's next Joe Warren reciting Goethe in his postfight interview?

Round one: Sarnavskiy knocks Davis down with a straight right early. Tiger follows him to the ground and locks in a body triangle on the veteran's back. Tiger landing big bombs. Looking for the rear naked choke now. Sarnavskiy has both hooks in, and he gets the tap from Davis. Sarnavskiy looked great here, but Davis may be done at this point.

Final result: Sarnavskiy defeats Davis via rear naked choke submission (Round one: 1:40)


John Alessio vs. Will Brooks

Round one: Brooks throws a couple leg kicks early. Follows these up with a headkick. Alessio takes the center but Brooks landing. Brooks throws a step in knee that Alessio catches and turns into a takedown. Alessio in side control, but Brooks back to his feet quickly. Alessio looking for the single leg against the cage now. Alessio separates with a few punches. Brooks throws another kick, which Alessio catches for another takedown attempt. Brooks hits a nice switch. Alessio goes for a standing guillotine, but ends up on his back with Brooks in his guard. Brooks landing punches from guard. He lets Alessio up. Brooks with an overhand right and a takedown. Brooks spends remaining seconds of the round trying to advance from half guard, but the buzzer ends before he can get to mount.

(Brooks 10-9)

Round two: Big kick from Brooks connects and Alessio goes for another takedown against the cage. He can't get it so they separate and Brooks lands a beautiful takedown. Brooks in half guard landing punches, but Alessio uses the cage to get back to his feet. Overhand right from Brooks. He's doing a great job circling away from Alessio's standup. Another jump-guard guillotine attempt from Alessio, but Brooks gets his head out with ease and is in the veteran's guard again. Ref stands them up quickly. Alessio charges forward and tags Brooks with a punch that briefly knocks him down, but Brooks gets another takedown. Brooks into full mount now. Alessio gives up his back and Brooks works for a rear naked. He can't get it in so he throws punches at Alessio's face until the bell.

(Brooks 10-9)

Round three: Brooks with another headkick and an outside trip early that sends Alessio to his back again. Brooks landing left hands. Alessio tires to get Brooks into half guard, but Brooks negates it and ends up in side control. Brooks riding Alessio's back now. Alessio explodes and gets back to his feet though. Alessio's looking for a single leg against the cage but Brooks defending well. Brooks with a knee in the clinch. Brooks turns him around, lands a big knee, gets on Alessio's back and starts reigning down punches. Alessio's face is a bloody mess. There's a nasty cut under his right eye. Brooks landing knees to the ribcage. The mat under Alessio's face looks like something out of a splatter movie right now. Brooks should have this 30-27.

(Brooks 10-9)

Jimmy Smith announces Brooks will be rematching Saad Awad in the semi-final round of the Lightweight tournament. That should be a good one.

Final result: Will Brooks defeats John Alessio via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27) (30-25)


Ricardo Tirloni vs. Rich Clementi

Round one: Triloni throws leg kicks early. He tries a head kick and slips, but right back to his feet. A cut open on Clementi's forehead. Clementi throws a spinning back kick. Triloni with another leg kick. Clementi throws a front kick.He lands an oblique kick to the Brazilian's leg. They trade leg kicks now. Clementi with an axe kick to Tirloni's shoulder. Left hook lands from Tirloni. Clementi lands a straight left. Clementi's foot work is better, but Tirloni pressing the action. Clementi with a flurry at the end. Tough round to score since it was so close.

(Clementi 10-9)

Round two: Clementi throwing kicks early. Tirloni comes in with a jump knee. Tirloni with a counter left. Tirloni lands another left hook that opens up Clementi's forehead. Clementi throws a spinning back fist that misses. Tirloni lands a right. Tirloni controlling the center of the cage. He throws a head kick that just misses. Clementi goes for the clinch but the Brazilian escapes it easily. Clementi coming forward now throwing punches. Tirloni lands hard to the body. Tirloni throws an uppercut but it just grazes Clementi on the ear. Clementi lands a hard straight left and they clinch to end the round. In retrospect I kinda feel like Tirloni deserved the first also due to opening up the cut, but there are no take-backs in live scoring.

(Tirloni 10-9)

Round three: Clementi opens the round with some leg kicks. Tirloni stalking him. Clementi lands a spinning back fist and then a side kick. Tirloni appears to be looking for the big shot. He charges in for the clinch and gets Clementi to the ground with an outside trip. The Brazilian throwing punches from No Love's guard. Tirloni landing shots to the body from the top now. Clementi goes for a leg lock, which he uses to get back to his feet. No Love goes for a takedown against the fence, but Tirloni's stance is too wide. Tirloni throws a headkick but Clementi blocks it. Clementi was winning the round early, but after Tirloni got the takedown he probably did enough to take it on the judge's scorecards.

(Tirloni 10-9)

Final result: Ricardo Tirloni defeats Rich Clementi via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27) (30-27)


Saad Awad vs. Martin Stapleton

Round one: Stapleton takes the center early, but walks into a big right hand from Awad that drops him. Stapleton recovers and goes for the takedown, which turns into a clinch up against the cage. Stapleton gets a single let and takes Awad down a little over a minute into the round. The Brit throwing punches, but Awad active from the bottom. Awad explodes and reverses the position. Stapleton gets a body lock which stalls the fight out, but Awad gets the mount thanks to his efforts at creating a scramble. He ends up with the Brit's back. Awad throwing bombs from the top. The American looking for a rear naked choke now with 2 minutes left on the clock. Awad hammering away on Stapleton's head. Awad back to the rear naked. He cranks hard and gets the tap.

Final result: Saad Awad defeats Martin Stapleton via rear naked choke submission (Round one 3:46)


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