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TUF 19: Frankie Edgar has B.J. Penn's number, will retire him with third-straight UFC loss

Ahead of their third and possibly final fight, Frankie Edgar says he has B.J. Penn's number after already beating him twice before, and won't leave him with many options when it comes to retirement.

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Frankie Edgar already has two wins over former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn, and he plans to make it three-for-three.

The two former 155-pound kingpins will go toe-to-toe for the third time next year after they fulfill their duties as rival coaches on Season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). Once the show wraps, they will collide in a featherweight showdown to complete their trilogy (details).

And according to "The Answer," while speaking on a recent edition of "UFC Tonight," he has "The Prodigy's" number and will help him decide on retirement with a third-straight loss.

"I do think I have his number, every fight is different. I'm going to approach this as a new challenge. I'm not thinking he's going to come in the same as he did the last two. I expect him to come in and change a little. I want to show my improvement over the last three years. I think he was kind of close to retirement and I think another loss will maybe decide it for him."

Despite his "improvement," Frankie is 2-3-1 since they last met.

Edgar recognizes that Penn will likely come into their final fight with some new tricks up his sleeve. Likewise, Edgar is eager to show his evolution since their last encounter three years ago, one that could lead him to another victory over "Baby J" and force the Hawaiian into retirement once and for all.

UFC President Dana White may leave him no other choice.

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