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Conor McGregor injury update: 'Super Freak' expects UFC return from ACL surgery in spring of 2014

Irish featherweight standout and self-proclaimed "super freak," Conor McGregor, claims he'll be back from ACL surgery in early 2014.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In a star-studded line-up on this week's MMA Hour, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Conor McGregor updated fight fans on his recent knee injury, which sent him under the knife and onto the injured reserves until early 2014.

The "Notorious" contender won his tenth straight mixed martial arts (MMA) contest at UFC Fight Night 26: "Shogun vs. Sonnen" back on Aug. 17, 2013 in Boston, Mass., against another well-regarded young 145-pounder, Max Holloway.

Discussing numerous topics, including his glorious beard, partying with Georges St. Pierre and calling Ariel Helwani's wife "fat," McGregor also mentioned that he had the same knee surgeon as "Rush" and would be doing similar workouts as part of his rehab.

He's moving, biking, working out on the leg press and doing other exercises to bring his knee back to full health.

Proclaiming himself a "super-freak of movement," his doctors in California feel that he'll be able to return in the spring of 2014. McGregor's interview then segued into numerous tangents, including a move up to lightweight to "beat up 90 percent of that division."

Conor was also one of the only MMA Hour guests who scored the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight in favor of Jones, by a score of 48-47. He then added that the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Pat Healy, also at UFC 165, was fought in slow motion.

Finally, getting back to his call-outs of other featherweights, McGregor figures that Diego Brandao took his spot against Dustin Poirier and he reiterated his line about the top 10 of the division:

"Aldo, I believe, is too safe. I believe Chad is a 135'er. I believe Cub is aging. I believe Denis Siver is aging. I believe Poirier is a peahead. I believe Lentz is boring. A boring hillbilly."

Those with an astute memory will recall that Cub Swanson countered with the line of, "Conor McGregor is a nobody right now." And it will be hard to change his mind until the feisty featherweight gets back into the cage to re-establish his recent dominance.

But against who? Time will tell.

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