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Pic: Full UFC 165 scorecards tell judges' tale of Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson decision in Toronto

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The full scorecards were released for the epic light heavyweight battle between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson on Sept. 21 in Toronto. Read on to see how the fight was scored and why the decision swung the way it did.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Following UFC 165 and the glorious main event of Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, which anchored the Sept. 21, 2013 fight card from Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, many fans (including Phil Davis) were upset with the way the judges scored the championship scrap.

While the fight was obviously close, and Gustafsson put forth an effort against the light heavyweight champion that during his six consecutive title defenses Jones hasn't yet faced, the "championship rounds" proved to be the difference maker for "Bones."

The proof is in the scorecards and a "robbery" is the furthest thing from the truth.

This morning, Richard Hustwick of Ontario’s Office of the Athletics Commissioner released the judges’ round-by-round scoring to FOX Sports.

Have a look.

Judge Chris Lee

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Jones 10-9

Rd. 3: Jones 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9

Judge Richard Bertrand

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Jones 10-9

Rd. 3: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9

Judge Doug Crosby

Rd. 1: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 2: Gustafsson 10-9

Rd. 3: Jones 10-9

Rd. 4: Jones 10-9

Rd. 5: Jones 10-9


See how Fight Metric scored it here.

The fight everyone saw on pay-per-view (PPV) was universally praised and sparked debate among mixed martial arts (MMA) fans. This is exactly what Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hopes for when one of their marquee champions goes into battle.

Even if the champion thought his effort was "slopppy."

While fans had a more difficult time deciding a winner, the media outlets watching the event (almost) unanimously saw the bout swing in favor of Jones come rounds four and five.

Here are an assortment of those scores:

MMAmania: Jones (48-47)

FOX Sports: Jones (48-47)

Sports Illustrated: Jones (48-47)

CBS Sports: Gustafsson (48-47)

ESPN: Jones (48-47)

Las Vegas Sun: Jones (49-46)

Los Angeles Times: Jones (48-47)

MMA Fighting: Jones (49-46)

Yahoo Sports: Jones (48-47)

Bleacher Report: Jones (49-46)

Bloody Elbow: Jones (49-46)

MMA Weekly: Jones (48-47), is a new site that allows MMA fans to score the fight as it goes down. They collected 242 scorecards and their data shows the audience chose Jones defeating Gustafsson (48-47) as the top option, earning 36.8% of vote. There was a one percent difference of people at 35.5% who had Gustafsson edging Jones (48-47) and that's as close as it gets folks.

When all the options are tabulated, Jones was selected as the winner on half of the cards, while Gustafsson was picked on 43.4% of the scores and 6.6% of fans thought the fight ended up in a draw.

The result very well could have ended up in an option not figured into the equation, if the ringside doctor had stopped the fight due to a huge cut on Jones' face.

All this seems to lead toward an inevitable re-match between the two and another fantastic payday for "Bones." Especially with the news that Jones suffered no broken "Bones."

Who complains?

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