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Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight results UFC 165, Round 4

Alexander Gustafsson's height and reach was supposed to bring him greatness. Jon Jones's freakishly athletic ability and natural talent was supposed to make him the greatest champion the sport has ever seen. The two met tonight (Sat., Sept. 21, 2013) at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the main event of UFC 165 with the light heavyweight title -- and for "Bones" a couple records -- on the line.

Gustafsson came out winging those overhand punches to open up the first championship round. Jones weathered the storm, firing off with his distance offense.

He came in with a big right hand and landed clean not long after. Naturally, "The Mauler" answered back with a big shot of his own.

Really, we were getting a lot of pawing punches and kicks that were landing but no one was doing heavy damage, or at least it didn't appear that way. Both guys were having success but the commentators told us the Swede was ahead statistically, at least as far as total punches landed.

Oh, and he was stuffing takedowns in a big way.

This is without mentioning a cut over Jones's eye that was leaking right down into his line of sight. This was becoming a big round for Gustafsson, as he was having a lot of success landing and staying away from taking too much damage.

Then, Gustafsson got in trouble with a big elbow. He tried to run away and avoid taking a big enough shot to stop it but he was hurt bad. Somehow he survived to the end of the round, but he was hurt badly and cut just like Jones.

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