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Video: Douglas Lima puts Ben Saunders on Dream Street at Bellator 100 with head kick knockout

Douglas Lima may have earned Knockout of the Year honors with his second round stoppage of Ben Saunders at Bellator 100.

Douglas Lima is a BAAAAAAAAAAD man!

Last night (Sept. 20, 2013) at Bellator 100, Douglas Lima capped off the night with an epic knockout victory over Ben Saunders to capture the Season 8 Bellator Welterweight tournament championship. The fight also earned him a $100,000 check.

As you can see in the above video, Saunders is all sorts of unconscious. In fact, it would probably be more accurately described as astral traveling.

MMA Mania's Steve Borchardt has the call:

Round two: Saunders comes out for the beginning of the round with a cut above his left eyelid. It's sealed but we'll see if it stays that way for long if Lima gets his hands on it. Saunders once again throws a kick and Lima returns the favor in kind. Referee notices Saunders forgot his mouthpiece and they pause so he can put it back in. Saunders cut is open now. He's trying to stalk Lima down, but the Brazilian is firing back. Lima lands a huge right uppercut, which drops Saunders. Lima follows him to the ground and starts unloading with punches. Saunders is able to survive and gets Lima in guard, but the Brazilian starts throwing heavy shots at him from the top. These leave Saunders eye looking like raw hamburger. Saunders tries for a leg lock but doesn't get it. He uses the attempt to scramble back to his feet though and throws more kicks. Crowd loves Saunders' heart. Saunders trying to stay in it. Lands a kick to Lima's ribs. Lima not laying it on Saunders, which may be a mistake. Right as I type that Lima lands a brutal head kick to Saunders' blinded side for a beautiful knockout victory in the finals of the season 8 Welterweight tournament.

While it has some stiff competition in the forms of Vitor Belfort's hook kick on Luke Rockhold and Junior Dos Santos' hook kick against Mark Hunt, for my money, you won't find a more brutal knockout this year.

What do you think Maniacs? Did Lima's KO give you a fear boner as well?

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