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Lion Fight 11 live results and play by play

Lion Fight 11 takes place tonight at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlined by Cosmo Alexander facing "Nampon".

Tonight (Sept. 20, 2013) at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lion Fight brings a quality Muay Thai card to Old Las Vegas. The card features Cosmo Alexander facing "Nampon" in the main event and Cristiane Santos making her Lion Fight debut.

The fights kick off on AXS Television at 10:00 p.m. ET and MMA Mania will be providing play by play and live commentary.

Quick Results

Cosmo Alexander def. "Nampon" by Unanimous Decision
Cris Santos def. Jennifer Colomb by TKO
Tetsuya Yamoto def. Kevin Ross by Split Decision
Malaipet def. Caio Uruguai by TKO
Angela Hill def. Monique Travis by Unanimous Decision
Scott Leffler def. Jose Palacios by Unanimous Decision

Cosmo Alexander vs "Nampon"

Round 1: Straight right from Cosmo. Nampon responds with a kick to the body. Cosmo clinches and then they break. Alexandre goes high and Nampon avoids the kick. Cosmo looks tight. He needs to open up. Cosmo is stalking him and then hits a dump. High kick from Nampon. Bodyshot from Cosmo and then a clinch. Referee break immediately. Because he's Steve Mazzagatti. Nampon fighting all crazy in the clinch. 10-9 Alexandre.

Round 2: Cosmo lands a really good elbow to open the second. They clinch and trade knees. Cosmo chops Nampon's legs out from under him. Another break off a clinch. Classic Mazzagatti. Cosmo with a left hook and knee. Cosmo with another dump. He's just muscling Nampon around. Cosmo avoids a high kick and then lands a counter punch. Really slow pace right now. Nampon doesn't really have much of a strategy. Another dump for Cosmo to close the round. 10-9 Cosmo Alexandre

Round 3: Cosmo again dumps Nampon. He's just tossing him all over the place. And again. Cosmo landing punches to the body. Nampon is getting trucked right now. Nampon hits his own throw. Two high kicks from Nampon. Cosmo catches a kick and then smashes Nampon with a right hook. Mazzagatti almost gets destroyed by a punch. Spinning back elbow from Cosmo. Another dominant round by Cosmo. 10-9 Cosmo Alexandre

Round 4: Nampon with a teep. He's throwing punches but nothing with any power. Slow punches from Nampon and Cosmo is just coming forward with bad intentions. Just looking at the two, you can tell that Cosmo is the athlete. Hooks to the body from Cosmo. No idea what's going on with Nampon. He's just throwing everything softly. I'm totally lost right now. Elbow from Cosmo and knees to the body. Those knees are really hurting Nampon. 10-9 Cosmo. Got him pitching a shutout.

Round 5: Cosmo is looking to finish this fight and Nampon just wants to hug it out. Nampon looks for a throw but can't get it. Just really unimpressive showing from Nampon. Another dump from Nampon. Front kick from Cosmo. Round kick from Nampon. Nampon has a minute left to do something but he just doesn't care. Hook from Cosmo. Another dump from Cosmo. Leg kick from Cosmo. Just dominance from Cosmo and Nampon probably is going to see the Blue Man Group or something? 10-9 Cosmo Alexandre

Official Result: Cosmo Alexandre defeats Nampon by Unanimous Decision. All judges scored the bout 50-45.

Cris Santos vs Jennifer Colomb

Round 1: Colomb throws a lazy leg kick and Cyborg blasts her in the face. Colomb circles away and Cyborg throws more punches with hatred. Cyborg clinches and lands a knee to the head that drops Colomb. Punch to the body and Colomb is down again. Referee doesn't call it a knock down. Elbow to the head from Colomb. Spinning back fist from Cyborg. Colomb has turned her back and Cyborg just tosses her around. Lazy spinning back elbow from Colomb. Knees in the clinch from Cyborg. This is crazy. Colomb needs to get her bra fixed. Round ends. 10-9 Cyborg.

Round 2: Colomb tries to throw punches but Cyborg just walks through them and lands punches of her own. Jab from Cyborg. Leg kick from Cyborg. Head kick from Cyborg. Spinning back elbow from Colomb misses and Cyborg connects with a superman punch. Colomb keeps going back to the well with the spinning back elbow. Cyborg has her in the corner and is just crushing her with punches. Spinning back elbow from Colomb finally connects. Cyborg connects with a short hook and drops Colomb. Hook kick from Cyborg. Cyborg is just unloading. It's clobbering time. 10-9 Cyborg.

Round 3: Cyborg with another overhand that hurts Colomb. Cyborg just keeps trucking forward and lands a combination to Colomb's tummy. That's it. Game over man. Game over.

Official Result: Cris Cyborg defeats Jennifer Colomb by TKO. The stoppage came at :54 in the third.

Kevin Ross vs Tetsuya Yamoto

Round 1: Ross lands straight kicks to the body. Ross hits a dump in the center of the ring. Yamoto with a counter hook and a crossing elbow. Nice left hook from Yamoto has Ross backing up. Yamoto is just pushing forward with elbows. He's throwing everything with bad intention. Also Ross has the worst mohawk ever. Another takedown from Ross. They exchange kicks in the center of the ring. Elbow from Yamoto. Ross goes high and then low with punches. Elbows from Yamoto to close the round. Ross was hurt before the bell. 10-9 Yamoto.

Round 2: Ross lands a high head kick but Yamoto rolls with it. Yamoto throws a kick but Ross catches it and hits a sweep. They trade jabs. Overhand right from Ross. Ross finally looks alive. They trade hooks. Yamoto with an uppercut elbow. Ross goes to the body with a straight. Ross with an overhand right-left hook combo. They fight in the clinch and Ross is looking for the dump. Another elbow to the face from Yamoto. 10-9 Ross.

Round 3: This is a classic Kevin Ross round. He's found a home for his lead leg kicks and Yamoto is having a hard time finding his range. Ducking spinning elbow and then a takedown from Ross. Yamoto with another elbow that rocks Ross. Ross lands a kick high and that sounded terrible. Elbows from Ross and Yamoto closes the round with a hard shot to the liver. 10-9 Ross

Round 4: Front kick from Ross. Yamoto with a right hand and then a cross. This is a lot closer than I thought. Yamoto is the better fighter on paper. Ross' face looks awful. Those elbows are really landing. Yamoto lands a downward elbow to the clavicle. That eyebrow. Kevin Ross needs to hope the doctors don't stop this fight. Yamoto with more elbows. He's just chopping Ross up. Ross lands a high kick. Ross just pushes Yamoto to the ropes to close the round. I got it 10-9 Yamoto.

Round 5: Ross just spamming high kicks. Yamoto responds with elbows to the face. Yamoto is taunting Ross to push forward and then lands more elbows. Ross is leaking. Overhand elbow from Yamoto and the referee is having the doctor check Ross out. That also should be a 10 count. They allow it to go on and Yamoto is just teeing off. He's looking for the kill and Ross is bleeding all over the place. Schiavello gets really hyped on the blood. Another elbow from Yamoto. Ross hits a catch and sweep. Yamoto i think is starting to feel bad at how much he's destroyed Ross' face. Ross clinches up and lands knees to the body. Final seconds and Ross is spamming knees to close the round. 10-9 Yamoto.

Official Result: Tetsuya Yamoto defeats Kevin Ross by Split Decision. The scores were 48-47, 47-48, 48-47.

Caio Uruguai vs Malaipet

Round 1: Malaipet just doesn't even care about Uruguai. Already showing no respect. Uruguai lands a kick to the body and Malaipet dumps him on his butt. Malaipet lands an overhand right and drops Uruguai. Another knockdown off an overhand right. Malaipet drops him another time but Mazzagatti doesn't count it. Wait...another knockdown and Mazzagatti wants to give another 10 count? It's over. Flawless Victory.

Official Result: Malaipet defeats Caio Uruguai by TKO. The stoppage came at 1:52 in the first round.

Monique Travis vs Angela Hill

Round 1: They immediately spill to the canvas off an exchange. They clinch and Hill lands some solid knees to the body. Travis is trying to muscle around and lands an elbow. Hill catches a kick and dumps Travis to the mat. More clinching and Hill lands a huge elbow to the skull. More clinching and Hill is now deciding where the fight goes. Hill chases after Travis with punches. Step in elbow from Hill to close the round. 10-9 Hill

Round 2: Immediate clinch and Hill is landing knees to the body. Inside elbow from Hill. More elbows from Hill. Travis is initiating the clinch but just can't really put together much offense. Teeps from Travis to keep Hill away. Hill stalking and lands a kick to the leg. More clinching. This is a lot of clinch work and probably doesn't register as "exciting" to casual Muay Thai fans. Hill dumps Travis on the ground. 10-9 Travis

Round 3: Right hand by Travis lands cleanly. Hill responds with one of her own. Hill just can't seem to get into a range rhythm. Travis landing knees in the clinch. Hill responds with her own that landed with some force. Elbows from Hill in the clinch. Travis catches a leg and dumps Hill to the ground. Leg kick from Travis. Travis catches another kick and unsuccessfully sweeps. Exchange to close the round. 10-9 Travis

Round 4: Hill opens up aggressively and lands some nice elbows in the clinch. Travis lands an outside thigh kick. More clinching. This is a ton of clinch work. Referee breaks them. Hill lands a nice overhand. Travis lands another outside thigh kick. They fight for position inside the clinch and Travis ragdolls Hill. Another referee break. Elbows from Hill to close the round. 10-9 Hill

Round 5: Hill is now finally finding a way to dictate the pace of the bout. She clinches up and lands some really nice knees to the body. Hill lands punch combos and Travis responds with some of her own. Hill just doesn't look to have much behind her punches. Nice exchange ends with Travis landing a kick to teh body. Elbow to the head from Hill. That definitely hurt Travis. Knees in the clinch to close the fight. 10-9 Hill. She was just too big for Travis.

Official Result: Angela Hill defeats Monique Travis by Unanimous Decision. All judges scored the fight 50-45.

Jose Palacios vs Scott Leffler

Round 1: They trade leg kicks to open the round. Palacios lands a three punch combination. Palacios with a counter right high kick. Nice pressure from Leffler as he presses forward with a kick to the body. Body kick from Palacios and Leffler lands an overhand right. Palacious chops Leffler's legs out from under him. Leffler looks very off balance. High kick from Palacios. Leffler's leg is already bruised. That's not going to be good later one in the fight. Final seconds and Palacios lands high. 10-9 Palacios.

Round 2: Palacios landing nice kicks to the legs to open the round. He's also found a home for his punches. Leffler kicks Palacios' legs out from under him. That was a hard fall. Leffler's legs are a mess. He's super flat footed and having a hard time finding his base. Leffler just misses on a step in elbow. Leffler clinches and pushes Palacios to the ground. Elbow from Leffler to close the round. Closer round but I still got it 10-9 for Palacios.

Round 3: Palacios and Leffler trade kicks to open the round. Leffler lands a nice cross. Palacios responds with a jab down the pipe. The clinch up and Palacios is landing knees to the body. More punch exchanges and Palacios looks good with his range. Another clinch and Leffler is just muscling him around. Teep from Palacios. Right cross from Palacios. Leffler just doesn't understand any form of defense. Palacios showboats a bit and then completely misses his punch. Leffler closes the round coming forward. 10-9 Palacios

Round 4: Leffler comes out aggressive to open the fourth. Leg kick from Leffler. Overhand right from Palacios. Sloppy boxing from Leffler. Slow leg kick from Leffler. Step up elbow from Leffler misses. Crisp jab from Leffler. Teep from Palacios. Pace has definitely slowed. Palacios tries a cartwheel kick. This is brutal to watch. Everything is being thrown in slow motion. Palacios lands a kick to the body. Leffler throws a slow jab. Which I'm not sure qualifies as a jab. Palacios counters nicely while backing up. 10-9 Palacios.

Round 5: My cable box reset during this round.

Official Result: Scott Leffler defeats Jose Palacios by Unanimous Decision. The judges scored the bout 48-47, 49-46, 49-46. That's just another bad decision.

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