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Bellator 100 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Lima vs Saunders' on Spike TV from Phoenix

Bellator is back on Spike TV TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 20, 2013), with Bellator 100: "Lima vs. Saunders" from Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Bellator is back in mixed martial arts (MMA) action TONIGHT (Sept. 21, 2013) LIVE from Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. The latest edition features last season's long-delayed Welterweight tournament final, as well as the the opening round of the current 170-pound Season 9 tournament.

In the main event, former teammates Ben Saunders and Douglas Lima square off to decide the winner of the Season 8 welterweight tournament. Saunders looks to avenge his knockout loss to Lima at Bellator 57 and, in the process, earn the first title shot of his nine-year career. To do so, he'll need to get through Lima, who is focused on winning his second Bellator tournament final and earning another crack at the belt.

Elsewhere on the card, War Machine seeks to carry the momentum from a first round technical knockout win over Blas Avena in his Bellator debut back in June into the semifinals of Bellator's most recent tournament. Standing in his way is the debuting Vaughn Anderson, who comes into Bellator riding a nine-fight win streak that includes an impressive eight stoppages.

In addition, former Olympic judoka and Season 6 Lightweight tournament winner, Rick Hawn, will attempt to make a go of it at Welterweight as he enters the 170-pound tournament opposite the debuting Herman Terrado.

That's not all. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire Bellator 100 card this evening, starting with the "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET online, and then main card action, which is slated to begin at 9 p.m. ET on Spike.

Without further delay, see below for the latest Bellator 100 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main Card (Spike TV)

Bellator Welterweight Tournament Final: Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders -- Lima defeats Saunders via head kick knockout at 4:33 of the second round.
Bellator Welterweight Opening Round: War Machine vs. Vaughn Anderson -- War Machine defeats Anderson via rear naked choke technical submission at 4:01 of the second round
Bellator Welterweight Opening Round: Rick Hawn vs. Herman Terrado -- Hawn defeats Terrado via unanimous decision (30-27) (29-28) (29-28)
Bellator Welterweight Opening Round: Brent Weedman vs. Justin Baesman -- Weedman defeats Baseman via armbar submission at 3:20 of the first round
Bellator Welterweight Opening Round: Ron Keslar vs. Sergio Junior -- Keslar defeats Junior via split decision (29-28) (29-28) (29-28)

"Prelims" Under Card (Online)

Bantamweight Tournament Semifinal: Travis Marx vs. Brandon Bender -- Marx defeats Bender via TKO (strikes) at 4:28 of round two

Lightweight Feature Fight: Efrain Escudero vs. Zack Surdyka -- Escudero defeats Surdyka via unanimous decision (30-27) (30-27) (30-27)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Bubba Jenkins vs. LaRue Burley -- Burley defeats Jenkins via TKO (strikes) at 3:40 of round three

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Joe Yager vs. Clifford Starks --Starks defeats Yager via unanimous decision (29-28) (30-27) (30-27)

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Beau Tribolet vs. Liam McGeary -- McGeary defeats Tribolet via knockout in 0:27 of round one

Heavyweight Feature Fight: Mighty Mo vs. Dan Charles -- Mighty Mo defeats Charles via technical knockout (strikes) in 1:26 of round three

Welterweight Feature Fight: Johnny Buck vs. Adam McDonough -- McDonough defeats buck Buck via technical knockout (strikes) in 4:51 of round one


Steve B. here live all night long!

Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders

Saunders: "I'm gonna go out there and win this tournament and I'm gonna get that big ass check with my face all over it."

Round one: Both men trade kicks early. Kick to the ribs from Saunders. Lima responds with some stiff leg kicks and a kick to the body of his own. Another baseball bat of a kick from Lima. Lima throws another kick to Saunders ribs, which the mutton chopped American catches and turns into a clinch against the cage. Saunders throwing knees from the clinch. They separate and Saundners with another kick to the midsection on Lima. High kick from Lima catches Saunders on the shoulder. Low kick from Saunders to the inside of Lima's thigh. Another big kick from Lima. The Brazilian wobbles Saunders briefly with a leg kick. Saunders undaunted. Lima throwing more kicks. Saunders may have been the busier fighter, but Lima landed the harder shots.

(Lima 10-9)

Round two: Saunders comes out for the beginning of the round with a cut above his left eyelid. It's sealed but we'll see if it stays that way for long if Lima gets his hands on it. Saunders once again throws a kick and Lima returns the favor in kind. Referee notices Saunders forgot his mouthpiece and they pause so he can put it back in. Saunders cut is open now. He's trying to stalk Lima down, but the Brazilian is firing back. Lima lands a huge right uppercut, which drops Saunders. Lima follows him to the ground and starts unloading with punches. Saunders is able to survive and gets Lima in guard, but the Brazilian starts throwing heavy shots at him from the top. These leave Saunders eye looking like raw hamburger. Saunders tries for a leg lock but doesn't get it. He uses the attempt to scramble back to his feet though and throws more kicks. Crowd loves Saunders' heart. Saunders trying to stay in it. Lands a kick to Lima's ribs. Lima not laying it on Saunders, which may be a mistake. Right as I type that Lima lands a brutal head kick to Saunders' blinded side for a beautiful knockout victory in the finals of the season 8 Welterweight tournament.

After the fight Lima reveals he may have broke his hand in the first round. Good fight.

Final result: Douglas Lima defeats Ben Saunders via head kick knockout (Round one 4:33)


War Machine vs. Vaughn Anderson

War Machine: "Being an alpha male is something you're born with." Anderson's first fight was against, wait for it, a sumo wrestler. He lives and trains in China and feels it's hard to look like an asshole while in the same cage as War Machine. Mr. Machine takes the high road and in response just says he's going to send Anderson "back to where he came from" after he wins this fight.

Round one: Both men trading shots early. War Machine with a leg kick then gets a takedown on Anderson 30 seconds into the fight. War Machine advances into Anderson's half guard and lands a couple punches from the top. Machine frantically trying to pass. Gets his knee on Anderson's stomach and into side control. Anderson tries to explode up but Machine takes his back before ending up in Anderson's guard. Machine throwing punches from guard then passes and quickly gets full mount. Anderson reverses the position though. He postures up and throws punches from War Machine's guard. War Machine uses a butterfly guard to return to his feet, but Anderson quickly lands a slick single leg. More punches from guard from Anderson to War Machine. The artist formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver goes for a triangle to no avail. Kick to the thigh by Anderson, and he lets Machine back up. Machine ends up on top landing punches at the bell.

(War Machine 10-9)

Round two: Anderson takes the center early. War Machine once again lands a takedown 30 seconds in. Anderson on his back up against the cage while War Machine throws a few punches from guard. He attempts to pass but when he can't pull it off instead opts to throw some more leather at Anderson's face. War Machine stands up and passes with a leaping punch. He capitalizes on the position and gets the crucifix on Anderson. War Machine landing bombs now. Anderson frantically tries to escape and gets out, but War Machine on his back like a boa constrictor seizing his prey. War Machine now landing punches from the side, but the crowed begins to voice its displeasure. Almost as if in response to the boos War Machine locks in a rear naked and chokes Anderson unconscious.

Final result: War Machine defeats Vaughn Anderson via rear naked choke technical submission (Round two 4:01)

After the fight War Machine tells Jimmy Smith "Vaughn talked a lot of crap so I don't care about him...but props to him for being a real man and not tapping." Not sure I agree with the Machine's definition of what a real man is.


Rick Hawn vs. Herman Terrado

In the pre-fight promo Terrado mentions how he carries the pride of Guam on his back - literally in fact as he has a giant tattoo of the island's name on there. Hawn predicts a knockout of Terrado en route to a tournament victory.

Round one: Both men feeling each other out early. Terrado charges in and Hawn sucks him up into the clinch against the cage. Hawn lands a knee to the thigh. Just holding Terrado with heavy pressure right now. Hawn backs away and separates. Hawn sending out probing jabs, Terrado charges in again. Terrado starts throwing wild bombs and Hawn clinches again. The Olympian separates. More feints from Hawn. Hawn throws a snap kick. Terrado allowing himself to be backed up by Hawn's jabs but then he unloads with another wild flurry. Hawn quickly counters to the clinch. He's not doing much with the position though. Doesn't seem to be looking to take Terrado down. Not much action, but round was solidly Hawn's with control.

(Hawn 10-9)

Round two: Similar to round one, Hawn takes the center, but Terrado gets tired of being bossed around and comes in with a series of rapid fire strikes. Hawn ties him up and gets Terrado clinched against the cage once again. Welcome to Bellator 100: Clinch Wars. Hawn breaks with a right hook. Terrado charges in and gets countered by Hawn. Terrado lands a nice left hook. Hawn with a leg kick and a few punches. Hawn walking Terrado down again. Terrado with another punch. Hawn knocks Terrado to his knees with a leg kick, but the pride of Guam is quickly back up. Hawn backs Terrado up against the cage with a punch and once again goes back to the clinch. Hawn lands a trip late but Terrado pops back up.

(Hawn 10-9)

Round three: Hawn once again takes the center. Terrado trying to fight out with looping shots. Hawn gets him right back against the cage again with the jab. More feints from Hawn. 1-2 from Hawn. Terrado trying to fight back but Hawn landing the cleaner shots. Right from Hawn. Hawn is like a matador to Terrado's bull with the jabs and feints tonight. Terrado with a kick to Hawn's ribs. Hawn with a left hook. The Olympian pumps out three more jabs. Terrado looks frustrated. Hawn moves in for the clinch again with 1:00 left to go in the round and the crowd instantly boos. Hawn breaks it up and goes back to the jabs. Terrado swings and misses. Hawn lands a kick to the midsection then Terrado blasts him with a flurry at the end. Hawn's superior technique was the story of the fight here. Hawn didn't get the knockout he predicted, but he he most likely got the W.

(Hawn 10-9)

Final result: Rick Hawn defeats Herman Terrado via unanimous decision (30-27) (29-28) (29-28)


Brent Weedman vs. Justin Baesman

Round one: Baesman tries a trip but ends up on bottom. Weedman steps over looking for an armbar, ends up transitioning to an inverted triangle attempt, then back to another armbar attempt which he locks in tight. Baesman guts through it and doesn't tap. Weedman like a shark smelling blood searching for the armbar and eventually gets a belly down armbar on Baseman which leaves him no choice but to tap at 3:20 of the first round.

After the fight Weedman offers this memorable line, "True jiu jitsu doesn't end at a tap. You gotta be willing to break it."

Final result: Brent Weedman defeats Justin Baseman via armbar (Round one: 3:20)


Ron Keslar vs. Sergio Junior

Round one: Jimmy Smith wonders if Kesslar's "youth will get him through" while the tale of the tape shows him to be 33 years old to Sergio Junior's 32. Funny.

Junior with a leg kick. Keslar throws a high kick. Kesslar tries for annaconda choke, but both men back to their feet at 3:45. Keslar pressuring Junior up against the cage with knees from the clinch. Junior throws a knee of his own with his back against the fence. Inside left from Junior. Keslar throws a right in the clinch. Keslar lands to Junior's ribcage and then throws another punch upstairs. Knee from Keslar. Keslar separates. Swing and a miss from Junior. Junior throws a spinning back kick that whiffs by miles. He then decides to jump in with a flying knee which Keslar turns into yet another clinch against the fence. He's just holding him, but Junior gets out. Keslar gets the clinch again though. Junior trying footstomps in frustration but he reverses the position in the last ten seconds and lands a few knees.

(Kesler 10-9)

Round two: Keslar drops Junior with a right hand and Junior falls like a redwood. Keslar attempts to pound him out with a flurry of punches. He then decides the sub is a better path to victory and goes for a rear naked on Junior. Keslar isn't able to lock it in and Sergio Junior gets valuable time to clear the cobwebs from his head. Junior is now delivering knees to Keslar's thigh. Junior throwing, but Keslar hasn't been able to get his hooks in for the rear naked. Keslar gets a power half nelson to drag Junior back to the mat but can't get the submission. Bob Cook in Keslar's corner calls for damage rather than sub attempts. I agree with his assessment. Crowd booing Keslar's lackadaisical attack now. Keslar is far from the rear naked but keeps the body triangle on to ride out the round.

(Kesler 10-9)

Round three: Keslar initiates the clinch early, Junior separates and lands a flying knee. Back against the cage and Junior jumps down into guard and locks in a guillotine on Keslar. Junior giving it his all, but it's not enough to get the tap. Keslar out and attempts to get a single leg. He's gassed.  Junior ends up on top of Keslar's back landing shots to his head. Junior needs a finish. He looks for an armbar and Keslar ends up on top. Keslar has his back now. He locks in the body triangle in a flashback to round two. Once again he's attempting a rear naked but can't get his hooks in. Junior with blind shots over his head. Crowd boos the lackluster action. Keslar gets a sloppy rear naked on the chin, but it seems it's mainly for form's sake as he rides out the round in the same position as he finished the second.

(Keslar 10-9)

Round 3 was close but how one judge gave the decision to Junior is beyond me.

Final result: Ron Keslar defeats Sergio Junior via split decision (29-28) (29-28) (29-28)


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