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Best of the Best:'s UFC/MMA week in review (9/15/13)

Unambig in/Hemmi out: Check out the week that was at! We've got interviews, comments, fanposts, videos and gifs!

Welcome, Maniacs, to the sixty-first edition of "This Week in" MMAmania is a gigantic and glorious place and we pump out a ridiculous amount of content. If you don't refresh this site every 60 minutes, you might just miss something amazing.

Like a new-time "O.G.," taking the place of an established writer moving onto greener pastures (I owe Hemmi a proper send-off, it's coming soon, I did this transition --TM)

Have no fear, that's what this weekly article is all about! We'll recap the best of all things MMAmania, whether it be a great comment, a Fan Post, an article, video or something else.

Comment of the Week: It was practically gift-wrapped by virtue of the hilarious performance of the fighter alone, but it was nevertheless a wonderful burn at the expense of the most famous family in MMA:

"Hands down, chin up, moving straight back. Flawless Gracie striking technique right there." -- WebbMMA

Honorable mention comment of the week: This goes to brokenorbital, who has emerged as one of the funniest commenters on Mania, for his response to B.J. Penn 's ill-advised announcement he's dropping to 145 pounds to get beat up again:

"An equal mix of vasoline, calomine lotion and tears will soothe your burning asshole my friend, although no amount of medicine or cream will take away those demons living inside of you, constantly screaming in broken Hawaiian "pilikua puka!" -- brokenorbital


Article of the week: I actually thought Matt Roth did a fantastic job interviewing the forgotten 135-pound champion Dominick Cruz, who has been injured for so long that Renan Barao is widely considered the top dog in the division. Cruz talks about depression, frustration and how "every single day is a mental battle."

Statistic of the Week: Dude! Any article with the words Floyd Mayweather or variations thereof did a ridonkulous amount of traffic. But, for MMA-related content it would have to be the schadenfreude of enjoying Jon Jones reaction to Anderson Silva getting KTFO at UFC 162. Having said that, the video has since been removed on YouTube so if anybody has the replacement link give me a shout.

MMAmania's Verbal Submission Podcast: Brian Hemminger's awesome weekly podcast featured Rick Hawn, John Makdessi and more. Check it out right now if you missed it!

Photoshop of the week: Mania poster Randleman's response to the UFC inking top Russian bantamweight and wet dream Aleksandra Albu. And you haven't checked out the pictures of her yet ... er, you need to go and check out the pictures.


FanPost of the week: Although MMA is enough sporting event for me, some dudes need more. There's already been a fantasy football league here for many years, but our own resident Filipino Phasebook opted for some hoop dreams. Get in on it, yo.

- DHiergesell has jumped on the news that Matt Brown will be taking on Carlos Condit in a bangfest that might just bend time and space. Be sure to vote on the poll at the bottom of the post. Early on Maniacs see Carlos Condit was winning by technical knockout (57 percent).

Interview of the Week: Not that I want to start a Matt Roth fanclub given I already picked his interview with Dominick Cruz as the best article of the week, but this is a good primer for this Saturday's UFC 165 title fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

I'd be remiss, however, not to mention Brian Hemminger in the trenches with undefeated (technically) under card fighter Myles Jury, who will look to smother Mike Ricci on Saturday. Also interesting is Eddie Wineland's claim he's going to continue the string of upsets this year against champions (and interim ones).

- Burn of the Week: I gotta go back to the Aleksandra Albu article (for numerous reasons) and post this scalding pot shot at our favorite 135-pound female champion:

"NICE!!!! I'm sure Rousey is at home crying to her mirror,"Aleksandra Albu will pay for every penis she erects" -- cushing


(Sweet Jebus)

If you haven't seen this yet, gather ye friends and coworkers around and be ready to be amazed. Mike Tyson throws darts at a target while blindfolded and dude does pretty good. And when I say pretty good, I mean he would probably do well on the pro circuit:

We don't just have great content on MMAmania, our writers also are very active on Twitter.

Here's our honorary #MMAmania Tweet of the Week: Jesse Holland isn't just a pretty face who hits on the sole female contributor to this site. He's also pretty funny and has a helluva good taste in video games:

If you want to catch any good tweets from your Mania writers, here are our accounts: Thomas Myers, Jesse Holland, Matthew Roth, Adam Guillen Jr., C.J. Tuttle, Andrew Richardson, George Halvatsis Jr., Michael Stets, Jason Probst and Cory Braiterman.

Obligatory TNA of the Week: I would advise not Googling Lisa Ann if you're at work, on a bus, in a plane, on a train, or eating green eggs and ham with Sam. I would, however, recommend it if your blinds are closed and you aren't expecting company.


Speaking of .gifs, I'd be crazy not to drop in the Ric Flair KO suffered by Rolles Gracie, who might just be the embarrassing Gracie to ever step inside a cage:


Scottidog's "Good guy comment of the week: "You may have noticed Brian Hemminger isn't writing this. He's leaving to become editor at and, of course, everybody wishes him the best:

so much great content will be gone.. you really do a LOT around here ... one of the best writers that have worked here. -- ricky~dooby

Let's finish this off with a friendly question to spawn some Maniac debate. Is Carlos Condit too much for Matt Brown after beating Mike Pyle? Or is he the meal ticket he needs to get a shot at the title? Based on reader comments, people don't care much who wins so long as it's a ...

I like both guys and want both to win. Obviously that wont happen, so I'll just watch this fight and bless the MMA Gods for this splendid bangfest! -- AJthrowinjabs

That's it for this week. If you've got an extra suggestions for content, or nominations for articles, comments or discussion topics, please feel free to e-mail me at unambig at I need all the help I can get to fill Hemmi's shoes on this one.

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