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Dana White on UFC 165's Jon Jones: 'I think it's something about his personality that people don’t like'

He's young, talented and has great abs ... what's not to love?

Kevin C. Cox

Hi hater.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Champion Jon Jones just isn't feeling the love. Not from the fans, not from his fellow African-American fighters, heck, not even from his boss.

Must be that disingenuous impression.

That's not unusual in sports, particularly when a young and brash athlete is able to run roughshod over the old guard, as Jones has done since securing the UFC light heavyweight title back in 2011. But is he really the evil villain some people make him out to be?

Not according to UFC President Dana White (via Telegraph):

"I think Jon Jones is one of those guys that gets a bad rap from everybody else too [like Mayweather] saying he's too big for that division, he doesn't deserve to be there, he should be in the f***** heavyweight division. If the guy makes 205 he's a light heavyweight, okay? And all the criticism on how big he is... well now he's fighting a guy who's just as big as him, and has great stand up, has the reach, the leg reach, all the things that people have said that Jones always has over his opponents, this guy's gonna have too. Which makes it very interesting. Jon Jones comes off as a heel because people don't like him. For whatever reason people don't like him, you know I don't think it's a black or a white thing. I think it's something about his personality that people don't like."

Love him or hate him, there's no denying he's the best in the world.

Hoping to prove otherwise is Alexander Gustafsson, who will meet the 205-pound champion in the main event of the UFC 165 pay-per-view (PPV), which takes place this Saturday night (Sept. 21, 2013) at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Not surprisingly, "The Mauler" also dislikes "Bones." And if these numbers tell the tale, I have a feeling he will like him even less on Sunday morning.

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