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UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 episode 3 results recap for 'Team Rousey vs. Team Tate' on FOX Sports 1

Tonight, Chris Holdsworth takes on Chris Beal in the first male elimination fight of the season. Can Team Tate take advantage of Team Rousey's injured fighter?


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back for episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18: "Team Rousey vs. Team Tate," which gets underway with a look back at last week's monster upset (recap here). The gang returns to the TUF house and coach Miesha Tate brings a milkshake for Julianna Pena and a piece of chocolate cake for Shayna Baszler.

Hey, it's all water under the bridge, right? "Business is business," according to the "Queen of Spades."

Anthony Gutierezz is still fawning over Pena but quickly grows weary of her phony English accent. Cody Bollinger agrees and notes that some days she can be "unbearable." That doesn't faze the "Venezuelan Vixen," because she's there to win, not make friends.

Alrighty then.

Team Rousey hits the gym and tries to put the ugliness of Baszler's loss behind them. "Rowdy" wants Chris Beal to take advantage of Team Tate's fear, which she says surfaced when they picked the injured combatant for their next fight, expecting to get an advantage.

"Stick and move, baby," is the gameplan.

Suddenly, a mole emerges on Team Tate, as Bollinger has discovered that Jessamyn Duke of Team Rousey knows every one of their planned female fights. Pena becomes an instant suspect after being seen hanging out with the enemy, but she maintains her innocence and throws Roxanne Modafferi under the bus.

As if.

Chris Holdsworth gets a rubdown from Roxy to loosen him up before his big fight and reflects on his old-school chop-socky DVD collection. He clomps around the gym with a "ready to battle" tee shirt and mentions his older brother, who was shot to death several years ago.


Tate tells him to block the left hook, Beal's "only weapon," which will then allow him to get the takedown and secure the submission victory. Holdsworth wants to prove he's not just a submission fighter by "brawling" with his opponent when the time comes.

Sounds legit.

Pena says a bunch of nice things about Holdsworth and BOOM the relationship talk starts. The poor guy hasn't found the right girl yet and she is supportive of his quest to find "the one." The word "organically" is thrown around and it should be noted that she's wearing a bikini during their tete-a-tete.


Pena, who is taking up way too much television time, apologizes to Roxy for her accusation. Duke plays the babe in the woods and says she was just joking around with Raquel Pennington and honestly has no idea what the potential match-ups are for Team Tate.

Was this just a fabricated excuse by the men to rail against Pena? Let the mind games begin!

Beal goes for a run and talks about the time he beat cancer, which nearly cost him his leg. Like his opponent, Beal also lost his older brother to a senseless shooting and now wants to show his father -- as well as his son -- what happens when you work hard and stay on the right path.

Dammit, I didn't want to like anyone from Team Rousey, but this kid is winning me over.

The entire cast gets together at the Red Rock for the UFC event in Brazil and the booze starts to flow. So too, do the emotions. Rousey and Tate trade barbs at the bar and Tate critiques "Rowdy's" striking. Then it all goes downhill. Poor Bryan Caraway is trying to mind his own business and Ronda's coach is all up in his shit.

Fortunately, it ends without any physical altercations.

Time for the weigh ins and both fighters make weight without incident. As expected, each side presents a case for victory. UFC President Dana White calls it "the classic striker vs. grappler match-up." Wow, really had to dig deep for that one.

Moving on...

Pena writes Holdsworth a touching letter of encouragement before his fight and what does he do? The standard male douchebag move, which requires him to share it with his friends as they all laugh and make fun of her. Then comes the juvenile sex jokes.


Elsewhere, Beal is sprawled out on the floor of his room, staring at the ceiling and telling himself that he will win. Now it's time to find out if he's right, and with only 15 minutes left in the show (and two commercial breaks), it doesn't look like we'll be going to the judges' scorecards.

That's a good thing.

135 lbs.: Chris Holdsworth (Team Tate) vs. Chris Beal (Team Rousey)

Round 1: No touch of gloves and they exchange jabs. Beal takes five little piggies right to the pills. They reset and go back to battle. More leather. Beal with a combo and Holdsworth answers. Now Beal again. This is like a turn-based strategy game. One guy gets his offense in, then waits while the other guy attacks. Rinse and repeat. Holdsworth lands a big takedown but Beal gets up and reverses. Holdsworth looks for the armbar and Beal scampers out of danger. Back on the feet and punches are thrown. Defense is shoddy on both sides as too many strikes are landing. Holdsworth gets tagged, shoots and gets stuffed. Beal lumbers around with his hands low and gets dropped with an errant punch. Holdsworth pounces and locks up a guillotine. Fight over. Holy shit, I think Ronda is going to explode.

Holdsworth def. Beal via submission (guillotine choke)

After the fight, Holdsworth gets hugs from his team mates and enchiladas from Pena, Not sure if that's a metaphor for sex. In the Team Rousey locker room, it's like a wake, as no one has anything to say and they just sit there with those awful looks on their faces.

Team Tate is up 2-0 (lolz).

As a result, here's what the updated TUF 18 co-ed bantamweight roster looks like:

Team Rousey:

Jessamyn Duke
Peggy Morgan
Jessica Rakoczy
David Grant
Michael Wootten
Shayna Baszler
Chris Beal
Anthony Gutierrez

Team Tate:

Roxanne Modafferi
Raquel Pennington
Julianna Pena
Sarah Moras
Louis Fisette
Josh Hill
Chris Holdsworth
Cody Bollinger

Stay tuned next week as Roxanne Modafferi takes on Jessica Rakoczy, the coaches for Team Rousey go postal and the girls get abused by the boys in practice. Those big meanies!

See you in seven!

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