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Mayweather vs Canelo results: 'Money' remains perfect (45-0) with decision win despite questionable scorecard

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Saul "Canelo" Alvarez via majority decision last night (Sat., Sept. 14, 2013) to keep his perfect record intact even though it wasn't (surprise!) without mild boxing controversy.

Al Bello

Canelo Alvarez is big. Canelo Alvarez is strong. Canelo Alvarez is brave.

But size, strength and bravery are traits many of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s opponents have possessed. It wasn't enough then and it wasn't enough last night (Sat., Sept. 14, 2013) at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite one judge (who should probably be taken out behind the barn and shot) scoring it a draw (see scorecard here), Mayweather executed another masterclass, battering Alvarez for 12 rounds and making him look downright pedestrian in the process.

Mayweather's legendary defense showed no signs of degradation, as he easily avoided the vast majority of Alvarez's power shots and countered brilliantly. His right hand, traditionally his most lethal weapon, was once again in full effect.

To his credit, Alvarez never stopped trying to win. Even in the championship rounds, he was ripping body shots with murderous intent. Despite being just 23 years old, he fought like a proper champion. He has nothing to be ashamed of -- he simply had the misfortune of being in the same era as a true all-time great.

Mayweather's personality may forever alienate much of the boxing public, but his talent is undeniable. He faced a young, powerful champion stepping into the ring a full 15 pounds bigger than him and dominated him.

Mayweather the person I will never respect. Mayweather the boxer, however, I tip my hat to ... as should you.

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