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Mayweather vs Canelo results: Full fight coverage stream LIVE online for Showtime PPV under card TONIGHT!

Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 14, 2013) against against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, a star-studded under card line up will battle LIVE on Showtime from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get full "Mayweather vs. Canelo" under card pay-per-view (PPV) results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Ethan Miller


Here we go!

Top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr., will soon take on unbeaten Mexican sensation Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in a 152-pound catchweight championship clash for the ages at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of "Mayweather vs. Canelo" main event, which will air on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) later this evening (Sat., Sept. 14, 2013), RIGHT HERE. This thread, however, is for the "Mayweather vs. Canelo" under card results.

That's right, prior to the main event, Showtime will deliver a loaded under card that will determine the undisputed king of the Junior Welterweight division when undefeated standout Danny Garcia takes on Argentine mega-puncher Lucas Matthysse.

It's among the most clamored-for boxing match ups of the year, as unbeaten "Swift" (Garcia) takes on one of the most feared punchers in boxing (Matthysse). Garcia rose to prominence with a stunning knockout of Amir Khan late last year, following up that performance with a vicious knockout of Erik Morales and a gritty win over a very game Zab Judah.

Matthysse has been on a rampage since "losing" a split decision to Devon Alexander, knocking out six straight foes, including the highly-touted Lamont Peterson. His last non-knockout win came in 2008.

In addition to the co-main event, the under card will feature newly-crowned IBF Junior Middleweight champion Ishe Smith taking on the ever-beleaguered Carlos Molina. Smith was last seen defeating Cornelius "K-9" Bundrage for the title, while Molina has won two straight since the horrendous disqualification that cost him victory against James Kirkland.

Kicking off the PPV action is a Welterweight showdown between one of Team Mayweather's newer acquisitions, England's Ashley Theophane, and Mexican slugger Pablo Cesar Cano. Theophane -- who took Garcia to a split decision in 2010 -- has won eight of his last nine since then.

Cano, perhaps best known for being Morales' final victim, has dropped two consecutive fights, narrow decisions to Paulie Malignaggi and Shane Mosley. It should be noted, however, that the Malignaggi decision was questionable, as Cano pressured him effectively and scored a knockdown.

Enough talk ... Let's get it on!


152 lbs.: Floyd Mayweather def. Saul Alvarez by majority decision (114-114, 116-112, 117-111)


140 lbs.: Danny Garcia def. Lucas Matthysse by unanimous decision (115-111, 114-112 x2)

154 lbs.: Carlos Molina def. Ishe Smith by split decision (117-111, 112-116, 116-112)

140 lbs.: Pablo Cesar Cano def. Ashley Theophane by split decision (98-92, 94-96, 97-93)


Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.

Junior Welterweight: Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse

Round one: Alright, Showtime PPV, you've got a lot to answer for. Gimme my violence.

They take center ring. Both men jabbing. Matthysse, as usual, fires a right hand to the body. Garcia jabs downstairs. Matthysse avoids a left hook and lands a pair of hooks to the body. Matthysse backs him into the ropes and lands a couple hard shots as Garcia fires back. Garcia with a long right downstairs. Garcia just avoids a sizzling left hook. Short counter right from Garcia, clinch. Left hook from Garcia is blocked, Danny lands the big check hook at the bell. Very close; 10-9 Garcia.

Round two: Matthysse lands a solid right downstairs. Danny getting backed up. Nice lead hook from Lucas and a right downstairs. Danny ties him up and holds him for a little longer than normal. Clinch. Matthysse overhand is blocked. Right to the body from Danny. Danny blocking the Matthysse hooks so far, but takes another right downstairs. Danny rips to the body. Both land hard up top. Good left hook from Matthysse and another. Right hand from Matthysse met with a left hook to the body that strays low. Matthysse hits him with another left hand and a right at the bell. 19-19.

Round three: Matthysse lands another lead left hook; that's his money shot so far in this fight. Danny with a check hook. Clinch. Danny to the body with a left. Matthysse to the body and head. Another right to the body. Clinch after a long Garcia right. Danny blasts Matthysse with a huge right hand to no effect. Garcia body shot. Overhand right connects for Lucas. Danny jabbing to the head and body. Lucas just avoids a counter hook. Good body shots by Danny. Good work late for Garcia; 29-28 same.

Round four: Lead hook lands again for Matthysse and his straight to the body. Another. Jab downstairs from both men. Matthysse with clubbing shots inside. Garcia to the body in combination. Stiff jab by the Argentine. Uppercut met by a right from Garcia. Body shot from Danny. Left hook on the exit by Matthysse, who takes another left to the body. Garcia again to the body and backs Matthysse away from the ropes. Good body and head shots by Garcia. 39-37 Garcia.

Round five: Matthysse forces Danny into the ropes, but gets tied up. Good body shot form Danny. Matthysse left upstairs. Garcia right hand strays low. They trade in the clinch. Left hook by Lucas. Both land to the body. Matthysse right hand. Body shot from Garcia, who gets backed off. Good exchange inside. Another body shot from Garcia. Garcia punches low again. Left hook lands for both men. Clinch. Matthysse lands well at the end. 48-47 Garcia.

Round six: Matthysse trudging forward, gets tied up. Left hook Matthysse and big body shot. Nice left from The Machine. Another good left. Matthysse slams a right hand into Garcia's ribs. Garcia counter hook. Nice 3-2 from the Argentinian. Left hand inside. Clinch. Nice jab from Matthysse, Danny lands a left hook. Matthysse to the body, Garcia answers in kind. Garcia to the body. and again. Matthysse left hook met by a right. Matthysse swinging with Danny against the ropes. Another right to the body from Lucas. Bell; 57-57.

Round seven: Garcia lands to the body. Good combo to the body. Matthysse with a clubbing right and left downstairs. Danny right to the gut. Nice rights inside. Clinch. Matthysse lands a left hook and Danny clinches. Good counter hook by Garcia. Matthysse's right eye swelling up and he takes another left. Dnnay marking him up from the outside. Matthysse with his own body shots. Garcia counter right. Garcia with some big shots to the body and head. Right to the body. Bell; 67-66 Garcia.

Round eight: Matthysse's eye is bad.

He's still in it, though, and lands to the body. Danny left to the body. Matthysse right downstairs. Clinch. BIG left hook from Garcia and Matthysse clinches in response. Garcia rips to the body again; Matthysse fires a right to the body in response. Clinch. Right from Danny. Another body shot by Garcia. Nice right hand from Matthysse. Garcia again to the body. Left hook. 77-75 Garcia.

Round nine: Matthysse right to the body. Danny jabbing well. Clinch. Danny left hook to the body. Clinch. Matthysse avoids a combination. Clean right hand connects for Garcia. Garcia again to the body. Both men land left hands to the body. Garcia backs him off with a jab. Clinch. Bell, 87-84 Garcia. Matthysse needs at least a knockdown.

Round ten: Matthysse pushes Danny to the ropes, but can't land clean. Right to the body from Lucas. Big left hook by Garcia. Solid left upstairs for Lucas. Clinch. Matthysse right hand glances off and he takes another left hook. Clinch. Garcia body shot, Matthysse right upstairs. Garcia to the body again. Clinch. Body shot from Garcia. Hard left hook to the body by Lucas. Good right from The Machine. Garcia pressed into the corner and clubbed. Garcia body shot. Matthysse with another left hook. 96-94 Garcia; this is still a fight.

Round eleven: Matthysse clocks Danny with a right hand straight off the bat and knocks his gumshield into the front row. They have a timeout to put it in and Matthysse goes right back to moving forward. Body hooks from both, another right hand from Matthysse. Lucas walking him into the ropes and landing hard.Hard rights to the body and head from the Argentinian. Body shot Garcia. Low blow from Garcia. Lucas rips to the body. Good shots from Matthysse and Garcia answers to the body. Another body shot from Garcia and a huge right hand wobbles Matthysse; Matthysse has been knocked down. Good right from Lucas after he gets back up. Good combo from Garcia and a big right upstairs. Matthysse walks through it and hits the body. There's the bell; 106-102 Garcia.

Round twelve: Matthysse continues marching forward. Garcia holding whenever Lucas closes in. Garcia with a left-right. Garcia holding again. Garcia smacks the body and lands a big right over the top. Clinch. Matthysse to the body and head, gets clinched again. Garcia lands another big right. Clinch. Big low blow from Garcia puts Matthysse down; Weeks takes a point from Garcia. Garcia swinging big to try to get the momentum back. They're both winging bombs in the last ten seconds. Fantastic fight.114-112 Garcia.

Final Result:

the bell-end-


Junior Middleweight: Ishe Smith vs. Carlos Molina

Round one: Smith looks like the larger man by a fair margin. Molina uncharacteristically aggressive early. Long right to the body. Smith pumping his jab. Counter left hook this time. Trading jabs. Molina tags the body, lands a left hook upstairs. Smith targeting the counter left hook. Good combination from Molina, gets Smith to the fence and hits him right in the back of the head. Smith still working behind his jab as Molina advances. Good combination from the champ. Bell; 10-9 Molina.

Round two: Smith lands the counter left hook. Molina pushes him into the corner and briefly roughs him up. Smith whiffs a right hand. Smith ties him up. Body blows from Molina. Another left hook downstairs and a solid right over the top. Smith responds with a long straight. Smith left hook, Molina body hook. Good right from Molina answered by a thumping right to the guts. Smith counters a charging Molina with the right. Bell; 20-18 Molina.

Round three: Molina still stalking forward. Smith chains a series of jabs together. Smith with body and head hooks. Smith again counters Molina's advance with a right upstairs and left below. Chopping right and short left from Carlos. Ishe ties him up.Counter left hook. Smith 1-2 blocked. Jab from Molina. Brief clinch. Again. Nice 3-2 connects for Ishe. Clinch. Counter left again from Ishe and a clinch. Molina lands a left, Smith counter right at the bell. 29-28 Molina.

Round four: Molina still stalking forward. Left to the body. Smith pawing with his left hand; Molina advances and gets clinched. Sharp right-left downstairs for Carlos. Counter left hand from Smith and a clinch. Smith connects with some clubbing body shots. Another right to the body; Molina leads with his head and catches Smith's chin. Nice left-right from Smith. Clinch. Nice inside shots from Carlos. Clinch. Clinch. Swinging with no real contact from both men. Nice right hand by Molina does land and another and a left hook. Good late work by Molina; very close. 39-37 Molina.

Round five: Molina again on the front foot. Counter left hook from Ishe. Molina lands another left up top and jabs the body. Smith's left hand is active as a deterrent. No real action for the middle portion. Molina leads with his head again and gets warned. Right from Molina. This is just an awful style matchup; Ishe barely commits to his unches and Carlos can't bust a grape. Molina clubbing inside, Smith slugging right back. Molina STILL leading with his head. Atrocious fight. 49-46 Molina.

Round six: Honestly, there's nothing really going on worth mentioning. Molina jumps in, lands some short punches. Ishe counters him with a weak shot, they clinch, repeat. Decent counter right from the champ. Another. Clinch. Smith winging punches as Molina steps in and clubs. Molina steps in with a right. Smith cornered and they exchange hooks. Body shot from Ishe. Molina leads with his head again and gets scolded by the ref. 59-55 Molina. I don't even know.

Round seven: Smith lands a decent right hand. Seriously, I'm not being lazy, there is just literally nothing worth writing about going on in this fight. I'm sorely tempted to just switch over to World Series of Fighting and fill in the rest of the rounds with generic comments, but being a professional, I won't. Molina's moving forward. Both of them have no power whatsoever. There is zero urgency. Molina's landing more punches, so let's give it to him. 69-64.

Round eight: And to your left, you'll see my sympathy for Molina receding into the distance.

Honestly, hearing the ref yell at them is more entertaining than watching them fight. Clinch. There's a good right from Carlos. They lean on each other as Molina misses at close range. Now a couple Molina shots get through. Clinch. 79-73 Molina.

Round nine: At least Molina looks like he's trying to put power behind his punches. Smith's look like pure arm punches. I mean, neither of them are even close to hurting each other, but just for the record.

Smith steps out of Molina's way like a matador and Molina careens past him. That was amusing. Body shot from Smith. Short right by Molina. Counter right from Ishe. 88-83 Molina.

Round ten: Maybe if I make sound effects every time someone lands the fight will be more entertaining.

Nope, still boring.

I'm not asking that you guys go full Garcia, but I expect a boxer to make at least somewhat of an effort to injure his opponent. It's like watching two guys playing tennis and just rallying back and forth from the service line for an hour.

98-92 Molina.

Round eleven: By the 10-point must system, I am obligated to give the winning fighter 10 points so long as there are no point deductions, so I'm not allowed to give them 0-0 rounds. Doesn't mean I don't want to.

Honestly, though, I'm proud of the crowd. Not a boo to be heard, although that could be attributed to all of them getting lulled into a coma.

108-101 Molina.

Round twelve: I couldn't stand watching the fight anymore, so I spent the three minutes writing a haiku about it instead.

Loving embraces

Poking, prodding tenderly

Soothing inaction

Not my best work.

118-110 Molina but I literally could not give a toss what the actual score cards were.

Final Result: Molina def. Smith by split decision



Welterweight: Ashley Theophane vs. Pablo Cesar Cano

Round one: Cano on the front foot early, prodding the body with his left. Another long jab to the body, Theophane answers upstairs. Body shot from Cano and right over the top. Good body work from the Mexican against the ropes. Right downstairs. Theophane hook falls short, his next one doesn't. Cano lands a body shot and Theophane answers up top. More body work by Cano. Another good left hook downstairs. Theophane with a right, Cano with a left. Theophane double jab and clinch. Counter right from Ashley connects and Cano moves into the clinch with clubbing shots. Cano lands to the body and they swing haymakers at each other at the bell. 10-9 Cano.

Round two: Jabbing early. Theophane with a right to the body. Cano with a jab. Nice right hand from the Mexican. Cano rips to the body after they trade jabs. Pablo lands some short shots to the body and they tie up. Theophane left-right answered by a left hook. Theophane circles away from the ropes into center ring. Clubbing right from Ashley after eating a jab. Cano lands rights high and low. Left downstairs. Both connect with rights. Two hard rights downstairs form Cano, then some blows with Theophane against the ropes. Simultaneous left hooks, Cano low and Theophane high. Right from Theophane, bell. 19-19.

Round three: Theophane with a slapping left, caught with a big right over the top. Theophane stumbles a bit and Cano rushes. Theophane seems alright now, didn't take too many hits afterwards. Another right from Cano, then a left hook and right downstairs. Theophane left hook, eats one. Theophane still between Cano and the ropes. BIG left hook up top from Cano rattles Theophane again. Ashley in full retreat, steering clear of most damage. Cano slapping the body and an uppercut through the guard. Things calm back down with thirty second left. Cano lands to the body in a combo. Clubbing right from Theophane after taking a left downstairs. All Cano in that round, 29-28.

Round four: Cano still pushing forward. Fast exchange in close, Theophane tags the body. Good body shots from Pablo. Left strays low. Right to the body, Theophane answers with a sharp jab. Clubbing right downstairs from the Brit. Combos from Theophane fall short, Cano left hook does not. Good 3-2 from Cano connects well up top. Again, with the 3 downstairs. Theophane lands a good right upstairs but eats a flurry against the ropes. Jab exchange, sharp right by Ashley. They again trade big shots to end the round, Theophane with the advantage. 38-38 I think.

Round five: Sharp jab, lead left hook from Cano. Body shot now. 1-2 from Ashley. Clubbing right to the body. Clinch. MASSIVE right from Cano nearly takes out Theophane's legs but he somehow stays up. Cano chasing him down and landing to the body. Ashley regains his senses and stuns Cano with a left hook of his own. Cano walks him down and lands a left hook downstairs. Theophane right upstairs and left hook to the body. Cano ripping to the body to end the round; Theophane lands a right after the bell, but it looked legal when he first threw it. 48-47 Cano.

Round six: Cano lands a right hand up top and left to the body. Theophane's nose doesn't look pleasant. Ashley with a long right and a few short blows to the body. Theophane's rights are just ugly looking. He lands one to the body. Good 1-1-2 this time. Another right downstairs. 1-2 connects; Cano's output very low this round. There's a body shot from the Mexican. Overhand right from Theophane lands. Cano tagging the body late and lands one over the top. Theophane round, 57-57.

Round seven: Theophane pumping the jab, but takes a right to the body. Left-right from Theophane, Cano lands downstairs. Good right from Pablo. Left hook met by a long right form Ashley. Cano lands a right and jabs the body. Left-right from Cano and a couple more to the body. Another right downstairs. Theophane clubs the body with a right but takes another right up top. Two more body blows from Cano. Theophane lands a right up top. More body work by the Mexican. Theophane with a little combo up top. Hard right upstairs but Cano tags him to the body at the end of the round. 67-66 Cano.

Round eight: Theophane with a 1-2 off the bat and another right to the body. Theophane with a right, Cano answers. Left hook from Pablo and another right upstairs. 3-2 from Cano, uppercut afterwards met by a right from Theophane. Another right from Ashley. Clubbing right downstairs.. Right up top. Counter left. Nice right-left. Anotehr good body shot. Cano may have gassed himself out. Now he lands a left hook to the body and one upstairs. Left-right from Ashley. Ashley wings some wide shots and they exchange hard at the end. 76-76.

Round nine: Nice right hand to the bonce by Cano. Another one through Theophane's guard as they exchange. Nice overhand right from the Mexican. Theophane sneaks in a right and a left. Body blows by Pablo. Jab exchange. Left hook and right straight connect for Pablo. Body exchange. Ashley winging shots; most blocked but a couple ones to the body land. Cano lands some questionable body shots and he's wobbled Theophane a bit with an uppercut. Cano pressing the advantage but Theophane has recovered. Cano with a hard 3-2; Theophane is throwing but there isn't much behind it.  That left hook lands, though. Another right upstairs, Cano drills the body. Bell, 86-85 Cano.

Round ten: Ashley lands a long right hand. Cano pumping the jab and connects up top with his right. Both men throwing intermittently but not landing clean. Ashley body shot met by two from Pablo. Another left downstairs from Cano and a right up top. Theophane 1-2 after dodging a wide right. Nice left hooks from Cano, then a right up top and left low. Theophane counters with a hard right and a second one. Short body blows from Ashley. 3-2 from the Mexican and some hard body blows. Another left downstairs. Ashley slapping with his punches. He lands a few blows. Nice right from the Mexican and a right to the body. As is tradition, the last ten seconds consist of them winging bombs. 10-9, 96-94 Cano.

Final Result: Cano def. Theophane by split decision


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