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Dana White slams unified rule: 'I hate when guys put one hand down and can't get kneed'

Earlier this week, UFC Tonight asked promotion president Dana White about what rule he would personally like to change in mixed martial arts (MMA).


Tucked snug in between the mega announcements of B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar becoming the next coaching tandem on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 and Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald becoming official for UFC on FOX 9 in Sacramento, there was a quick Q&A with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White.

What's the head honcho's take on knees to a downed opponent?

"I hate that -- when guys can put one hand down and not get kneed -- I want that rule to go away."

Oh, we all do Mr. White, we all do. But what can be done about it?

Supposedly, Marc Ratner -- UFC's Vice President of Regulatory Affairs -- did do something about it when he filed a formal request with the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) during their July 31 meeting to review the much-maligned rule.

Ratner also just so happened to be the man scheduled following White's appearance during UFC Tonight's one-hour premiere on FOX Sports 1. Props given to Chael Sonnen for the perfect segue.

Here is what the man behind the potential rule changes had to say:

"The spirit of the rule has been violated by the fighters. We have fighters putting their hand down. They're trying to draw the foul and get the refs to call the violation. We're telling the refs, go into the dressing rooms and tell them you're doing it at your own peril. It's a judgment call."

This is just the first step in reform for the legislative side of mixed martial arts (MMA), which must continue to evolve with the sport and move away from dated rules and fights ending with results like this.

Anyone disagree?

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