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Bellator 99 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Nunes vs Freire' on Spike TV from Temecula

Bellator is back on Spike TV TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 13, 2013), with Bellator 99: "Nunes vs. Freire" from Pechanga Casino in Temecula, California. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Bellator's weekly mixed martial arts (MMA) offering returns tonight (Sept. 13, 2013) LIVE from Pechanga Resort and Casino, in Temecula, California. The latest edition of Season 9 competition features a main event of Patricio Freire vs. Diego Nunes in the opening round of the Featherweight tournament.

Following his recent release from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) "The Gun" (18-4) looks to rebound from a loss against Nik Lentz at UFC on FX 7 by advancing in the division Pat Curran currently sits atop. Nunes will look to do so at the expense of "Pitbull" (18-2), who is looking to rectify the loss his elder brother Patricky Freire suffered last week at Bellator 98.

Nunes isn't the only former UFC fighter on tonight's card. At the ages of 41 and 42, Houston Alexander vs. Vladimir Matyushenko don't have much left to prove in the MMA world, but it can be argued the two Light Heavyweight's want to show that they both can still compete at a high level at this point in their careers. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire Bellator 99 card this evening, starting with the "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, and then main card action, which is slated to begin at 9 p.m. ET on Spike.

Without further delay, see below for the latest Bellator 99 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Bellator 99 Main Event:

Patricio Freire vs. Diego Nunes -- Patricio Freire wins via knockout (Round one 1:19)

Bellator 99 Main Card Fights (9 p.m. ET)

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Houston Alexander -- Vladimir Matyushenko wins via unanimous decision (29-28) (30-27 X 2)
Desmond Green vs. Fabricio Guerreiro -- Fabricio Guerreiro wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 3)
Andrew Fisher vs. Joe Taimanglo -- Joe Taimanglo wins via unanimous decision (30-27) (30-27) (29-28)
Justin Wilcox vs. Akop Stepanyan -- Justin Wilcox wins via guillotine submission (Round two: 2:20)

Bellator 99 "Prelims" (7 p.m. ET)

Savio Kosic vs. Hector Ramirez -- Hector Ramirez wins via unanimous decision (30-27)
Derek Loffer vs. Mario Navarro --
Andy Murad vs. Gavin Sterrit -- Gavin Sterrit wins via split decision (29-28) (28-29) (29-28)
Musa Toliver vs. Goiti Yamauchi -- Goiti Yamauchi wins via rear naked choke submission (Round one: 1:01)
Manny Lara vs. Blagoi Ivanov -- Blagoi Ivanov wins via rear naked choke submission (Round one: 1:17)
Nick Moghaddan vs. Virgil Zwicker -- Virgil Zwicker wins by technical knockout (Round one: 3:22)


C.J. Tuttle here ... live from press row all night long!

We are underway on time -- 4:30 preliminary start.

Patricio Freire vs. Diego Nunes

Round One: Some nice kicks thrown by Nunes to begin.

PITBULL DROPPED HIM. THATS IT. Bellator/SPIKE told Pitbull they were running over and so it ended quick. (JOKE)

Final result: Patricio Freire wins via knockout (Round one 1:19)


Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Houston Alexander

Round One: I think this may be a good one for the amount of crap people have talked about it in the lead up. Alexander looks to be in great shape, for a (light) heavyweight. Both just playing paddy cake to start, the feeling out process took a minute before "The Janitor" landed a huge leg kick which was countered with a shot from Alexander.

Alexander with the nice take down, he immediately begins working over Matyushenko's body, now they are both to their feet. Alexander is bleeding from the mouth. These men throw bombs, you can hear it when they make contact. In the clinch Matyushenko scores a take down. Alexander is holding on, but took some punishment. He then manages to stand up.

The final minute of the round was both staring at one another, with a big exchange in the final ten seconds. Curious to see where both men's cardio is at in the final two rounds.

(10-9) Matyushenko

Round Two: Alexander looks to be actually pacing himself, picking his spots. Matyushenko seems to be fading a little bit, eats a big shot, his left eye is swelling. Lot of standing around going on in this second round. The crowd is really getting on both men's case. I think this strategy plays well into Alexander's hands. Alexander with a huge haymaker that glanced off "The Janitor's" head. Close round due to no action but I'll give it to Alexander.

(10-9) Alexander

Round Three: The fight is up for grabs in this round. Nice body shot from Alexander, who circles left and right around. Matyushenko scores a take down in what could be the deciding factor in this one. Alexander got to his feet only to be taken right back to the ground. Matyushenko is holding on for dear life and it looks like that will be enought in this one. Unless Herzog stands them up and he throws some bombs. That's all she wrote folks -- dud.

(10-9) Matyushenko

Final result: Vladimir Matyushenko wins via unanimous decision (29-28) (30-27) (30-27)


Desmond Green vs. Fabricio Guerreiro

Round One: Guerreiro with the first meaningful throw of the fight. The first round has been a feeling out process to start, Green landed a nice combination but that has been about it. Green with the take down to end the first but it wasn't enough to win the frame. This round followed the lead of the last fight and not much happened.

(10-9) Guerreiro

Round Two: Green is having no success with the take downs, Guerreiro has his back and is trying to take the fight to the floor. Green is staying on his feet but if he wants to win this fight he has to mount some sort of offense. Guerreiro finished the take down but Green got right back to his feet. Now they separate. 1:45 left in round.

Green keeps shooting but he isn't committing, so he hasn't been successful. He has the reach but has done nothing to exploit it. There was a supposed low blow but it didn't look anywhere near Green's groin area. He is ready to go. Green finally got a take down with seconds in the round but that was all.

(10-9) Guerreiro

Round Three: Green caught a kick attempt from Guerreiro and was able to get a take down. They both got to their feet and Green is doing his best to give Guerreiro the dead leg of the century. Green is riding him now and continuing to give a dead leg. He finally took Guerreiro down then stood back up because he is aware he needs a finish. Guerreiro is throwing some big punches but they aren't landing. Green isn't doing enough either, there is no desperation. (See: Justin Wilcox)

Green doesn't have a "finishing fights" bone in his body, and it showed here.

(10-9) Green

Final result: Fabricio Guerreiro wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 3)


Andrew Fisher vs. Joe Taimanglo

Round One: Fisher came out to Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours" -- Fisher immediately getting on top of Taimanglo to start off the broadcast. Taimanglo looks quick and has a nice sweep, followed by knees to the body against the cage. Both men are trading in the center of the cage. Taimanglo looks to be the quicker of the two fighters. There was an accidental headbutt. John McCarthy gave both a minute to regroup.

Fisher is bleeding from the nose, the left jab from Taimanglo is doing work. Nice exchanges from both men, Taimanglo is doing more damage, but FIsher looking to load up on the right hook. End of the round sees both men land some shots.

Solid round -- I lean towards Taimanglo

(10-9) Taimanglo

Round Two: Huge uppercut attempt from Taimanglo to begin the second, if that punch lands, its over. The blood is really starting to flow from Fisher's mouth. Fisher is doing his best to stay away from Taimanglo, nice knees to the head of Fisher from Taimanglo. This round is so far all the little guy.

Taimanglo utilizing the jab perfectly, doing a good job of not allowing Fisher to use his reach. Another uppercut from Taimanglo. Fisher tried to slow things down a bit, but that round goes to Taimanglo

(10-9) Taimanglo

Round Three: Third and final round of a strong opener. Fisher has to knock him out. Taimanglo looks to of tired a bit, but he has this in the bag if it continues to slow down like this. Michael Chandler has just entered the building with Dominic Cruz in tow.

Taimanglo landing a ton of punches, but is dropping his hands much to the chagrin of his coaches. Taimanglo finishing strong leaving everything in the cage. This was his fight.

(10-9) Taimanglo

Final result: Joe Taimanglo wins via unanimous decision (30-27) (30-27) (29-28)


Justin Wilcox vs. Akop Stepanyan

Round One: Goodness if anyone is going to get gassed tonight, it will be Wilcox, who's huge. Josh Koscheck is in Wilcox's corner also. We are underway. Stepanyan with a swift leg kick that takes Wilcox off his feet. Wilcox trying to throw some big head kicks but they are opening him up for counter punches. Wilcox had a hold of Stepanyan but the take down was sprawled nicely.

Nice head kick from Stepanyan, followed by another successful take down defense. 3 minutes in and Stepanyan is winning the round, but is bleeding from the mouth. Wilcox keeps losing balance when throwing punches or kicks. Wilcox isn't showing signs of being tired but he took a couple huge kicks to the body. If they are going to land may as well be on his huge frame. Huge spinning back kick to Wilcox who escaped, but lost the round.

(10-9) Stepanyan

Round Two: Wilcox has an obvious leg injury. He is doing everything in his power to avoid the leg kicks. He just ate a huge kick to the head but managed to end up right where he wants to be -- on top. Wilcox is bleeding from the head now, he needs to do some damage while on top here.


Just outstanding perseverance there from Wilcox, he was done, but went all in on the submission and earned the W. Great, as at +105 he is the first member of my parlay...

Final result: Justin Wilcox wins via rear naked choke submission (Round Two: 2:20)



Savio Kosic vs. Hector Ramirez

Round One: The two men are engaged in a battle of position on the canvas. The cage is blocking my view from where they currently are situated on the floor. Ramirez stayed on top the whole round so he gets the points.

(10-9) Ramirez

Round Two: Kosic keeping his distance to begin the second round. They engaged and Ramirez was accidentally poked in the eye. They touched gloves after a moment to recuperate. Kosic going all in with the striking. He now has Ramirez against the cage (who looks like he is gassed a bit.) Kosic went for the guillotine and has it locked in tight with 3:30 left in round. Kosic hit a low knee to Ramirez's lower region and we are in a 5 minute break.

Ramirez dropped Kosic with a right hand and is now pummeling him from the top position. He is going all in for the finish. Kosic must survive the final two minutes. Kosic desperate to get out from beneath Ramirez, even trying to grab the cage to escape. Ramirez now has side control and the pace has slowed. He looks comfortable remaining on top for the duration of the round.

Kosic had the beginning of the round, but in the final three minutes Ramirez did a ton of damage, including dropping Kosic for a split second.

(10-9) Ramirez

Round Three: Kosic looks like he knows he's in need of a knockout. Ramirez is content to take his time. Kosic came in flailing but sprawled the take down attempt. Not much going on due to Kosic's exhaustion and Ramirez being aware he is winning on points. Ramirez got the take down with three minutes remaining in the round. He is now on top trying to maintain control, Kosic has nothing left in regards to standing back up.

With a minute and thirty seconds remaining nothing has changed. Ramirez is on top and not allowing Kosic to go anywhere, but he IS doing just enough to not be stood back up. They stood up in the end, but too little too late for Kosic, this one is Ramirez's to lose.

(10-9) Ramirez

Final result: Hector Ramirez wins via unanimous decision (30-27)


Andy Murad vs. Gavin Sterrit

Round One: The fight between the Brit and the American has started with Sterrit pressing Murad against the cage and landing some surprisingly nasty shoulders to his head. Big John McCarthy didn't like what he saw and moved them back towards the center.

Immediately when McCarthy said "to fight' Murad scored the take down and is working for a kimura. Sterrit got a take down and maintained control for the duration. Close round, but I think Murad stole it in the beginning.

(10-9) Murad

Round Two: Murad begins the round by pressing Sterrit up against the cage again. He parlays this into a successful take down. Stiff front kick to the body from Murad, Sterrit's body is beginning to show the wear from the raking his body is taking against the cage. Sterrit doing everything in his power to get out of his grasp but hasn't been successful so far.

1:30 left in the round, HUGE head kick from Sterrit opens up a gaping cut on the face of Murad. After getting hit he immediately went for the take down, but took more damage on the way in. He did eventually succeed in taking him down. Tough round to score, Sterrit has been in control but the damage has been done to Murad, I am going with Sterrit this round.

(10-9) Sterrit

Round Three: Murad was already bleeding the second he was done in his corner. Murad looks tentative suddenly, Sterrit looks comfortable. Both are feeling each other out, looking to not make a catastrophic mistake. Nice body kicks from Sterrit to Murad who is guarding his face. A small "Andy" chant broke out for the American.

Murad manages a take down, which could prove huge in the final round. He is maintaining side control with three minutes left in the third round. Rampage is in attendance and losing his shit in support of Sterrit. He is literally walking along the outside of the cage following where the action goes.

Thirty seconds left huge barrage of punches and kicks from Sterrit. I think he pulls this one out

(10-9) Sterrit

Final result: Gavin Sterrit wins via split decision (29-28) (28-29) (29-28)


Musa Toliver vs. Goiti Yamauchi

Round One: Jason Herzog sighting -- Toliver with the immediate take down, posturing up trying to advance his position.

After a smooth transition Yamauchi took Toliver's back and got the submission with a rear naked choke.

Final result: Goiti Yamauchi wins via submission (Round one: 1:01)


Manny Lara vs. Blagoi Ivanov

Round One: Strong Bulgarian contingent here in Temecula. Lara is in defense along the cage, he immediately locked in the guillotine and that is all she wrote

Final result: Blagoi Ivanov wins via guillotine submission (Round one: 1:17)


Nick Moghaddan vs. Virgil Zwicker

Round One: Zwicker lives in Temecula and is the main attraction this evening. He is pounding on Moghaddan and got the finish.

Final result: Virgil Zwicker wins by technical knockout (Round one: 3:22)


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