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ONE FC 10 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Champions and Warriors' on Sept. 13 in Jakarta

ONE FC returns to online pay-per-view (PPV) this (Fri., Sept. 13, 2013) with "Champions and Warriors" from Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get complete, official ONE FC results, live updates and real-time coverage on fight night morning below.

ONE FC is gearing up for its tenth pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, "Champions and Warriors," which is scheduled to emanate from Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Fri., Sept. 13, 2013. Set those alarm clocks because the preliminary card begins at 7:30 a.m. ET and the main card begins at 9 a.m. ET today.

ONE FC 10 was supposed to be headlined by a bout between Andrew Leone vs. Shinichi Kojima in a scrap to determine the inaugural ONE FC Flyweight champion. However, a last-minute injury to Leone has forced its cancelation (more details here), forcing the promotion to promote the co-main event to the top of the marquee.

Kotetsu Boku vs. Vuyisile Colossa, a Lightweight battle, will now serve as the main event of the evening. This one has the makings of a strike fest with Colossa (5-4) -- a former Muay Thai champion -- going up against Boku (20-8) -- a man who has never been finished by strikes. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the ONE FC 10 event on fight morning, starting with the main card, scheduled to begin 9 a.m. ET.

Without further delay, see below for the latest ONE FC 10 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


125 lbs.: Shinichi Kojima vs. Andrew Leone -- Canceled because of injury

155 lbs.: Kotetsu Boku vs. Vuyisile Colossa -- Vuyisile Colossa wins via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Vincent Latoel vs. Willy Ni -- Vincent Laotel wins via guillotine submission (Round one: 1:25)

185 lbs.: Jake Butler vs. James Kouame -- Jake Butler wins via choke submission (Round one: 2:11)

145 lbs.: Bashir Ahmad vs. Bruno Pucci -- Bruno Pucci wins via rear naked choke (Round one: 3:13)

205 lbs.: Vincent Majid vs. Eugenio Tan -- Vincent Majid wins via kimura submission (Round one: 1:30)

125 lbs.: Almiro Barros vs. Kian Phan -- Almiro Barros wins via unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Brianata Rosadhi vs. Raymond Tan -- Raymond Tan wins via guillotine submission (Round one: 0:21)

265 lbs.: Mahmoud Hassan vs. Alain Ngalani -- Alain Ngalani wins via TKO (Round one: 0:31)


155 lbs.: Caros Fodor vs. Yang Seung Ho -- Carlos Fodor wins via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Max Metino vs. Long Sophy -- Max Metino wins via key lock submission (Round two: 3:24)


C.J. Tuttle here all morning long!

Kotetsu Boku vs. Vuyisile Colossa

Round one: Boku utilizing good movement early on. Both trying to find range. Colossa hitting a couple stiff inside leg kicks. Boku answering the leg kicks with some stiff jabs. Two minutes left in round both standing in front of each other, crowd getting restless. Boku has a good left jab that is landing but other than that not much action. The leg kicks have been the difference maker in the round so far. Boku looking to load up with right hand but unsuccessful so far.

(10-9) Colossa

Round two: Interesting to see in round two if Colossa goes to his Muay Thai roots and tries to go up two rounds to none. Boku took a punch to begin the round but slipped. Colossa mounting some more offense now, Boku is avoiding the confrontation. Colossa is being relentless with the leg kick to Boku's front left foot. Boku has noticeably lost some bounce in his step. Colossa landed a big shot and is pursuing Boku now, he went to the clinch and hit two big knees to the torso of Boku. Colossa is definitely in a groove now, picking his spots well and landing. Boku has his hands down, trying to get Colossa to engage but Colossa is staying on the outside picking his shots. Good round for Vuyisile.

(10-9) Colossa

Round three: Boku is cut on his nose. Colossa is not hiding the fact that he is working over the left leg of Boku. He is using it first then throwing punches when Boku wilts under the strike. Boku has grabbed hold of Colossa and is hanging on for dear life. His left leg is just dangling. This is Colossa's fight to lose. Boku also looks very winded. Colossa is using elbows and knees to Boku's head. Brutal segment with Boku against cage covering up but Colossa did tons of damage. Boku throwing hay makers going for the finish. Its over and Colossa will be victorious.

(10-9) Colossa

Final Result: Vuyisile Colossa wins via unanimous decision


Vincent Latoel vs. Willy Ni

Round one: Both coming out throwing early in the first. Latoel landed a huge knee to the head of Ni. Latoel went all in for a choke and got the tap from Ni early in the first round, as has been the case all morning.

Final Result: Vincent Laotel wins via guillotine submission (Round one: 1:25)


Jake Butler vs. James Kouame

Round one: Jake Butler went immediately for the take down of Kouame, Butler managed three separate suplex like take downs of Kouame. He is now raining down strikes on Kouame, who is in a lot of danger here two minutes in. He has a head and arm choke and there is a quick tap from Kouame, who didn't put up any resistance.

Final Result: Jake Butler wins via choke submission (Round one: 2:11)


Bashir Ahmad vs. Bruno Pucci

Round one: Ahmad is touted as Pakistan's mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer and is seven years the elder of Pucci. They both landed punches that wobbled one another. Pucci with a nice double leg slam, gaining top control. Pucci throwing some nice forearms and elbows, Ahmad got back to his feet briefly but was taken down again and now Pucci has his back. He is going for the choke, Ahmad remains calm but then at the last moment taps out.

Final Result: Bruno Pucci wins via guillotine submission (Round one: 3:13)


Vincent Majid vs. Eugenio Tan

Round one: Majid is a fan favorite of Indonesia. Tan hit a huge right hand over the top and knocked him down (may of been a slip.) Majid ended up on top and finished with a kimura out of nowhere.

Final Result: Vincent Majid wins via kimura submission (Round one: 1:30)


Almiro Barros vs. Kian Phan

Round one: Both men began the fight battling for position along the cage, there was an accidental low blow that paused action for a second. Phan is the aggressor in the first round. Barros is using his leg kick as a jab to keep the distance. 2:30 left in round, Phan has position up against the cage. Utilizing knee's to the thigh. The ref split them up and asked the two to re-engage in the center of the cage. Phan landed a nice over hand right that rattled Barros. Phan is definetely trying to strike and Barros is keeping it slow.

(10-9) Phan

Round two: Barros immediately scores a take down to begin the second frame, he is trying to peel Phan away from the cage but isn't having much success doing so. Phan is now to his feet and Barros flips around takes his back and resumes the assault on the floor. Phan doesn't look rattled, nor gassed. Not an exciting round, Barros is still in control on top, not much damage being done, just trying to keep Phan engaged. One of those rounds where you despise giving someone a (10-9) but theres no other way about it. Phan was able to roll over on top, he then stood up and encouraged Barros to stand.

(10-9) Barros

Round three: Phan throwing some nasty punches as Barros tries to keep the fight against the fence, Barros doing a good job of remaining low, using his leverage on Phan. They are now on the ground, with Barros on top. Lots of work being done in the guard by both fighters. Barros is content with staying busy to squeak out a decision. Phan really needs to do something now to create some space. Only 1:30 left. Barros now has his back, Phan went for a leg lock attempt but this fight is over.

(10-9) Barros

Final Result: Almiro Barros wins via unanimous decision


Mahmoud Hassan vs. Alain Ngalani

Round one: Both men have huge muscular bodies, curious how their cardio holds up -- wait a second, Ngalani landed a huge spinning back kick and the fight is all over. Ngalani got right on top of Hassan to continue pummeling him but Hassan was already done, the kick grazed his right temple and put him out. Not a spectacular finish as the kick didn't make full fledged contact, but a finish nonetheless.

Final Result: Alain Ngalani wins via TKO (Round one: 0:31)


Caros Fodor vs. Yang Seung Ho

Round one: They come out literally throwing blows. A blitzkrieg right out of the gate ended up with Seung Ho pressing Fodor up against the cage and going to work via dirty boxing. Seung Ho is utilizing knees to the lower half of Fodor. Carlos was able to land some big elbows to Seung Ho's temple, he is now looking for a head lock to no avail. They separate and are throwing huge punches, this resulted in Fodor getting a double-leg and scoring the take down. Fodor now doing a good job of working from guard, doing a little ground and pound. Now some more significant blows from top position. 1:20 left in round, and Fodor has a deep kimura. Seung Ho waved his finger ala Dikembe Mutumbo as if to say he was fine. He was able to get through the kimura attempt. Fodor landing two big punches, Seung Ho's head bounced hard off the mat.

(10-9) Fodor

Round two: Fodor coming out looking to finish this fight, they end up against the cage with Fodor in control, some nice body shots are being landed by Fodor. Still up against the cage with two minutes left in round, Fodor doing the bulk of the scoring, pacing himself nicely and mixing up the head and body shots up successfully. Fodor landed a huge right knee to the head and followed up with some nice head shots, Fodor really starting to take control. Seung Ho is trying to pull Fodor's legs out from under him but is eating a lot of shots in the process. He doesn't look to have much left. His nose is bloody and his eyes are swollen.

(10-9) Fodor

Round three: Yang Seung Ho came out as the bell rang with a flying knee but it barely missed, Fodor was able to capitalize on the attempt and ended up on top. Fodor is currently trying to isolate Seung Ho's left arm, he is hitting kidney shots to loosen Seung up. Fodor is still in control, doing enough to not allow Seung Ho to escape the bottom position. The damage is starting to accumulate on his face. Fodor just kicked it up a notch for the final 30 seconds. No desperation from Seung Ho, he looks to have conceded defeat. Fodor landing punches to end the fight, has Seung Ho shaken. It goes to the cards.

(10-9) Fodor

Final Result: Carlos Fodor wins via unanimous decision


Max Metino vs. Long Sophy

Round one: 15 years age difference in this one. Both feeling each other out in the center of the cage , testing their range. Sophy looks tentative. Metino gets a solid double leg take down and works to get Sophy's back up against the cage. Metino raining down strikes from the top position, as he is doing so he is also riding up on Sophy -- losing some of his posture. Two minutes left in round and the elbows to the head are still coming down. Sophy is just hanging on for dear life. Metino went for an arm bar and lost position, they quickly stood up but Metino scored another take down straight away. They laid together for the final minute of the round.

(10-9) Metino

Round two: Metino looks very comfortable in the cage, while Sophy looks as if he doesn't belong. After a minute Metino shoots on the take down again and is successful. He has side control and is working his way towards a mount. Metino is slowly working for a crucifix, meanwhile he is throwing elbows to the side of Sophy's head. Now some knees to the head also. Sophy is in all kinds of TKO trouble here, he is absorbing a lot of punishment. Two minutes left Metino still in dominant position -- the ref stepped in when Metino locked in a key lock. Awkward because it didn't look like Sophy tapped.

Final Result: Max Metino via rear naked choke (Round 2: 3:24)


Brianata Rosadhi vs. Raymond Tan

Round one: Rosadhi shot in for a double leg on Tan, in doing so he gave up his neck and Tan locked in a deep modified guillotine, immediately ending the fight.

Final Result: Raymond Tan via guillotine choke (Round 1: 0:21)


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