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UFC cuts Benjamin Brinsa following allegations of Neo-Nazi affiliation

You can get with this, or you can get with Brat.


Sounds like Benjamin Brinsa (allegedly) didn't know the difference between Reich and wrong.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has released the German welterweight before he ever stepped foot inside the Octagon, following a report back in July that tied "The Hooligan" to Neo-Nazi hate groups. While Brinsa vehemently denied any involvement (read his defense here), UFC President Dana White was not convinced.

MMA Fighting confirmed the fighter's release on Wednesday.

This isn't the promotion's first go-round with alleged Neo-Nazis. In late 2009, ZUFFA instituted a company-wide ban on Hoelzer Reich -- at the time a prominent sponsor of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters -- for distributing clothing adorned with symbols and imagery that have come to be synonymous with Nazi Germany.

See how that mess unfolded here.

Brinsa (13-0) will likely return to the regional circuit, where he was last seen choking out UFC veteran Dan Stittgen at the Volksbank Arena back in May. The embattled 170-pounder hasn't been socially active in nearly a month, when he last tweeted, "We are all one."

Too little, too late.

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