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WSOF 4: Lew Polley just misses Light Heavyweight limit ... by 32 pounds

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Lew Polley is a self-described personal cook and trainer. That didn't help him as he came in 32 pounds overweight for his World Series of Fight 4 bout against Hans Stringer.

His shirt says "SNAC"
His shirt says "SNAC"

I can't even put this into words. If I didn't see a tweet from John Morgan, one of the most respected journalists in the sport, I wouldn't actually believe it's true.

At the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 4 weigh ins today (August 9, 2013) at Dave & Busters in Ontario, California, Lew Polley (12-4) never actually hit the scales. He was expected to face Hans Stringer (21-5-2) at Light Heavyweight. I say expected because the bout has been scrapped as Polley came in 32 pounds overweight.

I'll say that again. Polley came in 32. Pounds. Overweight.

Fans may remember Lew Polley as the first coach to get kicked off The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) in the history of the show. He was an assistant coach for Team Dos Santos during the 13th season. He even had a blog with MMAJunkie during the season detailing how to cut weight properly with his method called "The Polley Plunge".

"The Polley Plunge" Part 1

4-6 bottles of Green Rubbing Alcohol

3-4 bags of Epson salt

Add water as HOT as you can handle

Cover your body in Abolene Soak for 20-30 minutes

Part 2

Immediately put on sauna suit and sweats

Put on beanie

Lie on the floor under a blanket for 15-20 minutes

Under the Unified Rules, Polley still has two hours to make weight. Just kidding, he's totally getting cut. Cause HOLY CRAP! 32 POUNDS OVER THE WEIGHT LIMIT?

And since I can't actually believe it, here's some Lew Polley is so fat jokes.

Lew Polley is so fat that even Anthony Johnson is like "Damn!"

Lew Polley is so fat that when he sits around the house, he sits around the house.

Lew Polley is so fat that when he wore a yellow raincoat, people yelled "TAXI!"

I got nothing left. I'm still laughing. Discuss this in the comments.